Discover Unique Xiao Long Bao and More at Paradise Dynasty in S Maison at Conrad Manila

Filipinos have loved Chinese cuisine for a long time and yet, new gastronomic experiences continue to surprise us as more players in the restaurant industry arrive on our shores, offering the latest unique and delightful dishes that are truly crave-worthy!

Signature Original Xiao Long Bao
(P188 / 6 pcs and P298 / 10 pcs)
I had the pleasure of dining recently at the newly-opened Paradise Dynasty in S Maison at Conrad Manila. There, I got to appreciate the finer points of Chinese culture from the establishment's rich array of culinary delights. 

ready to savor Paradise Dynasty's flavorful dishes
Paradise Dynasty, a concept that originated from Singapore, offers a gourmet menu that allows diners to savor exquisite flavors and experience first hand their refreshing take on Chinese delicacies. For instance, it is the ONLY place in the world where you can find the Signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao, a set of 8 colorful xiao long bao each infused with a distinct flavor. 

Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao (P388 / 8 pcs)
When you order a set, ensure that you'll get to enjoy everything and get optimum taste by starting with the 1) original flavor then going through the following in sequence: 2) ginseng (green), 3) foie grass (light brown), 4) truffle (black), 5) cheese (yellow), 6) crab roe (orange), 7) garlic (gray), and Szechuan (red). Worry not, the colors are made using natural pigments extracted from plants.

Radish Pastry (P138 / 3pcs)
Apart from the flavorful xiao long bao, I tried other dishes and EVERYTHING tasted good! If you're dropping by for a light snack, make sure you order the Radish Pastry. I actually didn't know what to expect since radish is a vegetable, right? But, surprisingly, what they did to make it complement the flaky pastry is very impressive. I loved it and will be coming back for more next time! 

Steamed Glutinous Rice Stuffed in Red Dates (P230)
Another interesting appetizer (or light dessert) is the Steamed Glutinous Rice Stuffed in Red Dates. It's sweet but not overpoweringly so. I think those with a sweet tooth would like this for its unique flavors. It's like the Filipino bilo-bilo without the creamy soup and with a different fruity flavor instead of langka.

Steamed Egg White with Fish and Conpoy (P320)
Moving on the heavier dishes, I found the Steamed Egg White with Fish and Conpoy (dried scallops) quite satisfying. Don't mistake it for a rice meal though because it's not. It's protein rather than carbo-packed and is already good to be eaten on its own.

Crispy Chicken (P298)
If you prefer something else that would go well with rice, order the Spicy Szechuan Crispy Chicken (don't worry, the chicken is only mildly hot as long as you don't pick the chilies surrounding them) and the Stir Fried Beef with Kai Lan or Scallion. Both meat dishes would definitely appeal to the Filipino palate.

Beef with Scallion (P388)
Of course, what's a Chinese meal without the noodles? With Paradise Dynasty, eating noodles has been elevated to a yummier level with their Stir-fried La Mian with Shredded Pork and Black Fungus. I ate more than I intended to because this is really delicious!

La Mian (P230)
For dessert, we had Glutinous Rice Ball topped with Grated Nuts. It's like buchi but way better! 

Rice Balls (P138 / 4 pcs)
As to beverages, do away with the sodas and juices for now. Go for Paradise Dynasty's Water Chestnut Drink. It is said to be helpful in reducing internal heat as well as good for detox purposes. I loved the taste and would most likely have it again when I return.

Water Chestnut Drink (P80)
We were at Paradise Dynasty for lunch and were told to schedule a second visit during dinner time because the view of Manila Bay and the Mall of Asia grounds outside the wide glass windows is lovely. I might just do that in the coming days and tag my family along.

capturing elegance and culture in one restaurant --
highly recommending this place!
Paradise Dynasty is located at the 2nd floor of S Maison in Conrad Manila. For updates on new offerings and promos, please like Paradise Dynasty Philippines on Facebook.

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