Last year, I blogged about the Manuel L. Quezon University's (MLQU) move from Quiapo, Manila to its new location at Victoria Sports Tower, a condominium sports complex in the heart of Quezon City developed by New San Jose Builders, Inc. (NSJBI)

a beautiful view from the top of Victoria Sports Tower 
A first of its kind project, the new high rise sports condo in the Philippines is just a few steps away from the GMA Kamuning MRT station along EDSA. With its commitment to provide Filipinos with affordable homes within Metro Manila and its fast paced urban life, NSJBI is able to offer residential units that are conveniently accessible from some of the city's popular spots and state-of-the-art sports facilities for fitness enthusiasts.

Yesterday, NSJBI held its topping-off ceremony at the 47th floor of Victoria Sports Tower. From the top of the building, we had a beautiful view of Quezon City and could see all the way to Manila Bay! In attendance at the event were EVP Ms. Lorelie A. Urcia, Dr. Isagani Germar, Chairman Dr. Jose L. Acuzar, BDO SAVP Ms. Ana Marie Canasa, BDO First VP Ms. Cerwina Santos, BDO EVP Ms. Jeanette Javellana, BDO First VP Ms. Aurora Zita Panopio, and President Engr. Cesar S. Sanqui, Jr.

what the finished twin towers would look like
Four entire floors of the Victoria Sports Tower are dedicated to state-of-the-art Sports Center that features a 50-meter indoor lap pool and a kiddie pool, six private gyms, and complete wellness facilities. Setting the complex to be the world's largest indoor sports club in a residential setting, Victoria Sports Tower likewise houses two indoor tennis courts, three indoor badminton courts, a squash court, as well as rock climbing and rappelling facilities.

And they're not yet done! Also present is a billiards and darts hall, a bowling alley, a shooting range, and a jogging trail in addition to an in-house spa and indoor basketball court with special laminated floors. 

NSJBI and BDO executives
Because it aims to be a one-stop wellness hub, the tower will also be having a day spa, sports medicine clinic, oral medicine, derma center and cosmetic surgery, clinical laboratory and radiology, and regenerative medicine. 

The 51-storey residential condominium is one of NSJBI's offerings on its 30th year in the industry. Since Filipinos are becoming more health conscious nowadays, Victoria Sports Tower is designed to inspire more people to maintain or start a regular fitness regimen.

cheers to 30 years of making Filipino dreams come true!
Whew! Now I'm wishing I could own a unit there! 

* Victoria Sports Tower is located at 799 EDSA South Triangle in QC. For inquiries, call 442-7777 local 195 or visit For updates Like

My husband and I have been advocating for a healthy lifestyle for years now because we really need to value our personal wellbeing, especially for the sake of our children. After all, loving parents wouldn't want to miss seeing their kids grow up and be successful individuals. This is very much possible if we are mindful of our health so we can stay stronger and live longer.

Sam Ajdani, Mr. World Philippines 2016, demonstrates
simple exercises that can be done at home
So it's quite disheartening to find out the results of a research conducted by Watsons Insights on Shoppers Experience (WISE) wherein 66 percent of Filipinos were found to believe they have good knowledge on health. However, 57 percent do not exercise regularly to stay healthy! How's that for irony?!

Yes, majority of Filipinos are INTERESTED about the topic of health. But that is way different from MAKING TIME to be healthy. Excuses range from being too busy or too tired with their hectic work schedules, family duties, household chores, and daily commute in long hours of traffic. The question is, when would you start taking care of yourself? Please, don't wait until you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition like some people I know!

healthy and easy to make mason jar meals 
Cheer up and keep on reading! Watsons, the leading health and beauty chain in the country, has just launched its #GetActive campaign to inspire Filipinos to be healthy through small, everyday active changes in their routine to improve their health. Did you know that the pursuit of health does not require major changes and adjustments in our lives? No, you don't need to start training as a tri-athlete, spend two hours in the gym several times a week, buy fancy exercise equipment, spend thousands of pesos on healthy meals, or cook difficult time-consuming healthy recipes! The key to getting healthy is taking one small step and continue adding on to it regularly.

