Gabay Generika: Making Wellness More Affordable for the Filipino Family

Nobody wants to get sick. Not only can illness be inconvenient when it causes a lot of physical pain and missed days from school or work, but more so because it can be very expensive as getting sick often involves expenses such as doctor's fees, costly medical procedures, and medicines.

based on personal experience, Generika has some of the friendliest
and most helpful pharmacists around
Personally, I am very thankful that the Philippines now has R.A. 9502 or the Universally Accessible Cheaper and Quality Medicines Act of 2008. Since it was passed, a lot of Filipinos, including my family, were finally able to have access to life-saving medicines because we are no longer forced to buy high-end brands that cost a lot of money.

Generika Drugstore is actually a pharmacy my family regularly buys medicine from. Thus, I am glad to learn more about it during a media event recently held at Fairmont Makati. According to its executives, the company is driven by an enduring social purpose: to help create a nation where every family can afford their basic healthcare needs.

Generika Drugstore executives
This mission began 13 years ago when Generika became one of the pioneers in the Philippines' generics industry. Today, they have over 630 stores nationwide that continue to provide Filipinos with safe, high-quality, and affordable generic medicines. Now that it is a part of Ayala Healthcare Holdings Inc., Generika have the bolstered capacity to provide even better healthcare services to the Filipino people.

At the heart of Generika Drugstore is Gabay Generika, the philosophy behind every single thing that the company does, embodied by the passion of their pharmacists whose aim is to guide and assist customers not just through dispensing of drugs, but also to provide expert advice.

my hubby having his blood sugar tested
At its core, Gabay Generika is a new line of value-adding PLUS services that include free blood pressure monitoring, affordable mobile laboratory offerings, and blood sugar testing. One of the things I likewise appreciate when buying medicines from them is the accompanying Gamot Guide, a printed reminder to help customers understand how to better take the medicine we bought.   

The Gamot Guide clearly indicates the medicine's purpose, proper dosage and administration (with vs. without food), side effects, and other reminders. Combined with free patient consultations, customers are equipped with every information needed to safely and effectively use our medications.

the very useful and informative Gamot Guide
This passion for patient well-being is best exemplified by Actimed -- Generika's own brand, which is a line of high quality generic medicines sourced from reputable manufacturers here and abroad. These have passed Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) standards and are guaranteed to be safe and as effective as their branded counterparts. Soon, Actimed will include wellness and nutraceutical products such as probiotics and health supplements all at a price point more affordable than those currently available in the market.  

Generika's advocacies for better health care extends with MEDPadala, an innovative digital service that enables Filipinos living overseas to provide for their family's healthcare needs. Through an online platform, migrants and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) can buy gift certificates, with redemption instructions to be sent via text messages or email, so they could ensure their loved ones have the means to purchase much-needed medications. The GCs are also available in every Generika outlet and via partners such as LBC, Ventaja PayRemit, PayVenue, Ayannah, Beam and Go, and many more.

Actimed is a line of high-quality affordable medicines
available in Generika Drugstores
Finally, more Filipinos can now improve their overall well-being with Gabay Generika serving as a strong anchor for better public service, MEDPadala as a means to improve access to medication, and Actimed as an expanding line of quality generics. In four to five years' time, Generika Drugstore further aims to have 1,000 outlets in the country.   

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