Spanish Brand Mesoestetic Presents Mesohyal, a Solution for Achieving Younger Looking Skin

Getting old is something we cannot do anything about. However, looking one's age is definitely optional :) A lot of individuals would admit to wanting to look young as long as possible. And, why not? As long as you can afford them, there are a lot of beauty-enhancing products to choose from in the market today.

Mesoestetic offers a full range of anti-ageing solutions
The fact is, as we add years to our lives, our skin stops producing hyaluronic acid, a substance that can be found in the skin tissue and connects fibers to give the skin a smooth and firm appearance. The lack of hyaluronic acid results to the breakdown of skin tissues and leaves the skin dull and looking old.

In aesthetic medicine, hyaluronic acid is used as collagen booster to smoothen creases and wrinkles. It is injected directly into non-muscled areas that suffer from dryness as the substance is known to retain large amounts of liquid.

hyaluronic acid in gel injectable form
Mesoestetic, a Spanish brand and an international leader in the cosmetic medicine sector, first became known two decades ago for its extensive range of medical skin care and luxury products. It has never stopped innovating the industry since.

Among Mesoestetic's facial, sun, and body treatments, Mesohyal Hyaluronic contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid in gel form, which was obtained through bio-fermentation. It is used to hydrate and firm up skin but is not a filler. Instead, it enhances the effects of fillers and botulinum toxin when used simultaneously.

with Eiskin president Mikhael Coyiuto, Dr. Nestor Torres, and John Singleton of Mesoestetic
(second, third, and fourth from left, respectively)

Dr. Nestor Torres, a cosmetic doctor based in Canada who also serves as Mesoestetic Spain's medical consultant, explains that a Mesohyal treatment can be performed on any type of skin, any time of the year. He adds that it can be done during lunchtime as the procedure itself takes only about five to fifteen minutes. However, time is also needed to prepare the patient's skin via makeup removal, facial massage, etc. and post-treatment application of a moist mask to cool down, close the skin's pores, and let the solution be further absorbed by the skin before finishing off with a moisturizing cream.

According to Torres, Mesohyal can be combined with botox or filler treatments depending on the patient's needs. He advises to avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages before a treatment as those are blood thinners and may cause the injection sites to bleed too much.

Dr. Torres on injections: "It's more painful to see wrinkles!"
As to after care, Torres prohibits patients to apply makeup for 24 hours to avoid contamination and infection as well as permanent hyper pigmentation (the skin may absorb dyes from cosmetics and cause darkening). He also advises against direct sun exposure, going swimming, exercising (as this can induce edema), and getting into a sauna. 

The results, he says, can be seen after the second treatment. To get the full benefits, he recommends getting one treatment a week for four weeks then repeating the process after four to five months for maintenance. When asked what a patient can expect to feel from the injections, he humorously replies, "It's more annoying than painful. It's more painful to see wrinkles!" He further reiterates, "We cannot stop aging, but we can manage, the aging process."   

Mesohyal Hyaluronic can be combined with other treatments

Mesohyal Hyaluronic and Mesoestetic products are available in most dermatology clinics and skin care centers nationwide. Mesoestetic is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Elskin Laboratories, Inc. For inquiries, contact (02) 654.7176 or 0919.5674959. For updates, like and follow @MesoesteticPH on Instagram

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