Viki Encarnacion, Watsons Marketing Director, describes the #GetActive campaign as one of their continuous efforts and part of their commitment to improve the lives and health of Filipinos by inspiring everyone to take small steps to improve their health. She suggests taking the following small steps as they often can go a long way for our health:

• drink more water
• take the stairs instead of the elevator
• take deep breaths in between work e-mails
• walk from one building to another instead of riding a car or taxi if it’s just in the same area
• walk your dog during weekends
• smile more often

(from left) Sam Ajdani, Samantha Purvor, Watsons Grp Mktg Mngr Karen Fabres, 
Grp Trading Mngr Emil Perez, Cat Mngr Rossana Bonifacio, Cat Mngr Vanessa Chua, 
Dr. Mitzi Reodica, Mktg Dir Viki Encarnacion, 
Mktg Mngr Krista Tan, Mktg Sup Helen Capunong, Ann Arias SC
"The list of small steps which we can do is endless. Our days are full of opportunities to do these and Watsons can be their partner to improve their health," encourages Ms. Viki. In addition, Watsons also recognizes the importance of a holistic approach to health. Aside from a healthy diet and exercise, taking vitamins is also important as the latter bridges the nutrient gap people don't get in their regular diet and lifestyle. Vitamins can also help prevent illnesses.

Pedia-gastroenterologist Dr. Mitzi Reodica explains that in the past, the leading causes of death were infectious diseases caused by invading microorganisms. Now, lifestyle diseases are the culprits of human mortality with leading causes being heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

Watsons Vitamins
According to Dr. Mitzi, behaviors that contribute to wellness include:

• being physically active 
• choosing a healthy diet 
• taking vitamins suited for your body's needs
• maintaining a healthy body weight
• managing stress effectively
• avoiding tobacco and drug use 
• protecting oneself against disease and injury 

She also reminds that people are at a higher risk of obesity and diabetes when you spend more time watching TV and a higher risk of lung cancer when you continue smoking. 

Chef Barni demonstrating how to make overnight oats
During the launch, Chef Barni Alejandro of the The Sexy Chef demonstrated how to make a salad and overnight oats in mason jars. Surprisingly, they are very easy to prepare, have healthy ingredients, and are really delicious! From her, I learned that cherry tomatoes have more lycopene than regular tomatoes; violet cabbage has more Vitamin C than oranges; and romaine lettuce has more Vitamin A than carrots! 

At Watsons, there are different brands and products offered to fulfill every individual's nutritional needs depending on age, gender, and preferred form. Choose from Enervon, Conzace, Ceelin, Revicon, Myra E, Centrum, Stresstabs, Berocca, Rogin E, Fern C, and Watsons Generics

lots of Vitamins choices at Watsons
To further inspire shoppers, Watsons is offering up to 20 percent off on selected vitamins for a select period of time in stores. Loyal customers, on the other hand, have a chance to win trips to Bali, Guam, or Sydney; or an iPhone 7 or iPad for a minimum P500 single-receipt purchase of select vitamins and health products. Promo runs until June 28, 2017 and is exclusive to SM Advantage, SM Prestige, PRIMO, and BDO Rewards Card holders. This is in partnership with and Philippine Airlines.

So, start doing those small changes in your routine! Perhaps on your next meal or next day at work or school? Start to #GetActive and be healthy with Watsons by visiting any of its stores nationwide :)

Having healthy skin is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. It takes away the worries, stress, and expenses of treating a lot of skin conditions that are easily prevented with proper care. This 2017, Galderma proudly celebrates Cetaphil's 70th year of helping people have healthy skin through its dermatologically formulated skincare range that is clinically proven to strengthen and protect even the most sensitive skin. 

celebratory toast
(from left) event host Suzi Abrera, Jade Ponoc, Raghavendra Sadashiva, and Cathy Dilanco
"We are very glad to be one of the biggest names in skin care in the Philippines," said Galderma General Manager Raghavendra Sadashiva during the 70th year celebrations held at Makati Shangri-La. "We are proud to carry the same formula created by a pioneering Texas pharmacist in 1947. Right now, one bottle of Cetaphil is sold every minute across the globe!"

