Thursday, October 20, 2016

Celebrate a Spooktacular Halloween with J.Co's Special Donuts

Anybody who knows me well enough would vouch on how crazy I am about J.Co's Alcapone donut. That still tops my list of favorite sweet treats. But, I am always open to trying out new stuff, especially ones made by J.Co Donuts & Coffee.

This 2016, celebrate a Spooktacular Halloween with three special Halloween-themed donuts! My family and I got to try them and they are all good! Check out below which one I'd be buying more of in the coming days …

they may look creepy, but they these guys are really yummy! ;-)
1) Cranky Frankie may have a frightful face but you'll love its Avocado Cream filling fused with Milk Chocolate and Choco Crumbs.

2) Coco Mummy is more than what meets the eye. Beyond the bandages (which are made of heavenly white cream), there's smooth dark chocolate inside that instantly melts in the mouth.

3) Mr. Stitch O's creepy face comes along with the irresistible goodness of Oreo, White Chocolate, and Cream Cheese. Although I enjoyed biting into the first two, this one I like best. I find the not-too-sweet white chocolate with the creaminess of cheese a perfect combination. 

with two of my boys who are also big J.Co fans
At J.Co, there are no tricks, just pure Spooktacular Halloween treats that are only available until November 2, 2016! So, hurry and visit your nearest J.Co store, now! For more details, follow J.Co's social media accounts ... 

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