Design vs. functionality -- for many users, this is usually the case when choosing a new personal device. However, an impressive aesthetic feature most often doesn't translate to a gadget's power and performance. This dilemma prompted HP to reinvent the personal laptop experience to come up with user experience without compromise; an innovation that promises versatility by tastefully merging existing stylish designs and unmatched performance; and to provide a smarter, finer edge suited for discriminating users. 

(from left) Kris Seville and Mr. Viswanath of HP; Mr. Cobonpue;
a student from College of Saint Benilde; and Ms. Prieto-Valdes 
Recently, HP Philippines unveiled the HP Spectre x360, its latest hybrid innovation in a event hosted by the ever lovely Tessa Prieto-Valdes. Dubbed A Finer Edge, the launch was held at the Century Mall Events Center in Makati City to celebrate the union between artisanal craftsmanship and functional ingenuity. 

Apart from the exclusive preview of the premium laptop, guests were able to admire versatile art pieces from the Benildean Industrial Designers Organization (BInD) as well as listen to renowned furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue talk about his design processes. As a fan of his magnificent pieces, I appreciated the snippets he shared of his work, many of which highlighted Filipino artistry and creativity to various design expos all over the world.

impressive creation by BInD students
Pallasena Viswanath, HP Philippines, Inc. managing director described the new HP Spectre x360 as a device that can either be used as a laptop or a tablet. "It provides exceptional performance and design to complement the dynamic lifestyles of our tastemakers. But more than the aesthetic flexibility and the exquisite craftsmanship, it also gives users a finer edge, as the HP x360 makes their experience more meaningful beyond functionalities."

Having seen the gadget up close, I'd say the laptop slash tablet is definitely elegant and eye-catching, thanks to cutting-edge engineering that puts a premium to everyday digital experience. The HP Spectre x360 transforms into four different angles to accommodate the varying needs of its users: as a laptop for industry-level work performance and a tablet for people on-the-go as well as on stand and tent modes for those who enjoy movies and music.   

BInD students with their program consultant, Kenneth Cobonpue
To further put mobility at ease, the new unit sports a hidden piston hinge mechanism to make way for a 10.4mm and 2.45lbs featherweight, seamless design feature. It retains its predecessor's distinct lux copper metal accent and two-tone gray carbon fiber and aluminum top finish.

Users will likewise get the most out of every frame and every pixel with the 13-inch, edge-to-edge, durable, and scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass and vibrant full-HD display to ensure crisp pictures and ultra-wide viewing angles that cover all details. Bringing to life entertainment with outstanding quality and a more dynamic sound is a pair of Bang & Olufsen HP speakers, amplified by HP Audio Boost.

the many angles of the impressive HP Spectre x360
Despite its compact frame, the HP Spectre x360 can run up to 9 hours of battery life with its hybrid polymer batter system while the hyberbaric cooling technology by Intel also guarantees optimum usage, drawing cool air inside towards the processor. Its backlit keyboard and track pad likewise makes this laptop very user-friendly. To deliver an impressively-smooth performance, the Spectre x360 has full Intel Core i5 or i7 power supply and Windows 10 operating system.

With design and technology taken to a whole new level, the HP x360 can definitely equip users with a smarter, finer edge. It's price tag starts at SRP P75,990.


Filipinos have loved Chinese cuisine for a long time and yet, new gastronomic experiences continue to surprise us as more players in the restaurant industry arrive on our shores, offering the latest unique and delightful dishes that are truly crave-worthy!

Signature Original Xiao Long Bao
(P188 / 6 pcs and P298 / 10 pcs)
I had the pleasure of dining recently at the newly-opened Paradise Dynasty in S Maison at Conrad Manila. There, I got to appreciate the finer points of Chinese culture from the establishment's rich array of culinary delights. 

ready to savor Paradise Dynasty's flavorful dishes
Paradise Dynasty, a concept that originated from Singapore, offers a gourmet menu that allows diners to savor exquisite flavors and experience first hand their refreshing take on Chinese delicacies. For instance, it is the ONLY place in the world where you can find the Signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao, a set of 8 colorful xiao long bao each infused with a distinct flavor. 

Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao (P388 / 8 pcs)
When you order a set, ensure that you'll get to enjoy everything and get optimum taste by starting with the 1) original flavor then going through the following in sequence: 2) ginseng (green), 3) foie grass (light brown), 4) truffle (black), 5) cheese (yellow), 6) crab roe (orange), 7) garlic (gray), and Szechuan (red). Worry not, the colors are made using natural pigments extracted from plants.

Radish Pastry (P138 / 3pcs)
Apart from the flavorful xiao long bao, I tried other dishes and EVERYTHING tasted good! If you're dropping by for a light snack, make sure you order the Radish Pastry. I actually didn't know what to expect since radish is a vegetable, right? But, surprisingly, what they did to make it complement the flaky pastry is very impressive. I loved it and will be coming back for more next time! 

Steamed Glutinous Rice Stuffed in Red Dates (P230)
Another interesting appetizer (or light dessert) is the Steamed Glutinous Rice Stuffed in Red Dates. It's sweet but not overpoweringly so. I think those with a sweet tooth would like this for its unique flavors. It's like the Filipino bilo-bilo without the creamy soup and with a different fruity flavor instead of langka.

Steamed Egg White with Fish and Conpoy (P320)
Moving on the heavier dishes, I found the Steamed Egg White with Fish and Conpoy (dried scallops) quite satisfying. Don't mistake it for a rice meal though because it's not. It's protein rather than carbo-packed and is already good to be eaten on its own.

Crispy Chicken (P298)
If you prefer something else that would go well with rice, order the Spicy Szechuan Crispy Chicken (don't worry, the chicken is only mildly hot as long as you don't pick the chilies surrounding them) and the Stir Fried Beef with Kai Lan or Scallion. Both meat dishes would definitely appeal to the Filipino palate.

Beef with Scallion (P388)
Of course, what's a Chinese meal without the noodles? With Paradise Dynasty, eating noodles has been elevated to a yummier level with their Stir-fried La Mian with Shredded Pork and Black Fungus. I ate more than I intended to because this is really delicious!

La Mian (P230)
For dessert, we had Glutinous Rice Ball topped with Grated Nuts. It's like buchi but way better! 

Rice Balls (P138 / 4 pcs)
As to beverages, do away with the sodas and juices for now. Go for Paradise Dynasty's Water Chestnut Drink. It is said to be helpful in reducing internal heat as well as good for detox purposes. I loved the taste and would most likely have it again when I return.

Water Chestnut Drink (P80)
We were at Paradise Dynasty for lunch and were told to schedule a second visit during dinner time because the view of Manila Bay and the Mall of Asia grounds outside the wide glass windows is lovely. I might just do that in the coming days and tag my family along.

capturing elegance and culture in one restaurant --
highly recommending this place!
Paradise Dynasty is located at the 2nd floor of S Maison in Conrad Manila. For updates on new offerings and promos, please like Paradise Dynasty Philippines on Facebook.

Loving couples that don’t have ANY disagreements do not exist! Take it from two people who are a year away from celebrating 25 years of marriage. That would be my husband and me 😉

The truth is, every relationship has its conflicts and we all know people who still get to survive numerous disagreements with their partners. Why? Because, after a fight, we remain willing to patch things up. 

Did you know? Dr. John Gottman’s Balance Theory of Relationships  
suggests a little bit of negativity is necessary for healthy partnerships? 
Balance, however does not mean fifty-fifty. According to Gottman, 
the magic ratio is 5:1 (five happy moments are needed to balance out one conflict) 
for a relationship to remain stable.
Last year, Pru Life UK released the results of the Pru Life UK Relationship Index (PRI) that studied peoples’ relationships in 10 Asian countries. The Philippines ranked second out of ten nations in terms of relationship satisfaction. On average, Filipinos’ primary relationships – with their partner (74%), their children (59%), and their friends (50%) – fulfill 79% of their desired relationship needs.

“Filipinos are a highly relational people,” affirmed Gizelle Villareal-Camua, Pru Life UK’s Head and AVP for Brand and Communications in an intimate media event held at Frank & Dean in Bonifacio Global City. As a good example, she mentioned a certain fast food brand’s series of Valentines Day videos that went viral last month. “Those are about relationships and are clear examples of how we are as a people.”

Referring to the PRI survey results, Gizelle likewise shared that, despite a high satisfaction in relationships, Filipinos were found to argue more, with money as the most likely source of quarrels. Too, there is some disagreement between Filipino married couples over who decides where the money goes.

