I have become more conscious about advocating for Mother Earth's protection since I became a mom more than two decades ago because I know that my children, and the generations after them, would still need the resources our planet generously provides.

fyi, neither of us are celebrating our 60th birthday yet :p
So I am glad to see more and more establishments taking up this worthwhile cause and it was a pleasure to join Conrad Manila's first Earth Hour celebration the other day. The hotel took action locally to conserve energy and help raise awareness of climate change as part of a global initiative that is open to Hilton's more than 4,900 properties across 104 countries and territories.

With other Conrad Manila guests and team members, led by Hotel General Manager Harald Feurstein, my husband and I spent Earth Hour 2017 by joining them at the Hotel veranda where they had a symbolic formation of "60" using dozens of candles. In addition, their annual switching off of lights was done simultaneously with the Mall of Asia complex.    

While gathered around the candlelit formation, Mr. Feurstein and other hotel executives also led a commitment ceremony with children of hotel staff and guests to symbolically engage the next-generation of earth savers.

Conrad Manila executives with a future earth-saver
Checked-in guests were moreover invited to actively participate by switching off their room lights for 60 minutes in a unified effort to show commitment. Conrad Manila''s back-of-the-house facilities likewise observed the one-hour lights-off initiative.

Apart from conserving a significant amount of energy consumption during Earth Hour, the Hotel's dining outlets also made an effort to make the occasion an interactive experience for diners. Brasserie on 3, the Hotel's all-day dining outlet known for its open kitchen and live action stations, featured farm-to-table organic and sustainable dishes; the famed China Blue by Jereme Leung offered guests a special four-course set menu; while special cocktail mixes complemented by a live acoustic performance took center stage at the C-Lounge

the lobby of Brasserie on 3
An ardent environment advocate, Mr. Feurstein affirmed, "Conrad Manila is deeply committed to making a difference in the communities where we operate, particularly along environment protection, education, and social enterprise. We share a strong partnership with our local community partners for sustained environment community projects: clean-up drive, proper waste segregation and management, water recycling and energy conservation, and educational-cum-nutritional program assistance for pre-school children and their families."

In 2015, Hilton and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announced a multi-year commitment to collaborate on a water-stewardship strategy, expand sustainable seafood efforts, advance food waste efforts, and accelerate the adoption of renewable energy across Hilton's portfolio.

It is Hilton's view that sustainability is a key part of its business because water, energy, food, commodities, waste requirements, and other factors significantly impact the economics of the company every day around the world. As such, preserving the environment is a business imperative and a cornerstone of Travel with Purpose. This is the company's corporate responsibility strategy to create shared value for Hilton Team Members, guests, business partners, and communities. 

young people pledging their commitment to also help protect Mother Earth
Learn more about Hilton's commitment to preserving the environment by visiting cr.hiltonworldwide.com.

One-time, big-time. This is what a lot of people think and dream about when it comes to shedding extra pounds and body fats. The thing is, even if you achieve losing a lot of weight, staying that way for good is what would really matter in the long run, right?

once you lose the pounds and inches, can you keep them away?
photo credit: eastshore.com.sg
Unfortunately, few people achieve that kind of success after spending money on fad diets, weight-loss supplements, gym memberships fees (that aren't maximized because you ended up not having enough time to work out), and other solutions that didn't let you achieve the results you wanted.

According to Aesthetic Science Clinic, everyone who wants to lose the extra pounds permanently should make weight management part of their lifestyle. That means unlearning misguided beliefs and being re-educated on the basics of loving and taking good care of one's body.

love your body through healthy eating!
this is the roasted pumpkin cream soup we cooked at the BodyLight media launch
Presenting the BodyLight Program -- a system that integrates Science, Wellness, and Life Coaching to help manage weight and give you the ideal lasting results that balance the mind, body, and spirit. This holistic approach is anchored on the following guiding principles:

• Men and women are not created equal. Differences in genetic make-up, upbringing, and other environmental factors require a more personalized approach to weight management. What works for one might not work for another.
• The weight of a person is impacted greatly by his or her lifestyle that encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of that person.
• There are no quick fixes and no shortcut to losing weight. 
• Losing weight can be a pleasant journey and should not be equated with suffering.
• The ultimate goal is not to lose the excess weight, but to stay healthy.

with Glenda, Ira, and Dexter who I enjoyed cooking and eating healthy dishes with
photo credit: Marcie Linao 
Under the BodyLight program, a personalized plan will be made based on the following steps to a HEALTHY Weight Management:

Heed experts' advice instead of believing infomercials that are created to sell products. Take the words of celebrity endorsers with a grain of salt because they are paid to say the right things. Verify that the health professionals you are consulting has the appropriate license for the products and services they offer. Do not believe everything you read on the internet!