Presently, Cetaphil is available in more than 70 countries worldwide and offers a wide range of everyday products from cleansers, moisturizers, sun protection to baby products and solutions for sensitive skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and rosacea. Since it is specifically formulated to provide effective skincare for a variety of skin types and conditions, Cetaphil is highly recommended by dermatologists and other healthcare professionals across the world. 

Cetaphil's Classic line
"Maintaining healthy skin completes the healthy lifestyle goals," affirmed Jade Silva-Netto Ponoc, Consumer Business Unit Head, who promised that Galderma is committed to conducting more innovative and groundbreaking research.

Catherine Palma-Dilanco, Cetaphil Senior Brand Manager, described, "Cetaphil has consistently delivered its promise for 70 years. Its cleansers have pH5.5, making them gentler than water, which has pH6-6.5. Cetaphil also has the most powerful moisturizer that provides skin with 24 hours moisturization." Cetaphil Baby, in addition, also provides a tear-free bath time for babies and their mommies.

Cetaphil Baby line
Cetaphil endorsers, the beautiful family of Edric and Joy Mendoza, acknowledged how they love Cetaphil's products because there are variants for each of their skin needs. "We represent the average family because we're not celebrities, so we're relatable," reasoned Joy. 

If you're wondering about the brand name's origin, 'Cet' comes from cetyl, the fatty alcohol that is used as an emollient, while 'phil' means love. Thus, Cetaphil basically means the love of softening and soothing skin. 

Mendoza family
"With its gentle and clinically proven formulas, Cetaphil reinforces and protects the structure of the skin - even in people with the most sensitive and delicate skin," explained Dr. Eszter Baltas, a dermatologist who contributed to developing Cetaphil products and now Associate Professor at the Department of Dermatoloy and Allergology in Szeged, Hungary. "Thanks to its long heritage, based on in-depth understanding of dermatology, Cetaphil offers reliable, scientifically-tested solutions."

Neil Popplewell, Nestle Skin Health's VP for Consumer Business, pointed out that Cetaphil has been used by people with sensitive skin for more than three generations. "Over the last 70 years, we have worked closely with medical experts to better understand people's skin needs. This has allowed us to provide different solutions adapted to these needs, and to make the Cetaphil range what it is today."

Cetaphil Moisturizers line
He further illustrated that like regular exercise and a well-balanced diet, maintaining healthy skin is essential for one's overall wellbeing thus Cetaphil completes one's health routine. "We will continue to develop the brand and make it more accessible to consumers worldwide. We look forward to the next 70 years."

As Dr. Baltas concluded, "When you choose Cetaphil, you're choosing the best for your skin."   

It's very common nowadays to see a rainbow of hair colors among a crowd of people. And why not? For many individuals, coloring their hair is one way to stand out or express their uniqueness. Some, on the other hand, go for beautiful hairstyles that make people look their way twice.

so many hairstyles and colors to choose from!
The good news is, whatever your hair goals are, Watsons Philippines has got your covered! Gone are the days when you have to go to a salon just to have your hair colored. Now, there are DIY kits that makes it possible to color one's hair at home. Last Christmas, I gave my mom a couple of boxes and she's happy to save a lot on hairdresser fees. The bottom line is to make sure you get the right products for coloring your hair and for maintaining its health afterwards.

However, hair color is not the only way to achieve hair goals. There are now a lot of trendy hair fixing styles that both men and women can experiment with. From a high pony and a deep side part to a short messy shag, undone waves, and messy braids, anybody would definitely find something that would help enhance their features.

some of the featured products during Watsons' #hairgoals event
Yesterday, Watsons held an event at the SM Mall of Asia Activity Center to encourage shoppers to go out of their hair comfort zones by discovering different hair colors and hair style trends. #Hairgoals aim to introduce a whole new world of color and style options / alternatives through the vast spread of hair products available in-store.

During the event, guests were given a chance to try out new hairstyles and colors at various booths to help each individual uncover a more gorgeous version of themselves by simply doing a few tweaks to how their hair looks. Hair color was provided by L'oreal, Revlon, Kolours, Bigen, Beautylabo, Lolane, Liese, and Revia; styling tools and products were covered by JML, W. Elite, Babybliss, VS Sassoon, Tresemme, Aquanet, Finesse, and Suave; and hair products were taken cared of by Dove, Pantene, and Creamsilk.

participating products
If you don't live in Metro Manila, worry not because a Watsons Color Your Hair Day Sale will be happening nationwide! The one-day sale on all hair color products would give shoppers 50% off on many brands. Mark this in your calendar and make sure to visit any Watsons store or the SM Beauty Section on May 27, 2017!

