Clara Ole's New Vinaigrette Line

Eating healthy has just become easier and more delicious!

My family loves eating salads, especially me and my firstborn. When KFC first came out with their Asian salad, I became a frequent costumer because I so loved the taste of the dressing. However, buying ready-made salads was not very cost-effective so I had to restrain myself from spending too much.

Thus, it was with utmost delight when I discovered Clara Ole’s Asian Salad Dressing last year. The taste is perfect! We’ve also tried their other variants and they were also good ... although the Asian Dressing still tops my list :)

Earlier today, I attended the launching of Clara Ole’s new Vinaigrette line. I drizzled my greens with the Mango Mio! flavor during lunch and found it good! The vinaigrettes come in cute and attractively labeled bottles you’ll be proud to have on the dinner table.

Before everyone went home, we were given a basket each containing all five vinaigrette variants with salad ingredients and recipes to boot! I can’t wait to try all the flavors not only on salads but also as dips and marinades. I am sure they would all taste wonderful. I am saying this because I honestly trust the brand and have been using a lot of Clara Ole items in dishes that my family enjoys eating. Just check my kitchen cupboard and about half of the contents would be products from Sysu International, Inc. :)

Official Press Release:

As the old adage goes, “Health is wealth.” Three very simple words and yet its meaning and impact on society have been the common consensus around the world. Since time immemorial, health has always been synonymous with wealth because without it, nothing in life would be possible. It would have been impossible to appreciate the beauty that each day brings as well as continue to experience the joys that come with even the simplest encounters with family and friends. Achieving good health therefore is not only a necessity but is the responsibility of everyone concerned with their overall wellbeing. Eating nutritious, highly fibrous and a well balanced meal combined with daily exercise, is one sure way of attaining good health and protecting yourself from sicknesses and diseases.

Sysu International Inc., makers of Clara Ole, understands the importance of good health and has come up with their newest product – the Clara Ole Vinaigrette. Seasoned to perfection and packed with all the healthy and nutritious goodness that Clara Ole is known for, the company’s newest product offering are made up of five deliciously healthy variants including:

My, my Parmesan!
Enjoy a truly rich parmesan dressing perfectly infused with a generous serving of garden-fresh herbs for that cheesy-tangy taste. It is the perfect dip for chips and even delicately compliments soft Italian bread. Besides pouring over crisp, fresh vegetables, the dressing can likewise be poured over baked chicken and potatoes.

Pesto Please!
Deliciously nutty, peppery with a hint of fruitiness, Clara Ole’s Pesto Please! instantly transports you to the taste of Italy and is best when drizzled over baked potato or on a salad of tomato slices, mozzarella and further complimented with chopped fresh basil. The dressing can also be simply tossed into your favourite pasta or mixed with seafood and chicken fillet for a more intense grilled or baked treat!

Orange you Glad!
Refreshingly perfect for summer, Clara Ole’s Orange you Glad! Vinaigrette gives a citrus freshness and tart-to-sweet surprise for salads. It also goes well when tossed with cubes of feta, blue or gorgonzola cheese for a deliciously exciting contrast of sweetness, saltiness and creaminess. When used as a marinade, it’s a perfect sauce for roasted or barbecued chicken and pork or as a dip for grilled fish.

Sesame Mucho!
Savour and enjoy the unique taste of Asia with the perfect mix of nutty, salty and sweet complimented by a hint of tanginess and generously drizzled on your favourite crisp green vegetables. It can also be used as dip for steamed vegetables and grilled or steamed seafood. Stir into seared chicken, pork and beef or simply add to your barbecue marinade and instantly transform the taste to a distinctly oriental caramel flavour.

Mango Mio!
Filipinos love mangoes and with this dressing, instantly give your favourite vegetable, fruit, meat and seafood salads a tropical boost with the fresh, sunny sweetness of sun ripened mangoes. It is also perfect when sprinkled over salsa or used as dipping sauce for steamed or grilled chicken and fish.

With Clara Ole’s Vinaigrettes, going healthy has definitely become easier, more enjoyable and of course, more delicious. It is now available at all major supermarkets nationwide in 250ml bottles. For more information on Clara Ole, visit

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