Evaluate medical history to rule out any underlying medical condition that may be causing unhealthy weight gain such as hypothyrodism, Cushing's syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, adrenal insufficiency, and gut problems.

Avoid unhealthy eating habits. Many people fail at their weight loss journey because of the lack of discipline in consuming the right kinds of food. Eat whole and real foods, avoid refined grains and bad fats, choose a low sugar and low salt diet, alkalize your body with an alkaline diet, get adequate hydration, and limit alcohol consumption.

AS' steps to healthy weight management
Live an active life. Engage in a regular physical activity like running, brisk walking, yoga, pilates, or any sport that you can include in your daily regimen.

Take a break and find ways to reduce and manage stress. Most emotional eaters don't realize that stress contributes significantly to excessive weight gain. Manage stress by learning relaxation techniques such as meditation, taking walks and connecting with nature, listening to music, or practicing yoga.

Have enough sleep because lack of it also contributes to weight gain. Stay fit by getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep and avoid sleeping very late at night. Try to get as much sleep as you can and avoid substances that disrupt sleep.

You have to keep a healthy mental and emotional state because a lot of weight problems stem from psycho-emotional issues. Keep a happy disposition and stay away from toxic relationships. A positive self-esteem can foster love for one's body and translates into a desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

More than losing the extra pounds, BodyLight aims to eliminate faulty beliefs and unhealthy practices that contribute to excess weight gain so that positive results will be easier to sustain. With this program, losing will be just as sweet as winning.

(from left) Chef Nicole Pimentel of 25 Mushrooms, nutritionist Weizel Gulfan,
and Dr. Yanee Vasquez, AS Medical Director and founder
For inquiries, call Aesthetic Science Clinic at 809.8021 and 0917.808.2921 (Alabang) or 899.3643 and 0917.808.2926 (Makati). You may also email aesthetic_science@yahoo.com or visit: 
• G/F Kennedy Center Bldg. Prime St. corner Venture St. Madrigal Business Park, Alabang, Muntinlupa
• G/F Jupiter Place Bldg. Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City

Get updates via www.aestheticscienceclinic.com, Aesthetic Science Clinic on Facebook, @BeautyByAS on Twitter, and @aestheticscienceclinic on Instagram.

I've seen demos and photos of people doing AntiGravity Aerial Yoga in the past and, while the performers seemed graceful and flexible, the poses looked very challenging! They made me curious if I'd be able to do even half of what I've seen but I am willing to try to and see.

with AntiGravity Aerial Yoga teacher and classmates
This past weekend, thanks to an invitation by 2nd Avenue, I took on the challenge and attended my first ever AntiGravity Aerial Yoga class at Beyond Yoga Rockwell. It was comforting to know that I was not the only neophyte among our group but I had to concede that they are all very young and probably more flexible than I could dream to ever be.

We were taught by Michelle Brown-Araneta who encouraged us to achieve the poses, especially the inverted ones, as much as possible. Honestly, I was surprised to be able to do the first inversion! 

The second one was harder though because it required a strong upper body, which this runner hasn't developed yet. Still, with Michelle's help, I got to remain upside down using the strength of my arms and core even for a few seconds. 

Doing the many stretching exercises made me realize how much I still need to work on in many parts of my body. But I found this kind of yoga another great start. I've tried doing Vinyasa and Kundalini before and also learned a lot about myself from them.

first two of four inversions
When I posted an inverted photo of myself online, one friend asked if it's scary to do an inversion while others expressed outright that they don't think they'd be able to do it. If your thoughts are like theirs, let me tell you now that you have nothing to worry about. AntiGravity Aerial Yoga may be challenging but it is also fun! Plus, you'll be mighty proud of yourself when you find yourself doing something you never thought you could!