Gizelle Camua of Pru Life UK
(Please read more about the PRI results in my other blog post, here: You may learn a lot things that could help improve your relationships with the people you most care about.)

As part of its financial literacy advocacy, Pru Life UK invited bestselling author and finance and relationship coach Rose Fres Fausto to conduct a couple’s workshop on money management for members of the media. This is in line with Pru Life UK’s goal to help Filipinos understand our relationships better so we can make them more rewarding. 

My husband and I joined other couples in taking a Financial Intelligence Quotient (FQ) test that can be found on Rose’s website, She said that our results would help us know where we are in terms of financial know-how. I got a higher score than my husband, which affirmed that I am more diligent in studying about savings and investments than he is 😄

FQ Mom Rose Fausto

Next, Rose discussed with us the difference between Conjugal Partnership of Gains (CPG) versus Absolute Community of Property (ACP), under the old and new Family Code of the Philippines, and how ACP (promulgated in 1987) affects married couples and their children when it comes to ownership of properties.

Third, she had us recall a Childhood Money Memory that we wrote down on a piece of paper. Some of our fellow participants shared their stories to the whole group and how certain circumstances in their past continue to influence their money issues today. 

I liked how this activity started a lengthy and healthy discussion between my husband and me while we were going home. Together, we analyzed why we feel strongly about certain money matters and conceded that many of our finance-related decisions in the past, up to the present, indeed had a basis on some of our childhood experiences.

Rose then showed us a Power Point Presentation that highlighted lessons from her book, The Retelling of the Richest Man in Babylon. It’s a story written for children that adults can also learn a lot from. From the book are three things we should remember about handling money:

1. Pay yourself first.
2. Get into a business that you understand and get advice from those who already have experience.
3. Make your gold work for you.

If you’re curious about the longer explanations for each, do get yourself a copy of Rose’s book (with English and Tagalog versions) so you can also share the story with your family. 

Cha-Ching on the web
Lastly, she encouraged us to work on a design that will help us Become a High FQ Couple:

1. Start with your life goals.
2. Keep no secrets from each other.
3. Automate saving and investing.
4. Have your regular balance sheet meeting.
5. Raise your kids to have high FQ.

Speaking of High FQ Kids, Pru Life UK teamed up with Cartoon Network Asia to create Cha-Ching, a TV show for kids ages 7 to 12 that teaches them the 4 Basic Money Smarts: Earn, Save, Spend Wisely, and Donate. In case you don’t have access to the cable channel, your children can visit to watch educational music videos, play games, check out apps, or download catchy songs.

In addition, there’s a section for parents that provides resources for at-home activities they can do with the kids to practice money smart habits and enhance learnings from the music videos.

moms and dads with Gizelle, Rose, and the Pru Life UK team
I highly encourage fellow moms and dads to learn more about raising your Financial Intelligence Quotient (FQ) as a family. As Pru Life UK CEO and President Antonio de Rosas said in a past media event, if you’re more knowledgeable about money matters and are focused on your goals, you and your partner could avoid quarreling about finances more often. 

Personally, I’d rather argue with my better half over what ice cream flavor to buy the next time we go grocery shopping 😉.

These days, we often get caught up in our fast-paced activities that we forget to slow down and recharge out energies. The result? We end up being unproductive, frustrated, unhappy, and sickly. Sanaiyah Gurnamal, founder and owner of The Third Eye Wellness Center in Bonifacio Global City, believes that everyone should engage in health and wellness activities to be more productive and live happier lives. 

nice mantra on the wall
"We actually spend a lot of money on everything outside of us but, in fact, the keys to your happiness is right in you," she points out. "Through self-development, health and nutrition, alternative healing and holistic beauty, we focus on the journey going inward to reflect outward. Our entire center is about espousing the philosophy that it's all about going inward to reflect the happier or abundant, more peaceful you on the outside."

