No Day But Today! RENT the Musical is in Power Plant until Dec. 12

I have the greatest respect and admiration for stage/theater actors. It must be very difficult to memorize long lines as well as sing and dance without missing a beat. Thus, it is always with excitement that I look forward to any musical or play that is being staged in Manila because I know I’ll get to once again watch very talented people in action.

It was my first time to watch RENT, which was staged by 9 Works Theatrical, last February. I came home that night LSS’ing on the lyrics and melodies of the songs Seasons of Love and La Vie Boheme. You can read my old blog post about that one here and the full-length review here.

When I got the email and text invites to watch RENT’s press preview for its limited December run, I didn’t think twice about it. I immediately confirmed my attendance because I knew it would be one of those artistically wonderful nights of story and music. However, due to my crazy work schedule and simultaneous deadlines, I wasn’t able to catch up with the latest news about this new run of shows.

When I got to Power Plant mall’s Cinema 2 the other night, it was easy to feel and remember how impressed I’ve been of the story line and the cast the first time I saw them months ago. I guess members of the audience who also saw the February run noted the smaller stage, slightly different set-up, and the new cast members.

The funny thing is, while I enjoyed watched Gian Magdangal perform as Roger once again, I thought all the while that the girl playing Mimi was still Nicole Asensio! (I know, major fail on my part.). It was only much, much later, during the post-show media call, actually, when I realized that “Mimi” is actually Sheree, Gian’s real-life lady love. So that was why I didn’t see her this time in the audience! She’s on stage performing! (Sorry, Sheree!) That’s one senior moment point for me :D

To better explain that confusion, see, during the February run, I was surprised to note that Nicole uncannily resembles Sheree (I guess it was the hair and the slim figure) as I looked at one woman on stage and the other among the audience. So there. Darn these nearsighted eyes of mine! :p

Anyway, I must say I doubly enjoyed this second show because I got to appreciate more of the songs and the dialogues this time around. Because I'm already familiar with how the story goes, I was able to concentrate more on the music. During Seasons of Love, I wondered who’d get to sing the part with the highest note this time and was delighted to hear Jenny Villegas do it wonderfully.

Again, I went home LSS’ing on some of the songs because they were really great! Anyone who loves a good story, foot-tapping music, and universal themes should watch this musical.

Catch RENT until Dec. 12 at Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati. There are only eight performances so get tickets now at the Power Plant Cinema ticket booth or call the following numbers: 898-1440 or 898 1441 or 0908-8692988. Shows are held this December 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (8PM), December 10 (330PM), 11 (4PM) & 12 (430PM).

Know more about the cast and crew by reading the complete press release about the show in my other blog. Individual photos of the cast can be found in 9 Works Theatrical's Facebook photo album.
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