Another thing, AntiGravity Aerial Yoga is a mind/body/spirit class that burns up to 600 calories! It is open to all levels and there are no other class prerequisites. We were told that attending lessons regularly will give you the following benefits:

• Decompress tight joints
• Relieve pressure while aligning the vertebrae
• Perform advanced yoga inversions without neck or back compression
• Hold challenging yoga postures longer and in correct alignment
• Stretch further with less strain
• Add an entirely new dimension to your yoga practice
• Create better body awareness while increasing overall agility

"mountain peak" - one of the stretching movements I like
Here are other things you may be curious about: 

• Every portion of the AntiGravity Hammock is rated for over 2000 pounds. That means it can hold the weight of even a baby elephant so you need not worry if you feel you might be too heavy.
• All Beyond Yoga AGY instructors have been trained and certified by Christopher Harrison to teach the routine. FYI, he is the dancer / choreographer / acrobat founder of AGY. 
• Every student will leave the class feeling good because everyone works at their own pace and, since this is a suspension yoga class, no competition nor ego is encouraged.
• You don't necessarily have to be physically fit and have prior yoga experience to do aerial yoga. In fact, it is a good routine for people who are not too flexible because the hammock will support your poses. However, AGY will be easiest for those who maintain a consistent fitness regime and has a strong core.

more stretching
• As to contraindications, AGY is not recommended for those who are pregnant, have glaucoma, a recent surgery, heart disease, very high or low blood pressure, easy onset vertigo, osteoporosis / bone weakness, and/or other serious medical concerns.
• For those who are afraid of heights, know that the difference between fear and excitement in the body is relaxation. The instructor will help you through your apprehensions. Besides, you'll only be 3 inches off the ground during an inversion. 
• AntiGravity Aerial Yoga is the only aerial yoga program certified by the governing bodies of America and the EU. Christopher Harrison, inventor of the silk hammock apparatus, has put 10 years into developing the technique. Also, AGY is present in over 40 countries.
• When attending class, wear workout outfits with sleeves, preferably cotton or cotton blend fabric and remove all jewelry.

one of the stretches that challenged my flexibility
If you'll ask me if I'd attend another aerial yoga class in the future, the answer is YES. I'd love to conquer the movements I had difficulties with during the first class :)

BTW, you can learn other fitness tips by watching Work Out New York, which premiers tonight on 2nd Avenue at 9PM. For more details, please read: http://alteredtapestry.blogspot.com/2017/03/2nd-avenue-premieres-work-out-new-york.html

Many people dislike getting darker skin or becoming sunburned during these summer months. However, a lot of individuals still seem not to know how to properly apply their sun care products! The thing is, even if you bought a sunblock or sunscreen to protect your face and body but fail to properly apply them on your skin, your money and effort will just go to waste!

So, while you get psyched in welcoming the hot season in style with a new summer wardrobe, make sure you also have the right tools and tricks to ensure that you'll enjoy your vacay to the max without worrying about painful summer burns.

do you know how to properly apply these products on your skin
to get the best protection from the sun? 
Be ready to bask under the summer sun with Celeteque Dermoscience Sun Care specialized products! Take note though that you need to know first how to properly apply them to get the best results. So, read on before you start your wanderlust journeys.

Celeteque Dermoscience Sun Care Face and Body Sun Defense Spray with SPF50 (P499 for 100ml) will give you light and breezy but potent sun protection. This is non-sticky waterproof double sun defense against UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays that can be used in dry and wet conditions. It leaves no visible white marks and looks flawless when applied. The Vitamin E and sunflower oil content mattifies when rubbed unto skin to keep it moisturized even when under the sun. 

How to use: Shake well, hold the can 6-8 inches away from the body while spraying generously and evenly on skin before sun exposure. For face application, spray onto hands and apply to the face. Re-apply after swimming, perspiring, or whenever needed to maintain best protection.

avoid getting sunburn to maintain healthy skin!
Celeteque Dermoscience Sun Care Matte Moisturizer with SPF30 (P299 for 50ml) will make you look and feel flawless so your summer selfies don't show an oil-slicked you. Apart from getting mattified double sunscreen protection against UVA/UVB rays during prolonged sun exposure, it hydrates the skin and lends it an oil-free and smooth matte finish. It is hypoallergenic and safe for everyday use and is also non-comedogenic as well as tested for efficacy and moisturization.

