Sunday, November 20, 2016

Filipino Artist KC Nevada: Merging Passions and Changing Lives

A very chosen few are gifted with the talent for art and it is heartwarming to know when someone with that gift uses it not only for personal expression but, more so, for making a difference.

Korina Carla “KC” Nevada became aware of her innate artistic abilities when she learned ballet as a very young girl. Her natural gravitation into theater arts helped KC understand herself better as well as how to interpret the world around her. Painting became the springboard from which her style of passion-based art evolved. 

Born and raised in Baguio City, KC took her first painting lessons at age eight under local renowned artist, Ted Caia. This began her understanding of the technique, balance, and harmony in painting.

a beautiful painting of trees
In high school, her technical proficiency was further enhanced when she studied under Lee Tabert-Garrovillo. Her zeal earned her one of the highest scores in the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts Program based in Geneva, Switzerland, which instills technical excellence and confidence in their students as art makers.

A self-confessed Impressionist at heart, KC names her influences from the notable list of artists from the Impressionism and Post-Impressionism eras: Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, and Seurat. With a style that plays on bold and bright colors layered amidst the more subdued likewise earned her paintings a comparison to the works of another Philippine artist, Jerry Navarro Elizalde

lovely Impressionist paintings
After finishing a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies at the University of San Francisco in California in 2001, KC came home to Baguio to enter the corporate world and stopped painting to focus on work. She gave birth in 2004 and decided to be a full-time single mother to her son.

With her child diagnosed having learning disabilities by 2008, KC soon learned how hard it is to find a mainstream school with proper support for kids with special needs. Resolved to help her son cope with his condition, the determined mom chose to take up Masters in Special Education at Saint Louis University.

a calming scene
Once more, she found it very challenging to find the right school for her son so they moved to Manila hoping to find an establishment that would help her child reach his full potential. She also desired to help other children with disabilities get the support they needed in the classroom

This 2016, KC finally found Worldlab School, Inc., where she volunteered to teach Art to high school level children with learning challenges.  For three months, she did pro-bono work and donated art materials for the classes she taught. Now, KC handles Middle School and High School level art classes and they are planning to exhibit her students’ work in December.

KC's hand-painted fans and blogger fans :)
Hats off to you, KC! As a fellow mom who also has a child with special needs, I wish you the best in all your endeavors 😊

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