Women know that it takes more than magic or chemistry to create sparks during intimate moments. You need to be comfortable and confident, too! Recently, I received a gift pack from Priva with a note signed by newlywed Toni Gonzaga-Soriano.

According to Toni, who is celebrating this love month for the first time as a wife, "I guess it's true what they say that when you're with The Right One, you'll simply glow with love and light." She shares her tips for amping up the romance: Create the mood and be ready for intimate surprises!

things to amp up the romantic mood :)

We, ladies, do a lot to our hair. In fact, many women can’t go out of the house without using a hair dryer, hair straightener, or hair curler first. Unfortunately, frequently subjecting hair to heat can cause damage that leads to split-ends.

these days, I seldom worry about getting split ends
When I was still in college and didn’t know much about hair care, I used scissors to cut off individual hair strands to remove split-ends. That was time-consuming work! 

According to Dove, 93% of Filipinas experience split-ends. Would you like to know if you are one of them? Try the #DoveSplitEndTest to find out!

what you need to end split end worries

Amsterdam’s BIGTIME watch brand, TW Steel, has just welcomed an exciting fashion statement called Blue Steel

gorgeous Blue Steel watches 
To highlight the latest Blue Steel Canteen watches in Manila, the Dutch brand’s local partner held a special VIP screening of Zoolander 2.0, starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, at the EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Cinema last night. 

Event guests included some of the country’s most fashionable people, members of the media, lifestyle bloggers, and VIP customers of TW Steel who have supported and patronized the brand since it was launched in the Philippines in 2008.

TW Steel holds  Zoolander 2.0 VIP screening 

Fireworks are always fascinating to behold, especially when they are set to music. Last year, I watched the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition (PIPC) for the first time (read my blog post about it, here) and enjoyed appreciating the creativity of the participating countries.

a quick selfie while the sky is being lit up by a million lights  
This 2016, the PIPC is back for its 7th year at the SM Mall of Asia with an even bigger and better show. Spectators are in for a treat as 12 countries will be displaying their awesome fireworks performances in a shower of lights amid a symphony of sounds.

beautiful fireworks by Team UK
Every Saturday, starting February 13, the sky beyond Seaside Boulevard will be lit with a dazzling array of colors. Two weeks ago, the Philippine Platinum Fireworks team showcased their skills together with Luso Pirotecnia from Portugal.

Team Italy's entry reminded me of fireflies!

One of the frustrations I face in my fitness journey is my body's lack of flexibility. I find it difficult to bend or reach my extremities as much as I'd want to. Stretching (for real) is often a big challenge. Right now, practicing to be more flexible is an ongoing process so I am always game to try other forms of physical activities to help me improve this.

dream pose in background :p
Last Saturday, a day before Valentines Day, my husband and I joined other couples at LIFE Yoga for a Power of Two Kundalini session. The class was conducted by Rosan Cruz who has been doing yoga since 1995 and studied under several Kundalini Gurus abroad. 

Rosan Cruz
Kundalini is known among the many forms of yoga to be the fastest track to awakening one's awareness and uniting the body, mind, and spirit. Power of Two aimed to strengthen and deepen the bond between partners, help break through communication blocks, and build a solid relationship. 

getting a little help from teacher

For many students and employees in Metro Manila, going to school or the office and coming back home later means battling traffic jams and long queues on public transportation vehicles day in and day out. By the time you reach the house, you are already exhausted from the long commute and have little time left to rest until you do it all over again the next day. Tiring, huh?

Space EDSA lobby and receiving area
I have a son, who's already working, and friends who spend hours on the road every day. It was them who first came to mind when I first learned about Space EDSA. This place was built with the young, energetic, and dynamic lifestyles of students and young professionals in mind. It is a convenient and affordable living solution that is very much needed in these desperate times.

Wouldn't it be nice to come home to a neat room near your place of work?
Space EDSA is designed to help Filipinos have the privilege of enjoying just one short ride or walk to school or the office. The idea is for each "Spacer" to live nearer their places of work. 

note the cabinet on the left side, which is for the Spacer on the top bed

Have you been telling yourself that 2016 is the year you'll really start to pursue a wellness lifestyle? How's the fitness journey so far? If you need a little push, here's a fun, fun way to start!

Color Manila Run's Blacklight Edition 2015
Those who have been following this blog for the past two years may know that I only started running again sometime in mid-2014 because I finally realized how important it is to stay genuinely healthy for my family. Since then, I've joined my husband in various races, which greatly helped increase my stamina. We've also been very game in trying and other fitness activities to see what else we'd like.

sun protection products you can find at Watsons
However, outdoor activities such as running, biking, or swimming expose my skin to sunlight and cause uneven skin tones or, worse, painful sunburn. That's why when I know I'll be out under the sun for quite awhile, I make sure to use sun protection products such as sunscreen and soothing gels. Watsons, I store I frequent for my skin care needs, carry a lot of brands that help keep the harmful sun's rays at bay.

More airlines, lower airfares, and tourists' heightened sense of adventure -- these are some of the factors why the travel industry is booming. The question is, where do you want to go next? Many Filipinos dream of visiting the United States but the distance and expenses needed to go to the mainland can be disheartening.  