How to use: Apply evenly on cleansed face and neck for daily sunscreen protection. This product is both shore- and city-ready so keep it in your bag all the time this summer.

before you go out under the hot sun, make sure your skin is protected from its burning rays!
Celeteque Dermoscience Sun Care Relief After-Sun Gel (P290 for 200ml) will soothe the after-effects of the scorching sun. It provides immediate moisturizing and cooling relief to sunburnt skin. It has anti-inflammatory soothing extracts to reduce possible skin inflammation after prolonged sun exposure. Plus, it has wheat and aloe vera skin conditioners to soothe and lessen flaking of overly dry skin. This product is also hypoallergenic and safe for everyday use and is the sun remedy you need for those beach trips.

How to use: Apply generously on dry and reddened skin immediately after long sun exposure for fast relief and moisture replenishment. Re-apply as often as possible until the sensation of intense dryness and heat subsides. 

enjoy summer to the fullest by using trusted sun care products!
I really hope you'll find this post helpful for the benefit of your skin. Have a spectacular time under the summer sun, everyone!

* Celeteque Dermoscience Sun Care products are available in Watsons stores and leading grocery and beauty stores nationwide.

Can you compromise quality in favor of savings? This is what many people first think about when faced with the choice of buying a well-known expensive product versus a more affordable one. But, when a person has a tight budget or is conscious about spending, being a wise shopper is essential.

Thankfully, we are no longer forced to choose between quality and savings when Watsons launched its Switch and Save campaign in 2012 that allowed smart shoppers to save on personal care essentials so we can also afford more of the things we want. All one has to do is shift from the leading brand to a Watsons product.

Watsons' Karen Fabres, Danilo Chiong, Jared De Guzman, Viki Encarnacion, and
Aida Lapez with Edu Manzano, Lorna Tolentino, Iya Villania, Kylie Padilla, and Christian Bautista
In the past five years, Watsons customers across the Philippines made the switch. They changed their toothbrushes, tissues, lotions, and more for the affordable and yet still high quality Watsons alternatives. With such great momentum behind the movement, the personal care store expanded the campaign to the pharmacy.

In 2014, Watsons Generics was launched to bring the same promise of affordable quality to Filipinos when it comes to medicines. Of course, it's always a huge win when something is done to improve the state of the nation's healthcare.

some of the high quality Watsons Label products
However, despite already having many switchers on board, there are still those who need more convincing because they keep holding on to the notion that anything "cheaper means lower quality." So, the Watsons team came up with a way to prove that the brand's amazing products are comparable to more expensive ones by testing people if they could even feel the difference.

The Switch Test became an in-store activity where shoppers can compare Watsons products to leading counterparts without being able to see the brands. Customers were asked to try out two products -- ranging from body scrubs and lotions to toothbrushes and hair irons -- and choose which they'd rather buy.

get up to 80% savings when you switch to using Watsons!
Results of the Switch Test showed that 8 out of 10 shoppers chose the Watsons Label product over the leading brand counterpart. This is an overwhelming testament to Watsons quality. The surprise didn't end there, though, because upon learning of the big savings they could get with Watsons Label, even shoppers who first chose the leading brands also made the switch.

Next to take the Switch Test challenge were Watsons' celebrity endorsers: Christian Bautista, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Iya Villana, Kylie Padilla, Lorna Tolentino, and Edu Manzano. They were asked, "What's the difference between these two products?" Their verdict -- none! Watch the video below and see that even they were amazed because it was hard to tell any difference in quality. On top of that, switching can give savings of up to 80%!

To kick start 2017, Watsons will also air this video as its new TV commercial to reach and make more people realize why they have to switch and save, too. Catch it and see if you can tell the difference between a Watsons brand and your usual brand. You might just surprise yourself with your answer ;)

* Thank you First Tier Brands for the photos!

Many young people today have become movers and shakers of this world with the ability to influence their peers. To celebrate the youth's power to inspire others wherever in the world they may be, Penshoppe recently introduced its newest group of brand ambassadors composed of dynamic young members from the international fashion brand's various global markets.

young, dynamic, fashionable
This initiative aims to find new faces that will inspire people to see their youth in a different light. Soon, there will also be other groups in different countries to be composed of more young members.

