Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Beauty Product Review: Althea Korea's Petal Velvet Powder

I’ve been shopping at Althea Korea since January 2016 and I am always a happy customer each time I receive my pretty box of purchases. Althea is my go-to website when I want to replenish or try new Korean beauty products. It gives me peace of mind knowing I am buying guaranteed authentic items from a reliable source.

loving the new Althea Petal Velvet Powder!
Thus, I am very glad to find out that Althea is launching its own product range starting with the Petal Velvet Powder. The pretty pink packaging contains a translucent powder that you can use to set your makeup, leaving behind a silky finish. 

Since the powder is infused with oil from Althea seeds, sebum production is kept at bay without drying out the skin. The result is a radiant, fresh look! Plus, I love its gentle flowery scent and the fact that it’s made using natural and cruelty-free ingredients.

powder features
If you are looking for a lightweight setting powder that will keep your makeup looking great all day, try Althea’s Petal Velvet Powder. It is compact enough to carry, even if you have a small bag, and bring along wherever you go so you can dust some on and stay shine-free.

This Petal Velvet Powder weighs only 3g and can be used by all skin types. Simply use a brush or the provided puff and gently sweep onto your skin. If you’re not prone to sneezing, you may also want to inhale the nice scent to instantly boost your mood :)

discover a great way to have petal-soft skin ...
Inspired by Korean Althea petals, I love how this powder is described “like a flower’s gentle petals dancing on the skin.” The price? It’s Php 210 and is available via Avail of free shipping when you buy items worth Php999 and up. If you’re a new customer, get Php200 off your first Php1500 Althea Korea purchase by clicking here

Stay confident and beautiful, ladies! 💕

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