Saturday, June 17, 2017

Why Go on a Family Staycation at Selah Garden Hotel in Pasay City, Philippines?

My sister-in-law came home for a quick vacation this month to attend to various stuff and spend some time with us. Since we planned to do some shopping and dining out in SM Mall of Asia, we booked an overnight stay at Selah Garden Hotel which is very near the mall. 

with hubby, his sister, and three of our four boys
(because our firstborn had to go to work very early)
I'm writing this post for other families who might be looking for a good place to unwind in the Pasay City area and I'd recommend checking out Selah Garden Hotel for the following reasons:

1. The hotel is PWD-friendly. I booked one of the family rooms and thought we'd be staying in one of those I've seen during the hotel launch last February (read that post, here). My husband and I were prepared to adjust accommodations for our wheelchair-bound son in case we get a room with stairs and beds on a loft. 

Selah's spacious TLC Room
So I was surprised when we checked in to find out they've assigned us to the TLC (Tender Loving Care) Room that one of the staff members said is spacious enough for a wheelchair. I think we weren't able to see this during our tour last time because it was occupied. So imagine our gratitude to get a room on the ground floor where it so easy for us to wheel James around! The bathroom is likewise big and accessible for a Person with Disability.

two queen beds comfortably slept five people
(me, hubby, and James on one; my sister-in-law and our firstborn on the other)
2. The beds are big enough with the TLC room having two queen beds and a sofa bed. They fit all of us comfortably. Our request for additional bedding for the sofa bed was also accommodated graciously. Across the two big beds is a flat screen TV mounted on the wall so James was still able to watch his favorite kiddie channel to keep him entertained.

during the night, we moved this sofa near the dining table
and opened it up to make another bed for two more boys
3. The food items we ordered via room service were tasty. The night we stayed at Selah also happened to be the night of Britney Spears' concert in MOA Arena. To avoid the expected traffic going to the mall, we opted to eat dinner at the hotel. Having a dining table and chairs inside the TLC room was a big bonus for us because we got to enjoy our meal over lively conversation without having to drive anywhere and possibly get hungry while being stuck on the road longer than usual.

some of the food items we ordered and ate inside the room
The various Filipino dishes we ordered have the lutong-bahay taste. I particularly loved the Binagoongan because I haven't tasted a really good one for a long time. Of course, our boys readily consumed many of the fried chicken! :) We also got to ask for a small bucket of ice cubes, for our drinking water, that they provided for free.

there are lots of things to do at Selah
4. There's a pool, a spa, and installations that encourage physical activities. Whether you'd prefer a swim or a massage to relax, Selah is a good place to be. If you're into sports, try their wall climbing and cable traverse facilities that come with safety gear. With a lot of available rooms, this hotel is also being marketed as a great team building venue. Consider booking there in case you want some company bonding time or simply unwind with friends.

the open air gazebo located next to the pool
5. There are so many beautiful corners for photo ops! Any netizen who loves posting different kinds of pictures on social media would enjoy discovering Selah's Instagrammable spots. My favorite? The huge swing that could fit three to four people. Plus, they have free WiFi access for guests so being connected to the internet was not a problem.

one of the function rooms that can accommodate a lot of people
For inquiries, rates, and more details about their other services and offerings, just visit

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