Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Create Yummy Snacks at Home with Lady's Choice Roast Beef or Chicken BBQ Spreads

Many times, moms are challenged to prepare new food that the family will love. Sure, we have our all-time favorites but it's also nice to be able to come up with more exciting recipes and dishes that add variety to our meals.

make sandwiches taste a lot better with Lady's Choice spreads
Snack times in our house, whether it's mid-morning, afternoon, or even midnight, are usually family affairs. I can't just prepare something good enough for one or two people; I have to whip up a batch that would satisfy the tummies of ALL my boys! 

use Lady's Choice spreads in making yummy sandwiches
Last night, #SonNumberTwo and I decided to make some grilled sandwiches using sliced ham, lettuce leaves, tomatoes, and Lady's Choice Chicken BBQ Spread. It was really easy to do and we finished everything fast because we divided the work -- I layered the sandwiches with ingredients and he did the cooking using our tabletop panini grill.

my kitchen helper, the foodie!
The result? Tummy-filling and delicious grilled sandwiches in the middle of the night! Disclaimer: the boys were still awake because it's their semestral break so they could stay up a little late :) I'm glad we always have Lady's Choice Sandwich Spreads inside the ref. They do help to make every bread preparation taste a lot better!

enjoy the flavorful goodness of Lady's Choice Chicken BBQ spread
On a side note, in case you'd like to try making the Easy Roast Beef Steak Sandwich, check out that other recipe, here. Happy eating and bonding with the family!

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