Plus, if you're an SM Advantage Card member, you can go from trendsetter to jetsetter because every P500 single-receipt purchase of participating products entitles an SMAC member to one e-raffle entry that can win you a trip to Bali, Guam, or Sydney as well as snag a free iPhone 7 or an iPad Pro!

what hair color / style are you in the mood for today? :)
In case you're wondering, I honestly haven't attempted to have my locks altered yet as I feel I won't have the luxury of time to properly maintain a healthy colored mane. But, I do plan to start coloring mine when my silver strands start to show more prominently. Until then, I'm content to admire my more daring friends' hairstyle adventures ;-) 

Not everyone has the time to work out in the gym. I personally know several people who paid for one-year gym memberships that they were not able to maximize. By this time, busy people should be able to gauge whether they could regularly squeeze in an hour or two at the gym or if it would really be more convenient to do their exercises at home.

hubby and I trying out one of the new Matrix machines
The good news is, there are now retail products that can bring a premium workout experience to one's home so that anyone could have a higher level of satisfaction when it comes to their fitness routines. Last May 9, Taiwan-based Johnson Health Tech launched its Matrix line of cardio fitness equipment, which were previously available only in a gym or club setting. The event was graced by Mr. Katsuya Ito, President of Johnson Health Tech Philippines, Inc.

Now, users can experience the dynamic performance and uncompromising design of Matrix products in the comfort of their own home. Fitness enthusiast couple Coaches Jim and Toni Saret enthused about the high quality construction of each Matrix equipment, affirming their durability and performance backed by industry-leading technology.

Coaches Toni and Jim Saret with the Johnson Health Tech team
Mark Zabel, VP of Global Marketing and Product Development for Johnson Health Tech, shared, "For years, Matrix Fitness has been a trusted partner in the commercial fitness industry worldwide and we are excited to extend the Matrix brand to our home fitness customers."

Optimized for home use, the machines have a compact design to fit comfortably in the home workout space as well as superior styling that sets a new standard for how home fitness equipment should look. Some of them even have intuitive consoles that gives users choice, whether it's an advanced experience that includes access to their favorite apps, social media, premium entertainment, stunning virtual journeys, etc., or a simple display with accurate, easy-to-read feedback that tracks heart rate, distance, watts, and other workout metrics.

intuitive console that has customizable displays
The Matrix retail line includes:

Treadmills – Offering the industry’s most advanced frame and deck combination, Matrix treadmills strike the perfect balance between engineering and aesthetics. The welded steel frame provides superior stability and the front wheel transport makes moving the treadmill easy. The Ultimate Deck System combines a heavy-duty frame, extra-thick deck and industrial-grade cushions for miles of durable performance. Also available in a folding design, the deck can be lifted to a near-90 degree angle and rolled away to save space. Additional performance options include the exclusive Johnson Drive System providing unmatched consistency and smoothness, available on the TF50.

Ellipticals – The most compact, most comfortable and smoothest ellipticals in the industry, Matrix ellipticals feature wheel- and track-free Suspension Elliptical Technology, which reduces noise and friction, while providing a smooth, consistent feel. Available on the E50 model, the exclusive Exact Force Induction Brake offers smooth, easy and precise resistance changes at the touch of a button. 

Matrix treadmill and elliptical trainer
Ascent Trainers – Matrix Ascent Trainers deliver an exceptionally smooth, ultra-comfortable exercise experience. The unique suspension design with PerfectStride leveraged extensive research to combine an ideal stride motion, ergonomically correct foot positioning, correct posture and a variable stride length that adjusts as incline changes for a more natural-feeling workout. Similar to Matrix ellipticals, the Ascent Trainers feature wheel- and track-free Suspension Elliptical Technology.

