Thursday, June 23, 2016

Unwind with Good Food and Drinks at The Lounge in New World Manila Bay Hotel

One of the reasons I love being in establishments near Roxas Boulevard is getting a glimpse of Manila Bay and enjoying the relaxing vibe its beautiful sceneries always offer. My husband and I recently had a late lunch with foodie friends at New World Manila Bay Hotel and had the pleasure of getting acquainted with food offered in one of its dining places.

meeting Executive Chef James Williams, the brain behind
The Lounge's innovative and delicious offerings
The Lounge is a stylish gathering place where hotel and walk-in guests can enjoy leisurely breaks. There, one can have a delicious snack and a refreshing drink from a wide selection of cocktails and beverages, or order a round of drinks at night while listening to some lively entertainment to end a busy day.

tomato with local handmade burata salad (P695)
During our visit, I thoroughly enjoyed the Tomato with Local Handmade Burata Salad with its crispy greens, juicy tomatoes, and creamy cheese. I love how it doesn't have any heavy cream-based dressing as I prefer vinaigrette on my salads.

spam fries (P470)
To say how much of a novelty it was to try Spam Fries served with ketchup mayonnaise was an understatement. Who knew one of the world's favorite canned goods could be turned into fries?! As expected, many of my Spam-loving friends who saw the photo I posted on my social networking sites wanted to try it, too!

salami and tallagio pizza (P700)
In addition, both pizza variants we shared among ourselves were delicious! The dough was crispy on the edges and chewy soft towards the middle. The toppings were very flavorful and, although I also loved the Salami and Tallagio Pizza, I can honestly say I could have finished the Asiago Cheese, Mushroom, and Truffle Pizza by myself because the ingredients are all my favorites!  

asiago cheese, mushroom, and truffle pizza (P750) 
What definitely wowed us the most, though, was the Trio Sliders with three different kinds of burgers served with onion rings plus mayo and ketchup dips on the side. This decadent offering features a beef patty with truffle and foie gras enclosed in a black sesame bun, a chicken patty in a red bun made with  beetroot and oats, and a beer battered fish patty inside a black bun created using squid ink and polenta.

trio sliders (P845)
The Trio Sliders is definitely great for sharing as one burger was too heavy for my tummy! I tried half of the beef and chicken burgers but couldn't accommodate the fish burger anymore lest I get no more room for sweets.

guava iced tea (P280)
All these tummy-filling dishes were nicely complemented by the refreshing Guava Iced Tea made of English breakfast tea, guava juice, and sugar syrup. It's so good, I won't mind drinking this every day! 

passion fruit creme brûlée (P350)
For dessert, I savored the Passion Fruit Creme Brûlée coated lightly with glazed sugar topped with mint and sprinkled with mangoes. That was definitely heaven on a plate!

vanilla panna cotta with caramel sauce and chocolate ganache (P300)
I also had some of the Vanilla Panna Cotta with Caramel Sauce and Chocolate Ganache, which is smooth and creamy on the palate.

chocolate tart with berry salad (P375)
Although I'm not much of a chocolate fanatic, I appreciated how the Chocolate Tart with Berry Salad perfectly balanced sweet and sour tastes, making it another must-try dish when you visit The Lounge.

a view of Manila Bay and Roxas Boulevard from New World Hotel
And since I mentioned how much I love the view of Manila Bay, here's a photo I took from hotel's 10th floor. I would have loved to stay and wait for the sunset but I had to be somewhere else that night so, maybe next time :)

What's a lounge without a piano? New World's The Lounge has one!
The Lounge is located at the ground floor of New World Manila Bay Hotel. It is open from 9AM to 1AM, Sundays to Thursdays and until 2AM on Fridays and Saturdays. For table bookings, call (632) 252.6888.

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