How to Do the Dove Split End Test

We, ladies, do a lot to our hair. In fact, many women can’t go out of the house without using a hair dryer, hair straightener, or hair curler first. Unfortunately, frequently subjecting hair to heat can cause damage that leads to split-ends.

these days, I seldom worry about getting split ends
When I was still in college and didn’t know much about hair care, I used scissors to cut off individual hair strands to remove split-ends. That was time-consuming work! 

According to Dove, 93% of Filipinas experience split-ends. Would you like to know if you are one of them? Try the #DoveSplitEndTest to find out!

what you need to end split end worries
First, take a small portion of your hair ends.

Second, rub the ends against one of your cheeks. Take note of how they feel, if it’s rough or smooth.

Third, take an old (or super cheap) makeup brush and rub it against your cheek. If it feels more or less like your hair ends, you must be suffering from split-ends.

let the Dove Damage Therapy line take care of your hair! 
The good news: there’s a solution! Dove believes that no one should ever settle for quick temporary fixes just to hide the damaged ends of your hair. Use products from the Dove Damage Therapy line that promises up to 9x less split-ends! 

Dove Damage Care contains patented micro moisture serum and fiber actives to reconstruct hair deep inside and prevents split-ends and breakage. You get advanced care and repair for beautiful hair so you won’t have to resort to trimming hair ends, flat ironing the tips of your hair, or tying your tresses in a bun just to hide the unsightly look of split-ends.

take the split end test now!
Now, try a brand new (and pricey) make up brush with soft ends on your cheek to see for yourself how #DoveEndsSplitEndWorries. Can you feel the difference? I did! Share this good news with the women you care about, too!

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