Tuesday, June 21, 2016

SM Woman Celebrates Beautiful Females in All Shapes and Sizes

Every little girl should be brought up hearing positive words about her physical appearance. That way, she would grow up to be confident and unafraid of hearing criticisms from others who, unfortunately, just don't know any better.

me wearing an SM Woman blouse and skirt from GTW by SM
This month, SM WomanGTW by SM, SM Accessories, and Parisian once more encourage ladies to embrace our figures, no matter what size or shape we are. During a fashion show held in SM Makati last June 16, beautiful ladies showcased the different designs of clothing, footwear, and accessories available at The SM Store. Led by celebrity host and editor-in-chief Sarah Meier, a number of lovely ladies strutted the runway wearing pretty clothes, many of which are surprisingly affordable, especially during the up-to-50%-off sale that happened later that night. 

how nice these color combos!
Empowering women through the #IamStrong #IamConfident #IamBeautiful #IamSMWoman movement, Sarah shares, "What makes me strong is that in everything I do, I listen to my truth first. And every time I do that, I feel like I honor why I am put on this planet. And the more that you do that the more unshakable you become." 

Sarah with other models
I love that she is an advocate for empowering others to be bold, fearless, and fashionable. "I understand that I am not perfect, and I'm fine with it. As long as I do my best and do what's right, that's all I need." She also urges women to embrace the qualities that make us stand out. "I am unafraid to share the things I've learned with others. I believe the more we give, the more we grow." I wholeheartedly agree with that!

Meanwhile, two curvy ladies reveal their tips to having self-confidence. Cai Cortez, a television / theater / film actress reveals, "The fact that I am surrounded by people who love me and accept me for who I am allows me to embrace myself and that is how I become confident. I don't just embrace my curves, I celebrate it. I have a fabulous personal style and an even more fabulous body."

Cai and Andrea (in front) with other curvy models
Andrea Aldeguer, a college student, points out that in order to be happy, one should first learn to love oneself. "I don't need anyone's validation to feel good about myself. As long as you are surrounded with such positive vibes and such positive people, then it will be easy for you to be confident."

beautiful, strong, and confident ladies
Celine Gabriel Lim and Jenny Yrasuegui of ARC PR Inc.
Indeed, we must learn to love ourselves first as self-acceptance is key to living a happy life. In addition, self-confidence is enhanced more when we stick to people who have our back and who support us with much love and positivity. Thanks to them, and to our positive outlooks about ourselves, it becomes more and more easy to say, I am Strong, I am Confident, I am Beautiful, I am SM Woman! 

* photos borrowed from ARC Public Relations Inc.'s Facebook album

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