Friday, May 13, 2016

Indulge in a "Just Right" Buffet at The Round Table

For many people, buffets are good reasons to indulge the palate with various bursts of flavors. However, when the selection of food is too overwhelming, we end up not tasting everything even if we wanted to, right? That happens to me a lot! 

The Round Table buffet
At The Round Table, they limit the selection so diners get to enjoy their food more by taking out the immense pressure of choosing what particular dishes to eat. I like the concept of offering a simple setup where every dish is prepared in small batches to always maintain the freshness and integrity of flavors.

Roast Beef every day, anyone? :)
The Round Table is the restaurant of catering company Q Provisions. The establishment serve as their "all you can eat Tasting Room" that is open to the public daily and showcases their signature dishes. It is called such because of the round shape of the buffet table. "We are a small craft-buffet. We don't want to mislead diners expecting a grand set up similar to other buffet establishments."    
dinner date with hubby

My husband and I had dinner there on a Ninja Wednesday, one of their creatively named themed menus, which change from day to day. The tender and very flavorful Roast Beef, however, is available  from Tuesday to Sunday. 

For Ninja Wednesdays, guests can expect to feast on signature dishes like Paella Rolls, Tapa Maki, and Fish Katsu along with other dishes. During our visit, they also served a clear broth vegetable soup, chicken teriyaki, and baked goodies for dessert.

paella rolls
If you're craving for other than Japanese food, reserve a table on Italian Tuesdays to taste the Piccata Chicken or Pork, Risotto Balls, or Pizza Squares; Filipino Twist Thursdays to have bites of Adobo sa Manga, Crispy Pata, or Lechon Kawali; or Roast Carving Fridays where you can indulge in Roast Beef, Pork Carving, or Roast Chicken. Weekday rates are P295.00+ per person (lunch or dinner).

fish and vegetable tempura
Exclusively Yours Mondays at The Round Table, on the other hand, are allotted for group reservations (minimum of 10 persons) where you can opt for Hand Crafted Menus or Create Your Own Menu composed of soup, a vegetable dish, two main dishes, pasta or noodle, and dessert of the day for P295.00+ per pax. You have the option to upgrade and add a 5kg roast beef slab that costs P5,150.00 or an extra beef dish for P55.00 per head.   

california maki
Weekends have Free Style and Special Themed Menus such as A Spanish Food Affair, Grill to Table, South East Asian Street Food, Farm to Table, Cuisine Fusion, and Weekend Pairings. Rates are at P350.00+ per person. On some occasions, the weekend rate may increase. If you love what you tasted, you can take out Party Trays as they accept Bulk Orders and Same Day Catering.

chicken teriyaki
FYI, The Round Table is a small and charming place that can only accommodate 25 persons. Thus, they have a theater style-timed seating where there are two seating time slots per meal period. Lunch is served from 11AM to 1PM and 1PM to 2:30PM while dinner is at 6PM to 8PM and 8PM to 10PM.

This must-visit hole-in-the-wall restaurant is located at East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. As there is almost always a line, it is best to reserve a table by calling 706-1668 before going there. For updates on new dishes and menus, Like and follow @theroundtableph on Instagram.

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