Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid: Tough on Germs But Gentle on Skin

Any mom who does household chores knows that washing dishes is made harder when you use the wrong kind of dishwashing product. There are those that don't remove grease very well while others may cause skin irritation, or even leave the taste of soap on our dishes.

keeping a home in tiptop shape is already challenging
so an inefficient dishwashing product should not be added to the equation
Having these kind of problems add more challenges that we don't need because we lose more time in keeping our home in tiptop shape, spending time with our families, and taking care of ourselves. Thus, I am glad to have discovered Might Mom Dishwashing Liquid, a line of de-greasing, anti-bacterial, and deodorizing household products developed by KOHL Industries.

Mighty Mom provides value for money, time efficiency, and
a hassle-free, cleaning experience 

KOHL was actually founded way back in 2002 and has become known for the Doctor J brand of isopropyl alcohol that is widely used in hospitals around the country. Now, the family-owned company is making itself known to retail consumers who are looking for more affordable but still effective dishwashing products.

Mr. Aton Atilano
I had the pleasure of chatting with Mr. Aton Atilano, KOHL's President and Chairman, who smilingly confided that he simply wanted a German- (thus more internationally-) sounding name when I asked him where the company name originated. He then shared why they are able to keep Mighty Mom's prices much lower than its competitors.

drawing a mighty mom on a plate :)
"We want Filipinos to know that there are other options in the market aside from those being heavily advertised [commercially] so we can pass on the savings to the consumers," he explained adding they are instead relying on the power of word-of-mouth from already satisfied users.

Nina Atilano
Sir Aton's daughter, Nina, who serves as KOHL's Marketing Manager, revealed that Mighty Mom contains non-toxic ingredients such as glycerin (which serves as moisturizer), denatured alcohol (that helps in de-greasing), and natural fragrance (that doesn't leave any smell after rinsing). "We also use highly purified water and follow the same strict guidelines implemented when making beauty products. We are aware of internationally-banned substances and don't use any that are made in China."

make dishwashing easier and more efficient
by trying Mighty Mom yourself!
Mighty Mom, she said, are made up of ingredients bought from countries like Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and even Europe. The containers, on the other hand, are made in the Philippines. Moreover, they are FDA-certified on Good Manufacturing Practice.  

bloggers taking on the dishwashing challenge
During the product launch, event attendees were asked to "draw" on clean plates using mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and oil. Later, three guests got to experience first hand the mighty de-greasing power of Mighty Mom when they were asked to clean their plates using different dishwashing liquids. Impressively, Might Mom did very well than the other two brands tested!

results of the dishwashing challenge
Mighty Mom (in the middle) was able to remove grease the most!
We've been using Mighty Mom for several days now and I can also personally attest that it is effective in removing grease from dirty dishes without leaving traces of soapy smell or drying the skin. The proudly Philippine-made product comes in traditional lemon fragrance and the uniquely-Filipino kalamansi scent. It ensures value for money, time efficiency, and a hassle-free, cleaning experience.

Mighty Mom is available in lemon and kalamansi scents
Priced more affordably,  Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid is available in 250ml bottles (Buy 1 Get 1) priced at P49.75, 500ml bottles (with two FREE 250ml pouches) priced at P88.00; and 1L pump bottles (with three FREE 250ml pouches) priced at P149.00. According to the Atilanos, they will be coming up 10ml sachets soon to make the dish soap even more accessible to the masses. Take note that the freebie offerings are regular and not promo items.

Mighty Mom is sold at SM Supermarket, SM Savemore, SM Hypermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, Metro Gaisano, Wellcome, AFPCES, Pioneer Center, Fisher Supermarket, and San Roque Supermarket. It can also be bought online from www.marketa.ph

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