New Cockroach Bait Revealed as Captain ZERO

FACT: No matter how much you keep your house clean, there's always the possibility of cockroaches getting in, especially if you have neighbors who are not as conscious as you are about cleanliness. In that case, it's better to always have an effective product that could get rid of cockroaches since we all know these pests are carriers of all sorts of diseases, right?

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Unfortunately, many pest control agents are not only strong enough to kill roaches, they can also be harmful to people. The good news is, there are now effective roach control products that are safe for humans. One such brand to try is Captain ZERO. It is formulated using a combination of very low toxic compounds including its main ingredient call Trihydroxyborane.

Unlike other cockroach killers, Captain ZERO Cockroach Bait acts as food bait and comes in paste form. Homeowners simply have to put it in shallow containers and place those in areas where roaches often thrive like the kitchen, bathroom, and garage.

eliminate "ipis" at home by using Captain ZERO
Instead of repelling these pests, Captain ZERO has a unique luring action that entices roaches to feed on the paste and lets them return to their hideaway where, after death, their fellow cockroaches could eat them. Cockroaches who eat the bait will eventually die within a few minutes or hours depending on the size and type of the bug.

Representatives of WINZO International Corporation, the company behind Captain ZERO, guaranteed the product's effectiveness in getting rid of roaches while remaining safe for both adults and kids. In fact, their Research and Development team has tried ingesting a small amount of the paste to test its palatability.

the WINZO team led by its president, Winston Tongco (left)
Of course, despite it being safe, Captain ZERO reasonably should be kept away from children's reach. If accidentally ingested, the patient should drink plenty of water to dilute the agents. In case it accidentally comes in contact with the skin or eyes, simply remove the substance by washing the area thoroughly.

Leveraging on the advocacy of "Cleanliness at Home," among Captain ZERO's special guests at its media launch was Lourdes Labii, R.N., a former hemodialysis nurse at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute. Des, also a bento box-making expert, talked about the importance of cleanliness at home and shared some of her experiences as a medical professional, food entrepreneur, and mom.

Des affirmed, "A clean home means a healthy family as bacteria and germs
brought about by dust and pests, such as cockroaches and rats, can carry
diseases through contaminated food, counters, and utensils." 
Here's how to use Captain ZERO Cockroach Bait:
1. Open a sachet and pour into a shallow container.
2. Place the container where cockroaches are often seen (areas where there are food and heavy moisture)
3. Leave it for a few days until no more cockroaches appear.

Winston Tongco, President of WINZO, described, "Captain ZERO is an innovative product because it is the first cockroach bait in liquid paste form. Moreover, is the first Filipino-made cockroach bait. It is also budget friendly at only Php 15 per 10 gram sachet compared to other expensive brands in the market today."

Captain ZERO is priced at P15.00 per 10g sachet
and can last around 2 weeks depending on infestation 
Captain ZERO is recommended to be used every one to two weeks to maintain a pest-free environment. It is now available in most sari-sari stores around the Philippines and will also be on the shelves of all Puregold Supermarkets nationwide, in packs of 10s and boxes of 20s, starting January 2017. 

Follow Captain ZERO and his adventures against cockroach pests on, and @CaptainZEROph on Twitter and Instagram. Join the conversations online by using the hashtags #CaptainZEROph, #MayBagongHero, and #ZEROangIPIS.

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