Watch Out for Jollitown’s 3rd Season!

It was a fun-filled Saturday last August 14. Kids and kids-at-heart trooped to the Teatrino Promenade in Greenhills to watch the exclusive red carpet premier of Jollitown’s 3rd Season pilot episode. 

Before the actual screening, kids and their parents ate an early lunch with healthy and attractively-arranged fruits and desserts on the side. We were also served Taters popcorn that came with different flavored puffy kernels. I loved the Wasabi flavored ones! :)

Gracing the event were Jollitown’s own celebrities: Jollibee, Twirlie, Hetty, Popo, and Yum plus other members of the gang. 

Lucky guests also got a chance to win some goodies via games and a raffle. My son, Daniel, and his friend, Ino, both Manila Bulletin Funpage contributors, won some cool prizes including Pinoy-themed Jollibee dolls. Before we left, parents and kids were also presented with very nice Jollitown shirts inside coin bank canisters. 

I so appreciate Jollibee’s continued advocacy to impart good values to Filipino children. The pilot episode, entitled Tunay na Yaman, showcased colorful characters and backgrounds as well as catchy songs that children are sure to sing along to. Its theme revolved around friendship and happiness.

I am excited for my son with special needs when we watch Jollitown this coming Sunday at 8:30 am in GMA7. We still have those old Jollibee educational CDs that feature numbers and letters of the alphabet. James loved watching those over and over. He usually laughs especially when he sees Jollibee on screen.

These days when kids are exposed more often to movies, music, and TV shows with contents that are not fit for young minds, it is refreshing to know that there are still shows which have children 's welfare in mind and which moms and dads won’t have second thoughts letting their offspring watch. Jollitown belongs to that category and I am gladly endorsing it to fellow parents.

When it comes to anything that will teach my own children about adopting positive attitudes, good values and sound life principles, I am always happy to be an advocate :)
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