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What's Up Down There? GynePro Antiseptic Feminine Wash Answers Questions Women Are Too Shy to Ask

As much as we, women, try to regularly take care of our intimate parts, sometimes, other factors come into play that lead to irritation and discomfort. Here, GynePro Antiseptic Feminine Wash answers a few questions with straightforward answers so we can better own our femininity and all its amazing intricacies. 

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Q. Why give my lady parts extra TLC during red days?

A. Menstrual blood, once discharged from the uterus, gets naturally contaminated with the body's innate organisms that are normally located in the vagina. The contaminated menstrual blood will then find its way to the vulva or external genitalia. This happens even on days when you don't have much bleeding but your pad may still be damp with blood and sweat. Bacteria that remain in warm and moist places for a long time tend to multiply and can lead to conditions like urinary tract infection (UTI), vaginal infections (e.g. bacterial vaginosis), and irritation and inflammation of the vulva or external genitalia (e.g. vulvitis or intertrigo).

GynePro Tip: The external genitalia is exposed to more possible bacteria during red days so there is a need to step up on your hygiene regimen. Change your pad regularly, use cotton underwear, avoid tight-fitting pants, wash yourself regularly, and choose an antiseptic feminine wash like GynePro, which has effective antibacterial yet vagina-caring properties.

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Q. What is is pH balance and why is it important "down there?"

A. pH balance is the state of acidity and alkalinity of your vagina and external genitalia/vulva at any given time. It's like the environmental conditions of a certain place only, this time, it's of your sweet spot down there. Lady bits flourish and function healthily when you maintain the normal pH balance of 3.8 to 4.5 in the external genitalia. Lower or higher than that pH range can lead to infection and inflammation.

GynePro Tip: Avoid harsh soaps and cleansers that wreak havoc on your vagina's and vulva's healthy pH levels. Opt for a feminine wash that promises proper pH care for every day use (like pH Care Feminine Wash or Priva) and complement it with a top antiseptic wash like GynePro during your red days when your intimate area needs extra pH pampering.

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Q. What causes itching in my groin area?

A. While infections, inflammation, and other ailments may cause itching down there, it is not uncommon for women to experience slight itching during menstruation as well. Because of the blood, the groin area may become prone to more bacteria that may irritate the skin, causing it to itch. Reasons could be not changing your sanitary napkin as often as you should, drying of blood in your nether region, excessive sweating, or even missing out on your use of a potent but gentle wash with tiptop antiseptic properties, perfect for period days.

GynePro Tip: Intervention is needed, at times, to reduce the bacterial load in your vaginal area, especially during your period, using an intimate wash that cleanses effectively. Studies show that while others may be effective against usual vaginal microorganisms, GynePro takes vaginal hygiene a step further by providing at least double the cleanliness while still maintaining a healthy pH balance down there.

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Q. When else does my vajayjay need extra TLC? 

A. Your intimate area needs some TLC on certain days of your cycle and during other times. Like wearing different clothes for various occasions, match an intimate wash with your vagina's specific needs at the given time. For red days when you are more prone to irritation and bacteria buildup, level up on the antiseptic cleansers. The same is true when healing from vaginal surgery, you need more than so-so cleanliness in order to heal properly.

GynePro Tip: The intimate area needs extra care after a vaginal surgery, whether from giving birth or from other vaginal procedures. Since the skin is broken and is in the process of healing, don't settle for just acceptable cleanliness. GynePro has Chlorhexidine digluconate, a clinical-strength but gentle antiseptic ingredient, that promises thorough cleaning. 

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Q. How do I properly wash my lady bits?

A. Be gentle but deliberate. The point of washing your intimate area is to keep it free from irritation, itching, and infections. Wash around and outside the vagina everyday, gently cleaning the folds and your vulva. Rinse well. The vagina will clean itself inside your body with natural vaginal secretions, so don't worry about it. 

GynePro Tip: It is important to wash down there at least once a day. On red days, though, make it more frequent and use a potent but gentle cleanser like GynePro as it would be helpful in further preventing bacteria buildup that may lead to infection.

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Fellow ladies, by acquiring knowledge on proper feminine hygiene, you take a step towards a intimate area and, ultimately, a healthier and happier you as well! Be informed and be well :)

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