Bikes – Matrix exercise bikes are designed for users of all shapes and sizes and are available in upright and recumbent bike designs that feature Matrix’s Dual Form Frame, which provides superior stability and easy step-through access, as well as an ergonomic Comfort Arc Seat to maximize support, and the Exact Force Induction Brake (select models), which makes it easy to quickly and smoothly change resistance. The Matrix ES Indoor Cycle offers a true-to-life riding experience with a smooth, heavy flywheel, and easy adjustments to give every user an ideal riding position.

Matrix ascent trainer and recumbent bike

The Matrix retail line is available at Johnson Fitness and Wellness concept stores in Commercenter Alabang, Muntinlupa City; Pioneer Center Kapitolyo, Pasig City; and SM City Clark, Pampanga. For more information about Matrix products, please visit

I love FAVORI scents! They are so varied and allow me to "create my favorite feeling" depending on my mood using our leaf aerator at home. But, I have to admit that with more than 30 scents to choose from, selecting specific aromas can sometimes be a bit overwhelming :) 

my FAVORI scents at home
So I am glad that FAVORI grouped the scents into four collections to simplify the search for the perfect aroma using feelings we can easily relate to: Refreshing, Relaxing, Upbeat, and Sexy. By doing so, the brand has definitely made it easier for everyone to "Create Your Favorite Feeling."

Angel Aquino, the face of FAVORI
Model/host/actress Angel Aquino shares her thoughts on each new grouping:

Refreshing Collection - "Sometimes a packed taping schedule drains all my energy," admits Angel. "The cooling scent of the Winter Mint Aroma Oil in my Aerator Device is just what I need to recharge and feel refreshed, so I can spend some after-work quality time with my daughters." Like her, you can freshen up with the cheerful citrus aromas and crisp herbal notes of this group of scents that includes: Lemon, Lemon Grass, Pink Grapefruit, Rain Dance, The Vert (Green Tea), Verveine Fleur (Verbena), and Winter Mint. 

recharge with the Refreshing Collection
Relaxing Collection - According to Angel, lavender is her all-time favorite Relaxing scent. "I use FAVORI's Lavender Aroma Oil on my Aerator and their Sleep and Relaxation Salve on my temples to melt away all the day's stress and prep for a restful sleep." You, too, can find a unique scent that can help you feel less stressed, unwind, and relax any time of the day. Choose from Citronella, Jasmine, Lavender, Magnolia Bloom, Olive Branch, Peppermint, Sea Breeze, Vanilla, and Coco Vanilla.

unwind using scents from the Relaxing Collection
Upbeat Collection - Need an extra spring in your step? Among FAVORI's Upbeat Collection of scents, Angel says, "The Cinnamon Spice Aroma Oil never fails to brighten up my mood." So, for a quick pick-me-up, check out any of these invigorating, happy aromas: Apple Verde, Cinnamon Spice, Coffee Caramel, Eucalyptus, Fresh Cut Grass, Merry Berry, Sunkissed Citrus, Tropical Blast, and Mango Mandarin.

treat yourself to a perky scent from the Upbeat Collection 
Sexy Collection - "Scent is a big part of feeling sexy. FAVORI's Premium Reed Diffuser in Cranberry Wine, in its elegant bottle and full, fruity fragrance helps set that sensual mood, even when I'm just lounging at home." So, yes, sexy is a feeling and you can discover alluring scents with FAVORI's sweet yet sensual aromas that come in Cherry Blossom, Cranberry Wine, Ginger Flower, Berry Kiss, Choco Almond, and the new Bouquet Floral.

channel your sensual side via FAVORI's Sexy Collection
FAVORI is a handcrafted home fragrances brand that dreams to provide the local market with quality and long-lasting ambient scents for the soul suited for various living spaces at affordable prices. It offers topnotch aromatic products designed to uplift the ambience and improve people's moods. 

other FAVORI items you would also love
Enjoy FAVORI at home, at work, or at any living space. Aside from the soothing Aroma Oils, Reed Diffusers, Soy Aroma Candles, and Aroma Pouches, make sure to also discover FAVORI's Wellness line that offers Air Sprays, Salves, and Massage Oils that are geared to improve a person's mindset and create a positive feeling towards wellbeing. 

Purchase FAVORI items at their stores in Robinson's Place Manila, SM Megamall, SM City Marikina, SM Southmall, and Market! Market!


