Bond with Your Kids by Making Star Margarine Fairy Bread!

Kids are very active so it's not unusual to see them doing a lot of things to while away the time. Make sure the activities they engage in are fun and beneficial to their development. Keep them busy with entertaining tasks such as decorating bread with Star Margarine and some colorful additions!

ready to get creative
Look for the Star Fairy Bread packs in the supermarket and choose from four kinds of toppings: sprinkles, hearts, xmas trees, and stars. You may want to collect all four designs so you and your child could decorate different kinds of breads.

look for the Star Fairy Bread packs that include colorful sprinkles

It's very easy to make Star Fairy Bread:

1. Spread Star Margarine Classic on bread. You may opt to use cookie cutters to make interesting shapes.
2. Decorate the bread with the toppings and come up with creative designs.
3. Serve and enjoy!

busy concentrating
Whether you'll eat them for breakfast or for snacks, Star Fairy Bread will make for a nutritious and delicious treat because Star Margarine has 10 Growth Building Nutrients that help in children's complete development. 

make snacks nutritious by putting Star Margarine on bread
My nieces and nephew were delighted to do this activity during our family get-together and all three had fun coming up with creative designs and eating their creations after. I'm glad to see them enjoying another bonding activity together.

fun activity for the win!
Look for the Star Fairy Bread packs the next time you go grocery shopping. I'm sure your kids would also love having a hand in making their own nutritious snacks :D

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