Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Manna Bakery and Cafe: A Home Away From Home

I first heard about Manna Cafe in 2012 when I got invited to its grand opening in BF Homes Paranaque. That branch no longer exists but I am glad to learn that Manna Bakery and Cafe is now more accessible in its new location at the third floor of SM BF Sucat.

Manna Bakery and Cafe at SM BF Sucat
My hubby and I had dinner there yesterday and found it to be a very relaxing place. I love its warm vibe that made us feel at home. The shelves, stocked with books and various knickknacks, plus the friendliness of the staff, added to the homey welcome. 

clam chowder soup in a sourdough bowl (P145.00)
We started our meal with New England Clam Chowder Soup. I ordered mine in a cup while hubby had his served in a sourdough bowl. The soup is creamy and very tasty. 

clam chowder soup in a cup (P95.00)
Since we are both salad lovers who prefer vinaigrette dressings, we chose the House Salad that comes with layers of sliced ham, cheese, roasted chicken, boiled eggs, and vegetables. I enjoyed the crispiness of the lettuce and cucumber and how they nicely complemented the other ingredients. Plus, the plating is so beautiful!

House salad (P185.00), calamansi juice (P90.00),
matcha green tea frappe (P140.00 for 12oz.) 
As for drinks, hubby ordered one of his favorite drinks, Calamansi Juice, while I tried the Matcha Green Tea Frappe which, I heard, is a bestseller. I agree, this one's a winner! It's not too sweet and it bursts with lovely matcha flavor!

For our main course, I opted for the Roasted Lemon Herb Chicken since I just came from an organic farm tour in Mindanao last week and I'm still having pangs of longing for the herbs I want to plant in our own garden at home. The chicken smelled so good! And I so loved how the flavors and aroma of the lemon herb garlic butter seeped inside the meat, which happens to be juicy and very tender.  

roasted lemon herb chicken (P275.00) 
My husband had the Barbeque Spare Ribs, a half slab of tender St. Louis cut ribs smothered in rich, smoky barbecue glaze. Like the chicken, the serving is very generous, and the meat fell off the bones. I just had to grab a forkful or two from his plate to try the dish and liked it as well.

barbeque spare ribs (P275.00)
We were actually already full by the time we thought of ordering dessert. So, we asked Jay, one of Manna's staff, if we could just take pictures of the Strawberry and Oreo Cheesecakes to capture our #dessertgoals so we can come back one afternoon to have coffee there and finally indulge in these sweet treats.

Strawberry and Oreo cheesecakes (P130.00 each)
Overall, our dining experience in Manna Bakery and Cafe is a memorable one. It was a simple "date your spouse" night that is filled with delicious food and heart-to-heart conversations injected with the usual funny stories that always have us laughing like silly kids.

foodies at heart
Life is good and love is like manna from heaven. We should always find time to be thankful for God's gifts and a great relationship -- 25 years and counting! -- is one of those :)

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