Saturday, April 29, 2017

Super8 Grocery Warehouse: Focusing on Affordability, Convenience, and Accessibility

Shopping, for many people, is an enjoyable activity. However, there are factors that can turn a supposedly fun task into a dreadful one: super long lines, a hot environment, and difficulty in finding stuff that you're looking for, among other things.

Super8's house brand, Great Buy, offers various household products
According to Alvin Lim, Chief Executive Officer of Super8 Grocery Warehouse, they recognize that many of their customers are shopkeepers and mothers who appreciate not only saving money but also saving time. "Our focus is not really in the products we sell but how we do things. We put a lot of value in service. So we not only provide shoppers with affordability, but convenience and accessibility as well." 

Super8's Alvin Lim and Armand Mendoza
"When they go to Super8, we hope we have lesser lines and more products so they won't have to look for them anywhere else," he explains. "At the end of the day, we are very customer-centric. Whatever we do, it has to always lead up to the customers having a better experience inside our stores. And we want to be consistent about that."

bundled canned goods
"Hindi nauuso sa amin ang pababaan ng presyo kasi, nakamura ka nga, pawis-pawis ka naman, masama ang loob mong namili ka, na-hassle ka pa. We found those out based on the customers we have," he reasons. "Sometimes, value is not really monetary but the balance of comfort and how the store understands customers' needs."

first day of Super8's Fun Fest 
These past three days, Super8 held its annual event to bring together its key business partners and to thank its loyal customers for their continued patronage. On its fifth year, Super8 Funfest showcased numerous shopping deals, entertainment numbers from popular celebrities, and exciting raffle prizes and freebies. "This is our way of saying thank you to our cardholders," affirmed Armand Mendoza, Super 8 General Manager. "Here, shoppers easily get at least 12% savings plus freebies and entertainment."  

a promo girl with one of the cute mascots during the Fun Fest
Funfest attendees had a treat visiting various booth presented in a Bida Ka Sa Savings Serye theme. The creativity of the designs definitely embodied the event's goal to be the biggest savings serye to hit primetime shopping. Held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, Super8 Funfest gave shoppers chances to win gadgets, appliances, gift certificates, motorcycles, and a brand new Toyota Avanza apart from offering more than a thousand good shopping deals.

creative booths inside World Trade Center
When asked how they named the grocery warehouse, Lim shared, "Super is the mindset of how we look at things. Anything we start we really want to make it super while eight means lucky. So, super lucky." He also described how the business grew as the customers evolved.

fun fishing activity at the Oishi booth
For instance, aside from the Super8 Rewards Card, the store has launched a mobile app so customers can easily track their points and check the latest promos. "To be relevant, we have to evolve with our customers," Lim pointed out. "Now, we can engage with them electronically and digitally via the app and I think it will help us be more successful at communicating with them better."   

freebies at the Unilab booth
With 60 stores already in existence, Super8 is planning to open 10 stores a year in the next three years. "But, more than telling people we have these many stores, for us, it's just a number. What's more important is knowing how many happy people we are able to serve. I think that is a better way to gauge how successful our company is," concluded Lim.

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