Summer breaks give us, parents, more time to oversee our children's food choices and encourage them to pursue fitness activities. However, once they start going to school again, it gets more difficult to monitor if they're still eating healthy given their exposure to a lot of junk foods outside the home.

with my youngest son at the super cool photo booth
Thus, Robinsons Supermarket encourages families, especially students, to continue their journey towards healthy living this back-to-school season by discovering nutritious and rewarding food choices through Learn Wellness, the second promo event in the Route to Wellness campaign. 

Robinsons' Aja Totanes with representatives of brand partners
Last Saturday, Robinsons Supermarket held its Magical World of Wellness event at Eastwood Central Plaza. I love the enchanting Harry Potter world setup, especially the photo booth where my son and I got to dress up as wizards from Hogwarts! All the booths have their own creative themes and interesting activities that guests got to enjoy. 

at the potion-making booth
The fun wizarding exercises included a VTR game, potion-making, and finders-keepers game. Select moms were also able to learn how to make bento-boxes that they can prepare for their kids' baon when school starts next month. All these activities aim to help educate kids and kids-at-heart on the importance of proper nutrition and regular exercise.

creative riddle game on the cover of a book!
Robinsons Supermarket's Route to Wellness campaign is the company's commitment to strengthen its We Love Wellness advocacy that enables it to provide healthier food options and alternatives to Filipinos. 

our stamp card used to visit all the booths
From May 1 to June 30, 2017, shoppers will get a P100 OFF coupon for a minimum single receipt purchase of P3,000 at Robinsons Supermarket. Purchases must be inclusive of P500 worth of participating products from Nestle, CDO, Splash, Wyeth, or Purefoods. Loyal shoppers can also earn additional 10 Robinsons Rewards Card points when they buy select Nestle products during this promo.

another educational booth with costumed assistants
Personally, I am really happy to support advocacies that promote health and wellness since my husband and I are also actively trying to keep our family fit through running and other physical activities as well as through healthy food choices.

some samples of healthy food choices
Please stay updated with Robinsons Supermarket's upcoming activities and learn more about its Route to Wellness campaign by liking and visiting

May is, hands down, the month for moms so let us celebrate Mother's Day with good food, great company, and memorable activities with the special lady we love! If you live in or near Alabang, Muntinlupa, here are several ideas on how you can make the month of May an enjoyable one for Mom and the whole family when you visit Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila ...

a Flavors of Mexico lunch with hubby at Cafe 8
a day before my birthday and one week before Mother's Day
1. Go on a unique gastronomic feast with Mom by relishing the Flavors of Mexico at Cafe 8. Buen Provecho started last Cinco de Mayo and will be around until May 14. My husband and I had lunch there yesterday and had a tummy-filling time enjoying vibrant, fresh, colorful, and spicy Mexican fare like tacos, gambas al ajillo, apple burritos, and many more! 

taco and side dishes
And since there's a Tequila bar, you can partner your savory feast with a Margarita! Lunch buffet rate per person is P1,5,14 nett while dinner buffet rate is P1,729 nett. Both come with free flowing drinks. I suggest you ask for a cup or two of Mexican coffee. It goes very well with the desserts!

Mexican coffee and desserts = perfect combination
2. Have a staycation with Mom by availing of Crimson's exclusive Mother's Day room packages. Let Mom choose the kind of pampering she wants: The Indulge room package starts at PhP 4,800++, inclusive of overnight stay with buffet breakfast for two (2) persons, Afternoon Delight with two (2) glasses of wine at The Lobby Lounge, and a Pampering Kit. 

inside one of Crimson Hotel's Deluxe Twin rooms
If Mom is in for a relaxing mood, get the Invigorate room package. Room rate starts at PhP 4,800++ for an overnight stay inclusive of buffet breakfast for two (2) persons, one-hour massage for two (2) persons, and Pampering Kit. The Inspire room package starts at PhP 5,200 nett inclusive of overnight stay with breakfast for two persons, Mother’s Day Sunday Brunch for two (2) persons and a Pampering Kit.

make sure to pamper Mom on her special day
3. Treat Mom to a special Sunday Brunch on Mother's Day, May 14, at Cafe 8. Impress her with an exciting variety of bold flavors featuring Mexican specialties and Cafe 8’s signature dishes such as Wagyu Beef and Fresh Seafood Buffet. To liven up the celebration, a Mariachi Band will play melodies of love and happiness for all Moms. In addition, Moms will get special gifts like flowers, pralines and a glass of pineapple Bellini. Buffet rate per person is P 1,900 nett. Make a reservation asap for this special day as the first ten Moms will get a free beauty makeover, photo shoot session, and a take home picture. 

