GSK Helps Expert Moms Take Care of the Family's Health This Summer

Summer is a fun season because it is a good time to have more bonding moments with the whole family. However, while we enjoy planning for trips to the beach, traveling overseas, or enjoying the company of each other at home, beating the summer heat should not be the only thing we should worry about.

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio and son Philip with GSK mascots
during the GSK Expert Moms event
As a lot of moms know and expect, the rise in temperature brings with it various diseases and makes our kids vulnerable to a lot of environmental triggers that can ruin our fun in the sun.  Due to erratic weather patterns, there are those who develop coughs and colds caused by changes in temperature.

Although coughing is a natural reflex of the body when it is trying to rid itself of an irritant, such as mucus or a foreign object, coughs may also be a sign of a respiratory tract infection or caused by asthma, allergies/sinusitis, or pollution. 

Ambrolex (Ambroxol) comes in drops and syrups for babies and kids
Parents should be concerned when they have a kid with cough because it may be passed on to other children with weakened immune systems and which may result in fever, headache, and pains. Transmission happens when, upon direct contact with an infected individual or surfaces like doorknobs, computer keyboards, and gadgets, one touches his nose or mouth after.

In general, there are two kinds of cough: dry and productive (cough with phlegm). Pediatricians recommend protussives such as Ambrolex (Ambroxol) to those with productive cough to get rid of excess mucus in the airways.

with fellow moms Donna (and son Kib), Jen, and Jenny
at the GSK Expert Moms event
I used to hate cough medicines as a child because they taste really bad. I remember my mom having a difficult time making me and my sister drink the syrup when we had coughs. Kids and moms are lucky these days. Ambrolex has a sweet blackcurrant flavor that makes it easy for mothers to give cough medicine to their little ones so they can get better, faster.

Moms and dads are also covered if we develop coughs because Ambrolex also comes in thrice-a-day tablets and once-a-day capsules that are both easy on the budget.

Ambrolex for adults
As to allergies, which are also common during summer, there's Virlix (Cetirizine), an antihistamine that helps manage asthma-like symptoms like rapid, shallow breathing, wheezing, and coughing as well as sneezing, itching, or developing rashes. These happen when the body detects a foreign or potentially harmful substance and releases antibodies and histamine into the bloodstream to fight it off.

Allergic reactions may also be triggered by allergens or substances found in food (peanuts, milk, eggs, seafood, etc.), plants, pets, dust mites, mold spores, or medications (especially antibiotics). My family has been using Virlix, a trusted antihistamine brand for 20 years, for a long time now after it has been first prescribed to my son with special needs more than a decade ago.

Virlix (Cetirizine) for babies, kids, and adults
Dr. Sheila Chua, GSK's Medical Affairs Manager and a practicing dermatologist, assures that allergies need not ruin the family's summer fun. "All you have to do it take note of what causes allergies among your family members and try to avoid them, so as to manage your allergy symptoms," she advises. "it also helps to always have a trusted allergy medication in your bag whenever you travel so you can easily address the symptoms of allergies when they occur.

To correctly and promptly address cough and allergies for the entire family, Glaxo SmithKline recently introduced the GSK Expert Moms campaign led by celebrity-host Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio who admits to wanting to make sure that summer becomes a memorable time for her family. "My husband and I always make sure we take care of ourselves first so we can take care of our son, Philip. Being in tip-top shape allows [us] to have the best summer and enjoy our vacations," she shares. "Of course, our priority is to keep Philip healthy, so we always make sure we are prepared with the necessary medications whenever we travel just in case he gets sick."

Doc Sheila and Rica join Kat Maderazo in a bento box making demo
at the GSK Expert Moms event in Makati Shangri-La  
For Rica, being an Expert Mom is all about ensuring that the whole family is happy, healthy, and free from disease. "I'm very happy to be part of the Expert Moms campaign because I think it's exciting to meet other moms who are keen on keeping themselves healthy in order to take care of their families."

* photos courtesy of First Tier Brands

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