Thursday, November 03, 2016

Rediscover Beeffalo by Hotrocks in Marikina: New Look, Consistently Great Food!

It doesn't feel that long ago when hubby and I first discovered a great dining place in Marikina located at the end of a very long road that seemed to go nowhere. But, like a light at the end of a tunnel, there it was, Beeffalo by Hotrocks at the farthest corner of Gil Fernando Avenue!

my third visit to Beeffalo Marikina
with fellow foodies and Sir Louie (2nd from right)
Now that I think about it, I couldn't believe it has already been two years since we first set foot inside this charming place filled with decor that would pique anyone's curiosity. Since then, Beeffalo has become a favorite place for many who are looking for hearty meals to share with their loved ones. Available there are some of the most tasty ribs, steaks, pizzas, wings, and other everyday American comfort food that warm the soul. 

the must-try Margherita Pizza
Recently, Beeffalo Marikina underwent a refurbishing to showcase a more streamlined look but which still retains its unique charm that comes from the rustic interiors and evoke a refreshing sense of randomness and simplicity.

these little touches make the place feel more homey
Aside from the comfy place and delicious food though, I believe another big factor why Beeffalo became such a success is its friendly and very accommodating owners and staff. If you happen to visit when Louie and Girlie Abad and their good friend Caren Diaz are there, I'm sure you'll also find how nice it is to chat with them.

meet one of my favorite Beeffalo dishes :)
These days, what was once a lonely strip of road is now a busy one as families, couples, groups, and office workers continue to dine, again and again, at this often-frequented food destination. Besides the variety of dishes offered on the menu, guests will likewise delight in perusing the vintage objects scattered around the place, giving Beeffalo a lot of character.

more curio objects
"When we updated Beeffalo's look recently, we agreed that we will maintain the charm and the atmosphere that made our restaurant a well-loved one from the beginning," explained Louie who added that they didn't want to lose the "magic" or the "allure" of the place.

the al fresco dining area
Our group ate there last week, a few days before Halloween, and had the pleasure of admiring the restaurant's impressive decorations befitting the season. This time, we sat at the al fresco area where tables and benches provide the perfect spots for a laid-back dinner. 

cheers to good food!
Another unique thing about Beeffalo is that their featured dishes are all original recipes prepared by Chef Girlie. Her proud husband affirmed how particular they are about what they serve. "We include a certain dish only if it passes our personal standards. Everything is made with a lot of love."

happy foodies
Like many diners who keep coming back for more, I happily reunited with some of my favorite Beeffalo dishes such as the Sizzling Beef Ribs with Tamarind Gravy, which was recently added to the menu and that I first got to try last July in Beeffalo Antipolo. It is like eating beef sinigang that has been deconstructed on a sizzling plate. Really delicious!

this platter serves as one of Beeffalo's best appetizers
I refrained from ordering my other top favorite, the Porterhouse Steak, another Beeffalo specialty, during this visit because I knew I would be setting myself up for eating too much rice. So I'm reserving my appetite for it on a succeeding visit. The Barbeque Platter I sampled though, because I've missed Beeffalo's trio of isaw, tenga, and bulaklak that taste better than from any other place I know. 

croquettes -- crispy on the outside, creamy and flavorful inside
Other items I took some bites and a slice of were the Croquettes, Margherita Pizza, and a bowl of tummy-warming Seafood Chowder. Need I still say that everything tasted great? They all did and I am craving for many of them now as I type this!

seafood chowder is definitely a comfort food! 
For dessert, hubby and I shared a Jar of Monkeys, which contains three scoops of ice cream topped with marshmallows inside a huge glass container. Before we even finished it, I knew that I would need to do more than five kilometers on our next practice run just to burn off the excess calories! :D

let me repeat, this ice cream jar is huge!
Ask any loyal guest and you'll probably get the same answer: Whether it's your first or fifth time at Beeffalo by Hotrocks, a visit to this favorite dining destination will never disappoint you! 

whether you're craving for steaks, ribs, wings,
burgers, etc., Beeffalo should be on your list
of best dining destinations
Beeffalo by Hotrocks' operating hours are 11AM to 11PM from Sundays to Thursdays and 11AM to 12MN on Fridays and Saturdays. For inquiries, call Beeffalo Marikina at 0939-1130772 and Beeffalo Antipolo at 534-1160.

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