Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Top 3 Reasons Why YOU Should Watch Sun Life Philippines' New Set of Digital Short Films

Many of us are audio-visual learners who absorb lessons better when we personally get to see and hear stories we can easily relate to. This June, join Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) as it marks the 4th Financial Independence Month by finding out how to break free from the cycle of financial shortage and security.

Sun Shorts filmmakers with Sun Life ambassadors
In 2012, I wrote an article for Rappler about how Sun Life uses the power of film to educate Filipinos on financial literacy. I enjoyed watching those clips, especially the one featuring Angel Aquino, because they depicted realities many Filipinos have gone, or are going through, and were able to creatively promote insurance and investment products without being pushy.

This month, Sun Life launched a new collection of Sun Shorts to once more inspire Filipinos to pursue financial freedom. Here are three reasons why all three short films are worth watching:

1) You will see yourself in one of the characters. Whether you are young or old, single, a parent, or a retiree, you'll find something in those films that would make you go, "Yes, that could be me!"

2) You will feel that push to explore why you need to invest and be insured. Each film will lead you to think about improving whatever financial situation you are in at the moment.

3) You could better visualize how to realize your dreams. We all have aspirations but, many times, we have vague ideas how to reach them. By having plans and knowing what steps to take, you'll get closer towards making your goals a reality.

many times, we need to change how we look at things
so we can see positive changes happen
According to Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa, "Sun Life shines a spotlight on relationships to inspire every Filipino to keep chasing their dreams. Through Sun Shorts, we hope to show Filipinos how life insurance can help them ease their life's burdens and celebrate their lives' triumphs giving them the opportunity to show the people they love their commitment to a brighter future for them."

All three films were inspired by stories of Sun Life clients:

Waves by Zig Marasigan gives a peek into the lives of millennials who are often criticized for adhering to the YOLO (you only live once) mindset and not preparing well enough for their future

She Said, She Said by Nic Reyes highlights a mom's journey on juggling work and single parenting while trying to raise her daughter to the best of her abilities  

Sayaw by Mihk Vergara delves into the reality of coping with a long-time marriage that has gone cold and seemingly way past redemption

Access the films at www.sunshorts2.com or through Sun Life's Facebook page. Each mini movie comes with a complementary video where Sun Life brand ambassadors Matteo Gudicelli, Judy Ann Santos, and Piolo Pascual share their thoughts and have discussions with friends to shed light on how insurance and investments enable us to protect the relationships that matter to us.

"The people we love make us a better version of ourselves. So it is important to nurture these relationships because they define us as a people," reminded Ms. Charo Santos-Concio during the Sun Shorts media launch. "We should be able to express our love by securing a bright future for our loved ones and Sun Life will help us make that happen."

with fellow financial literacy advocates and
prominent financial planners Randell Tiongson and Marvin Germo
Learn more about life insurance and mutual funds by also joining Sun Life's series of activities throughout the month to boost your financial journey. For more details, visit @sunlifeph on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Meanwhile, if you prefer to learn at your most convenient time, there are also basic financial planning courses online at the Brighter Life Institute. Just log in at www.brighterlife.com.ph.

Lastly, Sun Life is launching PA Armor, an affordable personal accident protection that can be easily bought through Sun Life's partnership with Voyager Innovations, Inc.'s online marketplace Takatack.com.

Ms. Mylene sums their advocacy by assuring Filipinos, "Life insurance is a gift of commitment, life, and hope. For as long as [you] have dreams to pursue and relationships to care for, Sun Life will be here as [your] partner in this journey." 

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