Monday, June 13, 2016

4 Tips to Ensure Elderly Loved Ones' Safety and Comfort During Their Golden Years

Our parents will not remain physically strong forever. As they age, it is our responsibility as their children to help keep them safe and secure, especially if they live separately from us. Although our elderly loved ones may insist they are perfectly capable of caring for themselves on a daily basis, we still tend to worry, and rightly so. 

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Yes, it is important to respect senior citizens' autonomy but, that said, many things can happen and we, adult children, would be doing them a great favor by keeping them from getting ill or injured and free from discomfort as much as we can. 

Here are several tips when coming up with plans to help elderly family members live happily in their homes. Remember to keep your parents' safety foremost in your mind when planning: 

1. Talk to them and their doctors. Find out what kind of medical, psychological, social, economic, and emotional support your parents need to live a full and rich, as well as safe, life. Have your own list of their current medications, the names and contact information of their doctors, and a record of recent medical procedures. Enlist advice and support from medical and legal professions whenever relevant. Check that medication is being taken regularly and is stored in a secure location. 

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2. Take a look around the house for potential dangers and fix them. Maintain the carpets' cleanliness and keep their homes neat and tidy along with removing any obstacles that may cause falls. Get fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, and strongly consider getting a home alarm system. Install railings in the bathroom, where many dangerous falls can occur. A simple walk through each room of the house will reveal many dangers that you can easily fix.

3. Get them a dog for assistance and protection if your parents like pets. Animals can be good companions that provide entertainment and extra love.

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4. Reach out for professional help. Mobility devices, such as wheelchairs and stair lifts, can make a huge difference in your parents' happiness. If necessary, rearrange the house to make it easier to move around in. You can even use medical casters, like those made by Access Casters Inc., to aid in moving health equipment more easily and efficiently. Many medical devices can be used within the home, so increase your parents' health and safety by getting them professionally installed and maintained. Talk to your parents' doctors for recommendations about other useful additions. 

Our parents took care of us for years and, now, it is our turn to take care of them. Help your mom and dad enjoy the comfort of their homes during their golden years by learning about their safety needs, giving assistance to improve their housing, and reaching out to experts. 

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