Gadgets And Tech’s 1st Annual Phone Raffle Contest

I use two mobile phones with two different sim cards. I prefer to call/text contacts using the same network provider as much as possible because it's more economical that way. Lately, I've been having trouble (again) with one of my phone's navi key. I guess the phone's age is catching up with it and having it repaired (again) would no longer be cost-efficient.

I am not a big fan of changing mobile phones just so I could keep up with other people. It's hard transferring hundreds of contact numbers after all. And since I use my phones mainly for communication purposes, I only replace them when they can no longer serve their purpose.

So before my phone becomes totally useless, I'm scouring online contests first to see if I can win a replacement instead of buying one. I found one at the Gadgets and Tech's website where the owner is raffling off a brand new Samsung GT-E1175T phone and a PhP2,000 gift card from Power Mac Center. I'm intrigued at this phone's "Fake Call" feature. Might be useful someday. Hmmm...

If you want to get a shot too at winning this phone, mosey on over to Gadgets and Tech to get more details on the contest rules. I sure hope I win, though :p
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