Chakra Cafe
The Third Eye provides its clients various services to suit individual interests and needs:

1) The Chakra Cafe advocates health and nutrition while educating you about one's energy system and chakras. It embodies the "you are what you eat" attitude to remind diners that your state of mind is a reflection of your physical body and what you put into it. Drop by and try their delicious and healthy offerings that include organic options, healthy snacks, and fresh ELIXIR juices and smoothies along with soups, salads, sandwiches, and mains. I love their Truffle Mushroom Soup and variety of paninis!  

healthy food by the Chakra Cafe
2) The Transcend Spa & Nails lets clients experience holistic treatments and beauty therapies that nourish the mind, body, senses, and soul. One of their therapists gave me a 15-minute back massage and it helped loosen some of the tight muscles on my shoulders and upper back. I'm interested to try out one of their full body specialty treatments one of these days as, I heard, they combine massages with various healing techniques.

Transcend Spa and Nails
3) Third Eye's Training Center organizes events that expand awareness such as meditations, certified programs in healing modalities, self-empowerment workshops, and corporate trainings that prioritize self-development aimed to awaken the mind to the infinite possibilities of life.

Sanaiyah demonstrating ThetaHealing on one of the media guests
4) Healing Sessions are also offered for individuals through complementary therapies, energy healings, personal readings, and consultations. Clients may opt to find resolution and healing in various areas of your life through Third Eye's tarot readers and ThetaHealers. ThetaHealing is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy as well as a training method for one's mind, body, and spirit that allows one to clear limiting beliefs and to live life with positive thoughts. 

a place of serenity
5) The Store is where you can engage the senses with books, crystals, aromatherapy essentials, gifts, and more. Third Eye's space was created as a haven for those who want to engage in wellbeing and pursue a wellness lifestyle.

some of Third Eye's merchandise
"The best investment you can do is on yourself," says Sanaiyah. "Our goal is to help you achieve harmony in mind, body, and energy. Our services create physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and rejuvenation while guiding you towards a lifetime of peace, happiness, and abundance."

Visit The Third Eye Wellness Center at 6F 20th Drive Corporate Center, 20th Drive, McKinley Business Park, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. You may reach them at (632) 808.2984 or (63) 917.636.2800, email, or log on to

* photos without watermark courtesy of Third Eye Wellness via Switch Collaborative Strategies, Inc.

When asked what cities in the world connote sophistication and elegance, many of us would most likely think of Paris, France. And why not? French women, after all, are known for wearing chic outfits and stylish accessories. They are also said to be adept at layering their favorite fragrance to make it last longer.

enchanted by Enchanteur Paris
photo credit: Ed Uy
Enchanteur Paris was recently launched by Watsons Philippines to enable Filipinas be her own Parisian woman. The brand offers a range of high quality and timeless French-inspired fine Eau de Toilettes (EDT) and fragrance-infused body care products for young women. 

Ladies who love to smell nice can now choose their signature scents from Enchanteur Paris' line of quality but affordable products. The four fragrances, created to cater to different personalities, were inspired by the romance of Paris, the City of Lights, and the chic aesthetic of French women:

a touch of Paris 
Magique is for the carefree, confident, and adventurous girl. It has a mix of apple, magnolia, and praline that is perfect for a day out with one's sweetheart as you try fun and new things together.

Belle Amour is for the romantic sweet girl on her first date with a special person. With a captivating blend of apple, melon, blackcurrant, and pink rose scents, this scent would make her date's heart beat faster.

Magique EDT with Mon Amie Double Moisture and + Belle Amour set

Mon Amie is for the fun, cheerful, and charming girl. This breezy scent of fresh citrus, red apple, and pink peonies is perfect for those exciting adventures with friends.

Adore is for the elegant, graceful, and adorable girl who likes the sensual scent of wild jasmine, pink mimosa, and golden pear. This alluring fragrance evokes glamor and sophistication. 

Mon Amie Light and Fresh + Adore set
Honestly, it's hard to pick just one scent because they all smell really, really good. All four Enchanteur Paris fragrances strike the perfect balance whether you want something light, fresh, sparkling, elegant, or sensual. 

Like I mentioned above, Enchanteur Paris draws inspiration from the French women's secret to making fragrances last longer. Use the brands complementing products such as the Eau de Toilette with the Parfum Lotion, Parfum Serum, Deospray, and Hand Cream so your scent will linger for hours.

Enchanteur Paris' Joana Marie Atienza and Krishna Kulkarmi
Exclusively available nationwide at all Watsons stores and The SM Store's Beauty Section, Enchanteur Paris products are available with the following prices: P100 - Hand Creams, P129 - Deosprays, P210-275 for the Parfum Serum and Parfum Lotions, and P400 - Eau de Toilette.

