Thursday, January 12, 2017

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Being Part of The Plastic Solution

For many years now, my family and I have been very mindful of how we dispose our trash. After all, we only have one Mother Earth that needs our help in preserving its beauty and natural resources. This planet is our only home so ALL OF US should be doing our part in taking care of it!

we live in a beautiful world, let's help it stay this way!
While they were young, our children have been taught to always look for a trashcan and throw garbage responsibly even when they are out of the house. I’m glad my husband and I don’t have to nag them about it now that they’re in their teens and twenties. At home, we have different bins for segregating trash. There’s one for paper, one for tin cans, another for plastic containers, and another for everything else that the junk shops would not accept. 

reduce, reuse, recycle, or upcycle trash and help save our planet
Although we’ve been able to considerably reduce the amount of trash that is collected by the garbage trucks, I’m always on the lookout for more ways to reduce our carbon footprints. So I was really glad to have come across a post on Facebook last month by fellow blogger Kira about an organization that came up with a brilliant idea to turn seemingly useless, unrecyclable plastic into something fantastic!

every stuff counts!
Let me introduce you to The Plastic Solution. Basically, they encourage people to stuff as many clean and dry trash (so there will be no decomposition of organic matter inside) into plastic bottles as possible until they are filled. The stuffed bottles, called eco-bricks, are then collected and brought to various places where they build structures like libraries, schools, and houses. 

see, even the wrappers of pain reliever patches served a purpose!
Please watch the video below to learn better how this is done. You can also read their instructions to eco-brick making, here. Imagine, together, we can turn plastic pollution into a simple solution that is making a big impact! So gather those soda, juice, and energy drink bottles; rinse them and dry upside down before using.

Since last month, we’ve been able to fill several bottles already with those small stuff that are usually tossed in the wastebasket – empty packs of chips and noodles, plastics used to seal jar lids, candy wrappers, courier pouches, tiny plastic strings from clothes’ price labels, etc. etc.

these plastic strings from the label off my dry fit shirt are now inside an eco-brick  
Seriously, if you look throughout your house, I am sure you’ll find a lot of things you can stuff inside a bottle right now! And to make it easier for your family members to also acquire the habit, place bottles in several areas like the kitchen, the bathroom, and bedrooms because, really, there is always something that could be stuffed inside a bottle instead of being tossed as trash.

eco-bricks made in less than a month 
For more information and to get updates, like The Plastic Solution on Facebook and find drop off points for the ecobricks, here

Disclaimer: I am not part of The Plastic Solution team; I just blogged about this because environment protection is one of my personal advocacies. So kindly direct all inquiries to them. On a side note, you can read my other posts related to caring for our environment, here. Thank you 😊

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