Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pest Off! Complete Insect Killer: Keeping Our Family Safe from Insect-Borne Diseases

Our home should be a haven where the family feels safe. Unfortunately, there are household pests that still get to invade our privacy and, worse, bring unwanted diseases that bring us harm. Personally, I strongly hate mosquitoes because they are the reasons why I spent a couple of weeks in the hospital when I was still in college due to a bad bout with dengue. I don't want that to happen to my kids!

a bite from an infected mosquito can have deadly consequences!  
Thus, any sign of mosquito activity in our house means war! I feel no qualms about liberally spraying their hiding places with Pest Off! Complete Insect Killer. I like this aerosol spray brand because:

1. It is effective. Besides our bedrooms and the living room, I often spray around our laundry area before I start loading clothes in the washing machine. Since we do laundry outdoors, I make sure I don't get bitten by mosquitoes even while hanging clothes to dry.

2. It is versatile. Aside from mosquitoes, Pest Off!'s special formulation kills other flying and crawling insects like cockroaches, houseflies, fleas, and other insects that also cause many diseases. The spray drives pests out of their hiding places and eliminates them.

Pest Off! Complete Insect Killer
is available in two sizes

3. It is not harmful to the environment. Pest Off! Complete Insect Killer does NOT contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which may be harmful for the environment. Instead, the spray uses hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HFCs) that break down before reaching the ozone layer.  

4. It has no strong unpleasant smell. Although the can says Odorless, there's still a slight scent but that quickly dissipates in seconds. Still, as with other aerosol products, it is recommended that you do not re-enter a room for 30 minutes after spraying.

compare prices w/ other brands and you'll see
how affordable Pest Off! is
5. It is very affordable and costs less than its competitors. Pest Off! is priced at P129.90 (175g/260ml) and P183.30 (350g/520ml) from Shopwise Supermarket

If you feel that keeping your family safe from pests is costly, I suggest you try Pest Off! products. You can also read my review of the Pest Off! Rodent Control line, which is very effective in catching mice and rats but is more affordable than other brands.  

Pest Off! is available at Shopwise and other major supermarkets nationwide
Apart from Shopwise, Pest Off! Complete Insect Killer is also available at Robinsons Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Puregold, and Cash & Carry as well as other supermarkets nationwide. Keep updated about the latest promos and also check out other products by Liking Pest Off Philippines on  Facebook

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