Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Enchanteur Paris Invites Every Filipina to Tell Our Fragrance Story

When asked what cities in the world connote sophistication and elegance, many of us would most likely think of Paris, France. And why not? French women, after all, are known for wearing chic outfits and stylish accessories. They are also said to be adept at layering their favorite fragrance to make it last longer.

enchanted by Enchanteur Paris
photo credit: Ed Uy
Enchanteur Paris was recently launched by Watsons Philippines to enable Filipinas be her own Parisian woman. The brand offers a range of high quality and timeless French-inspired fine Eau de Toilettes (EDT) and fragrance-infused body care products for young women. 

Ladies who love to smell nice can now choose their signature scents from Enchanteur Paris' line of quality but affordable products. The four fragrances, created to cater to different personalities, were inspired by the romance of Paris, the City of Lights, and the chic aesthetic of French women:

a touch of Paris 
Magique is for the carefree, confident, and adventurous girl. It has a mix of apple, magnolia, and praline that is perfect for a day out with one's sweetheart as you try fun and new things together.

Belle Amour is for the romantic sweet girl on her first date with a special person. With a captivating blend of apple, melon, blackcurrant, and pink rose scents, this scent would make her date's heart beat faster.

Magique EDT with Mon Amie Double Moisture and + Belle Amour set

Mon Amie is for the fun, cheerful, and charming girl. This breezy scent of fresh citrus, red apple, and pink peonies is perfect for those exciting adventures with friends.

Adore is for the elegant, graceful, and adorable girl who likes the sensual scent of wild jasmine, pink mimosa, and golden pear. This alluring fragrance evokes glamor and sophistication. 

Mon Amie Light and Fresh + Adore set
Honestly, it's hard to pick just one scent because they all smell really, really good. All four Enchanteur Paris fragrances strike the perfect balance whether you want something light, fresh, sparkling, elegant, or sensual. 

Like I mentioned above, Enchanteur Paris draws inspiration from the French women's secret to making fragrances last longer. Use the brands complementing products such as the Eau de Toilette with the Parfum Lotion, Parfum Serum, Deospray, and Hand Cream so your scent will linger for hours.

Enchanteur Paris' Joana Marie Atienza and Krishna Kulkarmi
Exclusively available nationwide at all Watsons stores and The SM Store's Beauty Section, Enchanteur Paris products are available with the following prices: P100 - Hand Creams, P129 - Deosprays, P210-275 for the Parfum Serum and Parfum Lotions, and P400 - Eau de Toilette.

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