Mother's Day Sunday Brunch
4. Spend Mother’s Day at The Lobby Lounge on May 14, from 3PM to 5PM. Aside from a special Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea, there will be a pianist playing live in the background. Have several bites filled with the richness of a slice of red velvet cake, chocolate lipstick, French macaroons, eton mess, brie cheese en croute with berry mousse and walnut, and chicken mousse tart with cherry tomato. Rate for two persons is Php 750 nett only.

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea
5. Take Mom to dinner at The Lobby Lounge from 6PM to 10PM. Tapas for Mamas is an evening break with a different twist as there will be flavorful tapas like an assortment of scallops, salmon, tuna and crab; freshest picks from the garden; a juicy combination of chicken, beef tenderloin, pork and lamb—followed by a delightful glass of wine. Rate per person is Php 799 nett, which includes one tapas platter and a glass of wine.

Tapas for Mamas
For booking or more information, please visit the official website at or call (02) 863-2222.

I love christenings! Whether it's a baby being welcomed to the Christian world or a store opening celebration, there's always something joyful about the thought of new beginnings and achieving brand new milestones.

christening the #AirAsiaxPuregold aircraft with a water cannon salute 
Thus, I consider it a privilege to have witnessed the launch of the first Puregold livery aircraft that was welcomed at Clark International Airport yesterday with an awesome water cannon salute ceremony. The Philippine retailer has definitely gone full swing by taking its retail marketing from the ground to the skies in partnership with AirAsia.

The launch featured the first of two plane liveries with Puregold's official name and logo prominently displayed on both sides of the body of an Airbus A320 aircraft. According to Puregold Price Club Inc. President Vincent Co, the day heralded a perfect opportunity to expand their brand's reach like all things that they have been doing since the retail chain started in 1998 up to its Initial Public Offering in 2011. He affirmed, "Our partnership with AirAsia, a globally recognized brand, is anchored on a shared commitment to deliver value and the best quality service."

Mr. Co and Captain Comendador at the tarmac
Philippines AirAsia CEO Captain Dexter Comendador likewise acknowledged how honored they are to be carrying "a homegrown retail brand on the ground and in the skies, extending as far as the whole of ASEAN region to China, Korea, and into the AirAsia Group's massive network of over 120 destinations."

"We are a sociable and innovative brand. We also take pride of our collaborative nature and this new livery demonstrates AirAsia's creative approach to partnerships and marketing opportunities especially with companies that support and promote the Filipino brand of excellent service," described Captain Comendador.

a miniature Puregold livery aircraft
He further added that Puregold espouses the same culture that AirAsia has. "They take care of the their employees like we do." As to the partnership, he confirmed that flights of the two aircraft with Puregold livery will be used for both local and international flights.

Apart from Mr. Co and Captain Comendador, the unveiling ceremonies were also graced by Clark International Airport Corporation President Alexander Cauguiran and Philippines AirAsia Head of Ancillary Business Karlo Sanchez.

(from left) AirAsia Cabin Crew, Mr. Sanchez, Capt. Comendador, Mr. Co,
Mr. Cauguiran, and another Cabin Crew
A proudly ASEAN airline that has been voted the world's best low cost carrier for eight consecutive years by Skytrax, AirAsia in the Philippines operates a fleet of 17 aircraft with local flights to/from Manila, Davao, Cebu, Kalibo, Caticlan, Tacloban, Tagbilaran, Puerto Prinsesa, and Clark along with international flights to/from Shanghai, Taipei, Incheon, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, and Singapore.

Meanwhile, Puregold ended 2016 with a total of 329 stores nationwide. These included 277 Puregold stores, 12 S&R Membership Shopping warehouses, 23 S&R New York Style fast-food outlets, nine NE Bodega Supermarkets, and eight Budgetlane Supermarkets.

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