Despite the advances in technology in previous years, many Filipinos still encounter problems when it comes to securing and even keeping important documents safe. In fact, I have relatives who had to go back and forth to different government agencies just to find a missing birth certificate or have one modified due to one or more errors made many, many years ago.

SIKAP - Pages Beyond Words
At home, there are parents who neglect to keep all pertinent papers in one place such that when their kids need this or that document, the house is figuratively turned upside down just to find it. Expectedly, this bad habit wastes a lot of time and energy as well as causes stress.

As someone who is quite OC in keeping files organized, I am personally glad to find out about SIKAP, which stands for School Immersion and Key Advancement Program. This is an advocacy of Canon Philippines, in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd) and Marylindbert International, that stresses the importance of effective archiving and history.

SIKAP's main objective is to provide students, teachers, and parents a better perspective on how to take proper care of pertinent and important documents that are relevant to their daily lives. SIKAP also aims to help them recognize and to reinforce knowledge and skills in both digital and physical archiving while also affording them easy access to high quality printing and scanning devices that allow the enrichment of academic and creative skills.

DepEd and Canon representatives including Dr. Mengito (center)
and Mr. Kok Hin (far right)
In his keynote speech, DepEd Regional Director for NCR, Dr. Ponciano A. Mengito, pointed out the need to teach students the value of archiving as it complements the mission of DepEd to provide accessible and quality education for every learner.  

Mr. Lim Kok Hin, President and CEO of Canon Philippines, likewise explained that their advocacy aims to see every student knowing his past, living in the present, and moving forward to the future. "With awareness, knowledge, and recognition of the value of archiving, we are assured that all pertinent documents of our daily lives are cared for," he emphasized citing Birth Certificates, Marriage Contracts, Insurance Papers, School Records, and Contracts, as some of the documents some people usually take for granted until the need for them arises.

"Imagine the loss of valuable data if the the school's records gets inundated with flood waters," illustrated Mr. Kok Hin. "With proper storage and archiving, these unfortunate scenarios can be avoided."

official handover of teaching and learning materials
Held in DepEd Quezon City, the launch highlighted the sealing of the partnership amongst Canon, DepEd, and Marylindbert International along with the official handover of materials to teachers and a couple of students. SIKAP will be piloted in selected schools in the National Capital Region. Teaching guides and learning tools will be given for free to all participating schools. 

In attendance at the formal launch are Canon Senior Director Mr. Jose Abelardo I. Bolima and Marketing Manager Ms. Kristine Adeline D. Dacanay. Representing Marylindbert International were President and CEO Linda S. Legaspi and Vice President Mr. Alberto B. Rosal.

Also present were DepEd's Dr. Wilfredo E. Cabral, Schools Division Superintendent and OIC Office of the Assistant Regional Director; Dr. Paraluman Giron, K-12 Curriculum Consultant; Mr. Pier Angelo Alejo, MFIT Values Education; Atty. Wade Latawan, Chief, Legal Administrative, QC Division; Dr. Jocelyn Marcial, Chief of PESS, Schools Division NCR Superintendent; Supervisors; and School Principals.   

If someone were to ask you right now to produce a copy of your transcript of record from college, your NSO Birth Certificate, or your NBI Clearance, would you be able to find it within five minutes? How proficient are you at home in the archiving department? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below this post  :)


For people who really enjoy eating meat dishes, it's hard to go vegetarian even for just a day. But, for health reasons, many have embraced concepts such as #MeatlessMondays where they won't eat any meat for one day.

Shakey's pizza goes meatless
The thing is, a lot of meat-loving Filipinos think it's hard to find non-meat dishes that their palates would like. So here's the good news: Popular pizza chain, Shakey's, has partnered with UK's Quorn to bring meatiness to meatless pizzas!

A pizza without beef, bacon, or pepperoni? Shakey's Philippines assures its latest meat-free offering won't make customers miss meat. In fact, the new Premium pizzas are surprisingly good! The Quorn products, which are meat substitutes made from Mycoprotein, are a nutritionally healthy protein source, gluten-free, naturally low in saturated fat, and rich in fiber. They have the familiar taste and texture of meat, minus the big calories.