Representing the one in the Philippines are seven fresh faces who are collectively referred to as #ClubPenshoppePH. They paint a picture of the Filipino youth who continues to overcome challenges to become a celebration of acceptance, diversity, and individually. 

Jeff Bascon (left) with the members of #ClubPenshoppePH
during the launch at Makati Diamond Residences
Jeff Bascon, Brand Director of Penshoppe, described the young people as "shaped by their diverse backgrounds, personal experiences, and inspiring stories, which show in their unique styles." He pointed out that they're also noticeably multiracial because the Filipino youth is no longer bound to the long-standing typecasts that we should be of a certain shade and have a certain set of characteristics.

"Our youth is global and that's something we all should be proud of," added Bascon who affirmed that Penshoppe is very forward-looking and that "we are here to offer something great. As a Filipino brand, we want to represent the country globally and these kids have good stories that resonate perseverance [resulting to making] a name for his or her own self."

Tyler and Tanner Mata
#ClubPenshoppePH is composed of PBB heartthrob Tanner Mata and international model Tyler Mata, Spanish model Emilio Francisco Perez, young actresses Loisa Andalio and Sofia Andres, Brazilian model and former Teen PBB housemate Maria Fabiana, and Hashtag member and actor Ronnie Alonte. Their ages range from 17 to 21.

When asked about their personal styles, Tanner admitted to not having a specific fashion icon as he looks at and tries a variety of styles fit for the Philippine weather. However, he confessed liking Kendall Jenner "because she seems perfect in a sense." 

Emilio, Loisa, and Ronnie
Emilio, who was voted funniest by the group, pronounced that Penshoppe is amazing and that he likes wearing the brand's shorts. Among the ambassadors, he admits liking Gigi Hadid because "she has a great body but doesn't show too much skin."

"I cried when they told me about being part of Club Penshoppe," revealed Sofia whose favorite summer look is wearing short-shorts. She said she looks up to Shay Mitchell and Kendall in terms of fashion styles.  

fashionable young ladies
"Penshoppe and I have the same energy. We have lots of things in common," claimed Maria who likes the brand's comfortable and light clothes. Apart from loving Kendall's style, she expressed feeling honored to be usually likened to Liza Soberano.

Loisa, who prefers dressing conservatively and wouldn't wear sandos or short-shorts, said she chooses clothes that she feels comfortable in and which pleases her eye. "I am grateful for the opportunity to influence my fellow youth and be a role model to them."

not perfect but all are driven and hardworking
As for Ronnie, "I look up to Justin Bieber's style but also like wearing pullovers and shorts, plus slippers."

Jeff says fans should watch out for Club Penshoppe in their areas as they will be bringing them to different parts of the country. "We can't wait for everyone to get to know them better. Each member of #ClubPenshoppePH is more than just a pretty face," he reiterated. "We don't present them as perfect kids. But each is very driven and hardworking. They all have a story that everyone can relate to and will inspire everyone to go for their dreams and see the good in others."

Hey, Moms and Dads! Did you know that baby’s skin is 20-30% thinner compared to adult skin? This means baby’s skin allows more substances through and it is not yet an efficient barrier to infections.

Knowing these, of course you’d want to use products on your baby that are:
Free from synthetic chemicals
Less likely to cause irritation because they are free from common allergens
Generally gentler and safer than products with artificial ingredients


my Baby James at 4 months old
Let me share with you some products that I trust would take care of my son’s skin. James is a special child who is non-verbal and can’t tell me directly when he feels any discomfort. So, I make it a point to ensure that whatever we feed him or apply on his body would not cause him any irritation. 

Last year, I discovered Belo Baby and gave its products a try because it guarantees moms that the products only use 100% certified natural ingredients and 0% harmful chemicals

Belo Baby bath and body line prices:
Face and Body Lotion (P224.75), Bar Soap (P79.75), and Hair and Body Wash (P219.75)
In a nutshell, the natural ingredients of Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash, Belo Baby Bar Soap, and Belo Baby Face and Body Lotion include a known superfood for the skin; naturally heal common skin conditions of babies like eczema and rash; have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; strengthen and moisturize skin; have a natural emollient for softening skin; and lock in moisture into the skin.

