Thursday, March 04, 2010

Promos for the Ladies!

I like receiving PRODUCT SAMPLES. This way, I can try out the item first and see if I really like it before I buy a bigger size. Sometimes, if the product is really good, I end up becoming a loyal user.

I just found out that Kotex is giving free samples of their ultrathin pads. Check out the sign-up page here.

Kotex is also giving away free samples of their new Kotex Lux pads via the Cosmo website.

It's also nice to join ONLINE CONTESTS where people get a chance to win some fantastic items. Well, I haven't won anything yet but, hey, there are always new promos to sign up for. Here are some new ones:

Win a limited edition Evian Bottle designed by Paul Smith from

Win a My Pilipinas Moleskine Journal also from femalenetwork

Win Jing Monis by Propaganda GCs in FN’s Fab New Look promo

Win a free makeover from Pond's Flawless White (purchase required). Check the bottom of the link page as there is another promo (search for Cosmo Interns) on the top part.

Become a Cosmo intern and be awarded a trip to New York

Will be posting about other promos again when I hear about new ones soon.
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