Shakey's Protein Surprise
We ordered both Quorn Pizza variants from Shakey's delivery last night and enjoyed every bite. Until I told them, hubby and our sons didn't even realize that the meat-looking toppings on the pizza are not really meat!

The Protein Surprise is perfect for foodies who want a pizza with "everything on it" but are watching their weight. This pizza variant is packed with succulent Quorn Chicken-style pieces and Quorn Pepperoni. It is made extra special with black olives, bell peppers, onions, mushroom, and pineapple tidbits.

Shakey's Cheesy Chick'N
The Cheesy Chick'N pizza, on the other hand, has a delicious medley of Quorn Chicken-style pieces, onions, bell peppers, cheddar cheese, and generous amounts of drizzled cheese sauce.

FYI, the Shakey’s Quorn Pizza will be available until March 31, 2017 and can be ordered as part of the Great Meal Deals promo.

Penshoppe, the international casual wear brand, welcomed the New Year with an all-new flagship store at UP Town Center, bringing the popular store nearer to fashion aficionados in that part of Quezon City

happy shoppers
Christened Penshoppe Capital, the 800-square meter fashion haven promises a pleasurable shopping experience with its edgy yet minimalist layout that features white walls, floors, and ceiling. Plus, in place of display windows, the store sports giant LED screens that play the brand's latest campaigns.

can you name all of Penshoppe's brand ambassadors?
Jeff Bascon, Penshoppe's Brand Director, explained that one of their biggest considerations when designed Penshoppe Capital is to make it a destination. "We thought about playing with space. The store is laid out in such a way that shoppers can easily move from one section to the next and allows everyone to have a clear view of the brand's offerings at a macro perspective."

Penshoppe's Jeff Bascon
Home to the biggest selection of fashion pieces, Penshoppe Capital is where fashionistas can find everything that the brand offers at a specific time from fresh drops to classic favorites like essential shirts and DenimLab pants. Personally, I am always drawn towards the jeans area because I love how the Power Stretch Jeans fit me very well!

discover the perfect fit and comfort
of Penshoppe's Power Stretch Jeans ...
Penshoppe Capital was launched last February 10, 2017 along with the brand's 2017 Spring-Summer collection, mostly composed of functional yet trendy pieces that would be perfect for making the most out of summer. 

find lots of jeans choices at Penshoppe
The new collection is said to be inspired by the free spirit of music and arts festivals and features various summer staples given a fashionable updated via mixes of muted and neutral tones with subtle intricate details and dynamic tropical prints.

I love the localized designs on the wall!
Penshoppe's Spring Summer 2017 collection was created to remind everyone of the true spirit of summer. Get the look of being young and carefree while wearing functional, flattering, and undeniably trendy outfits. "These are the kind of clothes that allow you to go more places and do more of the things you love without having to worry about how you will look like," concluded Bascon.

Watch the video to see summer looks modeled by Penshoppe's star-studded line-up of global ambassadors.


Kids are very active so it's not unusual to see them doing a lot of things to while away the time. Make sure the activities they engage in are fun and beneficial to their development. Keep them busy with entertaining tasks such as decorating bread with Star Margarine and some colorful additions!

ready to get creative
Look for the Star Fairy Bread packs in the supermarket and choose from four kinds of toppings: sprinkles, hearts, xmas trees, and stars. You may want to collect all four designs so you and your child could decorate different kinds of breads.

look for the Star Fairy Bread packs that include colorful sprinkles

It's very easy to make Star Fairy Bread:

1. Spread Star Margarine Classic on bread. You may opt to use cookie cutters to make interesting shapes.
2. Decorate the bread with the toppings and come up with creative designs.
3. Serve and enjoy!

busy concentrating
Whether you'll eat them for breakfast or for snacks, Star Fairy Bread will make for a nutritious and delicious treat because Star Margarine has 10 Growth Building Nutrients that help in children's complete development. 

make snacks nutritious by putting Star Margarine on bread
My nieces and nephew were delighted to do this activity during our family get-together and all three had fun coming up with creative designs and eating their creations after. I'm glad to see them enjoying another bonding activity together.

fun activity for the win!
Look for the Star Fairy Bread packs the next time you go grocery shopping. I'm sure your kids would also love having a hand in making their own nutritious snacks :D

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