Please read in detail the benefits of Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Sweet Almond Oil in my previous Belo Baby blog post, here: http://mommywrites.blogspot.com/2016/05/belo-baby-product-line-meticulously.html 

my son loves it when we use Belo Baby lotion after a bath
It is also important to note that Belo Baby products DO NOT contain chemicals like sulfates that strip the skin of its natural oils, as well as synthetic preservatives such as parabens, Tetrasodium EDTA, or phthalates that break down the skin’s protective barriers.

Thus, I am assured that every time I use Belo Baby on my son, I know that I am using products that have been “crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms.” Although my son couldn’t speak, he can definitely express joy with his eyes and his beautiful smile. I love how his lips would turn up when he sees things that make him happy, Belo Baby products included ☺.

the original Belo Baby - Scarlet Snow Belo
For a year now, Belo Baby has been delighting moms and babies alike for making bath time a great bonding activity and we would like you and your baby to experience that, too! So, to celebrate Belo Baby’s 1st Birthday, we are giving away three (3) Belo Baby gift packs! Please join using the Rafflecopter widget below.

Giveaway is open to Philippine residents and ends at 11:59PM of March 23, 2017. Winners will be determined via digital raffle, announced on March 24, and will be sent emails to get their mailing addresses. Start earning entries, today! ☺ 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
For more information and to get updated about other promos, log on to belobaby.ph and like/follow @belobabylove on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Edit - March 25: Congratulations to Angelie Namindang, Jennifer L. Javellana, and Regina Bula Libao! You each won a Belo Baby gift pack! Please check your emails and send me your mailing addresses. Thank you to everyone who joined. Stay tuned for other giveaways in the coming days :)

These days, more and more people are turning to entrepreneurship to reach their financial goals. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds because they failed to keep in mind the important things they should do when starting and managing a business.

attendees of the seminar (that's me in the yellow shirt)
Recently, I attended an Ephesians Management Corporation seminar entitled Creating Wealth and Managing Finances held at the Alabang Country Club to further my knowledge on handling my personal finances and be wiser as an income earner.  There, I gained a lot of insights and tips from speaker Jose Feron "Dodong" Cacanando, owner of Moriah Farms located in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon and founder of Semilya sa Kinabuhi, Inc., a foundation that aims to bring the Bible and the church to where people work -- in their businesses and in their farms.

Here are six valuable lessons he shared about starting a business and managing it from then on:

1. Always know and start with what you have. Disclaimer: I arrived late and didn't get to hear his explanation about this tip. But, I think this meant capitalizing on the things you already have and using them to earn money. In my case, this translates to me having a laptop and the ability to weave words which led to accepting writing and editing jobs from clients as well as blogging projects.

2. Work, work, work, work. And remember that while your income increases, you should be able to even lower your expenses. "In the past, there are less crimes because people were busy working," described Sir Dodong. "Work is a very important part of life. You get more money if you spend more time working. Additionally, do not spend money you do not have."

Sir Dodong is the author of books "Breaking Through: A Man's Journey to Fruitfulness"
and "Keeper of His Garden: Breakthrough Principles for Life and Business"
both published by CSM Publishing 
3. Set financial targets. "If you want your business to prosper, you have to focus on the profits," he advised citing the Bible story of Joseph who prepared for the impending seven years of famine in Egypt. Sir Dodong recommends to not only think in terms of 'income - expenses = profit.' "Set your profit target and know what you need years from now." For instance, preparing for your child's education early because that would entail big expenses.

4. Pay yourself first. "Because you want to buy your future," he reasons. "Bring down your expenses and have an 'income - savings = expenses' mindset."

5. Work on a budget by knowing your actual expenses and finding which of these you can further cut down. "Challenge your expenses!" encouraged Sir Dodong. "Look at the budget not to ask 'Are you on budget?' but to know 'What else can we bring down?'" If you're having difficulties in budgeting, he suggests going back to the basics and using the envelope system to physically manage your money. "This is still the best budgeting tool and I continue to use it." To learn more about the envelope system, read this post.

