Saturday, October 29, 2016

Be Part of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Giving Journey This Holiday Season

Let's admit it … the world has become more self-centered. With the incredible rise of the word "selfie" and the many reading materials and advice about "loving yourself first," these questions had to be asked: "What are our motives for sharing stuff online? Are we sharing to enrich the lives of others? Or, are we sharing to simply enrich our own lives by getting a lot of attention and validation?"

CBTL's 2017 Giving Journals
With this selfie culture in mind, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines launched its Giving Journal 2017 as a reminder to all of us that life should not be about always getting favors or accolades for ourselves but more about how and what we bless the world with. It's about giving a part of ourselves so that we can instead uplift others.

Learn what each icon on the four covers of the 2017 Giving Journal means

This year, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gets back to its roots as a brand through the latest Giving Journal edition with its central theme being "the cup that changes lives." Since its beginnings in 2009, the Giving Journal's evolution with many changes in themes and designs, one thing remained constant: the commitment to giving and making lives better, one cup at a time.

the Hope in a Bottle booth

Last week, CBTL gave focus to a few of their partner organizations (including Real Life Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and others) and their advocacies during the Giving Town event held in Greenbelt 5 Makati. These companies are also featured monthly inside the pages of the journal in the hopes of inspiring coffee lovers to join some of the worthy causes.

Virlanie Foundation's booth
Even before 2017 comes around, may we all take time to pause and think about how we can share our blessings. Once you get own Giving Journal, know that you've already taken part in CBTL's brand heritage and story by joining its efforts to give back to the community and change lives positively.

inspiring creativity
To know more about this advocacy and get instructions on how to collect stamps, please visit Join the conversation online by using the hashtags #SeasonOfGiving and #GivingJournal2017.

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