WeatherPhilippines: Aiming to Change Disaster Statistics Through a #WeatherWiserNation

Every year, our country experiences an average of 10 to 20 typhoons and spends around 9 to 10 billion pesos on recovery initiatives. Sadly, around 958 fathers, mothers, and children lose their lives every time a deadly typhoon enters the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR)

let's all help build a #WeatherWiser Philippines!
According to WeatherPhilippines, the numbers should be enough to mobilize us to change our approach to disasters by switching from costly disaster-recovery methods to, instead, a more cost-effective disaster preparedness model that invests in early warning systems. How? 

For many Filipinos, extreme weather conditions means higher possibility of deaths and economic damages. But, if we study and know more about the actual impact of weather in our lives, we can make better decisions that will not only benefit ourselves and our families, but our communities, as well!

know when to bring a cap and sunglasses or an umbrella and jacket
when going out by checking your local weather 
By having localized weather data, businesses can also optimize productivity through wiser investments in specific locations in the Philippines. For instance, why put up a resort in an area where it rains most of the time? Ergo, weather data-driven decisions equals less loss, less cost, and more profits.

Likewise, with more accurate weather forecasts (because they're localized), schools and companies can cancel classes or work ahead of time to prevent students and employees from braving heavy rains or floods just to reach their destinations for that day.

a flooded street in Manila after a heavy rain
In case you're still not aware, WeatherPhilippines has been delivering free, more localized, and accurate weather information accessed through and its mobile app since 2012. It complements the government's nationwide efforts on disaster risk reduction and aims to help build a #WeatherWiserNation by using weather information for socio-economic and sustainable development.

Founded by the Aboitiz Foundation, UnionBank, and MeteoGroup, WeatherPhilippines provides the country with a premier weather sensing and forecasting system made possible by technology, inclusive partnerships, and communication.

do gray skies mean it's going to rain?
check the WeatherPhilippines app/website to be sure!
As of 2016, there are now 780 Automated Weather Stations (AWS) nationwide (download the app  and check if your area is already covered!) in partnership with more than 568 Local Government Units (LGUs) and private sector companies. WeatherPhilippines has also trained more than a thousand public and private sector partners on weather. 

These AWS deployment and weather trainings are sustained by annual donations of WeatherPhilippines' platinum donors: SM, LBC, Ayala Group, VistaLand, Nickel Asia Corporation (NAC), and International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI).

bloggers with our fellow #WeatherWiser influencers from the DepEd
Last week, our group of Manila-based bloggers took part in a social media training workshop, organized by WeatherPhilippines and Rappler, held at Summit Circle Hotel in Cebu through the generosity of CitySavings. There, we joined teachers from Cebu's Department of Education (DepEd) in coming up with plans on how to maximize social media and other forms of communication to help mobilize fellow Filipinos in preparing for disasters using located weather forecasts. 

It was a fun afternoon of exchanging ideas amid laughter and camaraderie. We all enjoyed interacting with the jolly teachers who gamely participated in the activities. I am sure we all went home (thank you, Cebu Pacific Air!) determined to spread the word that ALL OF US can do something to change the statistics and see a #ZeroCasualty result after every typhoon.

on board Cebu Pacific Air going home to Manila
Before that happens, however, we first need to build a #WeatherWiser Nation. Be part of the solution, today! Download the FREE WeatherPhilippines app and develop a #WeatherWiser mindset, too!

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