Sir Dodong also advises to remove 'leakages' or else the wheel of your life will become flat. "Leakages are vices like cigarettes and liquor, as well as regular cups of expensive coffee and even cell phone loads. They rob you of your capacity to create wealth!" Still, it's also not good to be always depriving ourselves of little treats or luxuries. So he clarifies that if you really want to buy something, learn to save up and wait until you can buy it. Do not make hasty or impulse purchases.

event poster
6. Regenerate. That means developing new abilities by building upon your current capabilities. For example, if you are good at cooking, you may want to venture into opening a small eatery first before deciding to operate a restaurant. "Start small. A business does not grow because of money but because of abilities. Use your savings to grow your means first. Later, your business will grow according to your abilities because opportunities come to those who are ready."

Keep updated on upcoming Ephesians Management Corporation events by liking and following https://www.facebook.com/EMCTRAININGS/.

Summer is the season of endless adventures and possibilities. Make sure it isn't spoiled by getting painful sunburns that can take the fun away! Don't worry, too, about getting your skin too dark. As Watsons Philippines says, don't hold back and make the summer yours!

let's get ready for summer with Watsons!
Watsons' "Make Your Summer" campaign encourages everyone to stop hiding from the sun and instead focus on creating the perfect summer according to your rules. Did you know? There are now a lot of products that you can use for all the fun activities you've got planned so, as long as you know how to take care of your skin, feel free to do whatever you want without any worries!

just some of the sun protection products available at Watsons
With Watsons, you can get protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays because it's so easy to find sun-proof items that would help defend your skin from burning and sun damage. Check out amazing sunscreens from Nivea, Vaseline, Banana Boat, Beach Hut, Solstice, Biore, Sunplay, Belo, Neutrogena, Cetaphil, Celeteque, Kojie San, Hawaiian Tropic, Dermplus, Ponds, and Olay!

Karylle sharing the importance of protecting oneself from UVA and UVB rays
Also available at Watsons are slimming products for those who want to plan to wear bikinis as well as vivid hair colors for anyone who likes to make summer even more colorful. Choose from fabulous browns and fantastic blondes to fiery reds, and more!

discover Belo's newest sun care products like the Hair and Scalp Shield,
Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray, and After Sun Gel at Watsons stores
To top these off, summer is made more exciting with a super exclusive treat for all SM Advantage Card (SMAC) members who will get a chance to explore the wonders of the Philippines with getaways for four to Batanes, Boracay, Cebu, Davao, and Palawan. Just buy participating products to get an e-raffle entry for every P500 single-receipt purchase. Promo period is until April 26, 2017.

Solstice offers 4-in-1 suncare in its face and body sunscreens
If you're not yet an SMAC member, now is a great time to join because the new "Members Get More" program makes shopping more rewarding than ever before. So go and earn more points, more savings, and more value by using your SMAC card at Watsons and other SM partner stores!


I appreciate the different kinds of food that originate from various countries especially the ones found in Asia. The same way with Filipinos dishes, other Asian cuisines are prepared with a touch of culture and a distinct taste from each region. 

A Taste of Vietnam
fresh spring rolls
This March, Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila takes diners to a figurative journey to Vietnam as three guest chefs take over the show kitchen of Cafe 8 to prepare a delicious array of entrees and desserts that represent their country's unique and diverse flavors.

Vietnamese chefs
Chicken Salad with Cabbage
Meet Chefs Nguyen Thi Khanh Ngan, Tran Kim Hoang Trong, and Vo Van Chien. They are the faces behind the spread of specialities that will take diners' taste buds on a culinary experience that explores the healthy flavors of Vietnamese cuisine without needing a passport and leaving Metro Manila!

preparing pho
delicious and heart-warming Vietnamese noodle soup
Featured in the selection of "A Taste of Vietnam" are world-renowned dishes such as Fried Tofu, Fresh Spring Rolls, Vietnamese Pho, Crab Noodle Soup, and more. 

ceremonial cutting of the banh mi
one of the lip-smacking desserts
Apart from the delicious dishes, I was able to try, for the first time, drinking a cup of Vietnamese coffee that has condensed milk at the bottom. Loved it because it doesn't require additional creamer and sugar anymore!

Vietnamese coffee goes well with dessert!
foodies at Crimson Hotel
photo credit: Marlon Aldenese
Do drop by Crimson Hotel until March 18, 2017 and enjoy lunch buffet at P1,235++ or dinner at P1410++, inclusive of free flowing beverages such as wine, beer, juices, and sodas. For booking or more information, please visit www.crimsonhotel.com/manila or call (02) 836.2222.  

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