Guam Beach Bar
Guam, however, is only 3.5 hours away from many Asian cities and is the closest U.S. destination from Asia. There, visitors can tour the living past, experience the island's culture and traditions, literally dive into adventure, and more! Here's sharing 10 ways to discover and experience Guam this year …

1. Immerse yourself in history. Guam has cultural parks and villages where you can see the past come alive with reenactments at Lina'La Chamorro Cultural Park in Tumon and experience how life was like in the early days of the island when you go to Gef Pa'go in Inarajan.

Latte Stone Park
2. Tour ancient landmarks. Guam has churches, forts, historical trails, and archaeological sites that are hundreds or, in some cases, thousands of years old. I am sure many of you would love taking photos of those, too!

3. Go underwater! Guam is surrounded by clear and pristine waters that are world class places for diving and snorkeling. See for yourself some of the ocean's exotic and breathtaking locations along with hundreds of species of aquatic life.     

Real World Diving in Hagatna

Good music performers cannot play well if they don't have quality instruments. In the Philippines, most local guitarists have switched to imported guitars because those being made here do not exactly meet the standards they need. Imagine if all Filipino guitarists can play good quality instruments crafted by local luthiers. That would be a great "Proudly Filipino" combination!

good performers need good quality instruments
You see, for guitars to have decent sounds, they should be made of good materials such as solid or high quality plywood for the sound board, back, and sides plus select hard wood for the neck. Concert level guitars are created using imported and extremely expensive solid woods such as spruce, cedar, or rosewood and are used by advanced players and professionals. Entry level guitars, on the other hand, are made of cheaper materials and are recommended for beginner and intermediate students. These are the kinds of guitars that most Filipino luthiers construct. However, most classical guitar professors from top universities and music institutions in the country recommend beginners to buy imported entry level guitars because of their better sound quality, playability, and build design. 

Gitara ni Juan
Last year, a project called Gitara ni Juan was initiated by the College of Music and the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (EEEI) of the University of the Philippines - Diliman. It is funded by the Department of Science and Technology - Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (DOST-PCIEERD). Gitara ni Juan's team is composed of project leader Asst. Prof. Nathan Manimtim; engineers Crisron LucasJohn Dewitt Dalisay, Ivan Reyes, and Adel Sta. Maria; musicologist Bernice Go; and luthiers William and Jayson Alama.

Gitara ni Juan team with wood experts and project consultants 
from the Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI) 
in UP Los Baños 

Being a woman in these modern times is a great thing. We have the freedom to take on challenges that females in bygone days were not even allowed to do. It's definitely something to celebrate about!

Solenn Heusaff
Wearing many hats and successfully accomplishing as many tasks as we can, it's only fair that we treat ourselves regularly to activities that provide respite from all the busyness. This is because even the simplest of indulgences can give us enough boost to face the next day with a renewed sense of energy.  

indulge in a perfumed bath every night
For many women, a great "me-time" can be in the form of a shopping spree on a payday weekend, an occasional visit to the spa, or having a cup of coffee with close friends. However, despite the many things we go through daily, we should still get an indulgent treat at the end of the day and LUX is providing the solution!   

LUX makes it possible to bathe with perfume every night

What does top models Kendall Jenner and Sean O'Pry and Asian superstar Sandara Park have in common? They are all members of TEAM PENSHOPPE! This 2016, Lucky Blue Smith joins the elite group and is set to hit the major billboards of Metro Manila as fashion brand Penshoppe launches its Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

Penshoppe SS16 Launch at The Palace Pool Club
Lucky Blue Smith is one of the hottest and most-followed male models in the industry today. With 1.9 million Instagram followers, fans are evidently enamored of this young man's iconic platinum blonde hair, chiseled features, and icy baby blue eyes. Recently, Lucky Blue was hailed by Models.com as 2015's Male Model of the Year

Lucky Blue Smith
Jeff Bascon, Brand Director of Penshoppe, affirmed that Lucky Blue Smith is definitely a great addition to TEAM PENSHOPPE. "With his chill, relaxed vibe and tasteful sense of personal style, he is the embodiment of what the youth aspire to be today, making him one of the best in fashion to represent our latest collection."

Kendall Jenner

Balintawak is one of the places in Quezon City that is teeming with history, heritage, and promise. For those not familiar with Philippine History, it was where the country's revolution against Spain began. In the 1990's, the area became a manufacturing and economic hub and now serves as the main gateway connecting Metro Manila with the provinces in the north.

G's Cafe
Last week, I joined other foodies in visiting six restaurants along Banawe Street, one of Balintawak's famous areas because of the myriad of shops selling car accessories. Our first stop was G's Cafe where automobile enthusiasts hang out for some high-octane dining. They serve a variety of delicious sandwiches and aromatic coffee. The walls have very interesting decor that will excite any car lover. Check this place out, soon!

Lam Tin Tea
Lam Tin Tea, on the other hand, is the place to go if you're craving for hakao and dumplings. Their fried chicken is really good, too! Also available there are orders of taro puff and sea king roll with very interesting flavors.

Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Food Street 

I have been familiar with Triumph since I was small because it is one of the brands my mom uses. Decades later, Triumph remains popular in the lingerie industry because women continue to trust its name. 

spinning at Saddle Row Serendra
wearing a Triumph sports bra 
Since 1886, Triumph has been creating beautiful, quality, and durable undergarments fashioned to be the secret source of support for women's confidence. Whether it be that extra little push, streamlining one's figure, boosting the butt area, or unleashing one's inner goddess with lace, Triumph is one of the only European lingerie brands specially designed for the Asian woman's figure. 

Thus, the strength of the brand comes from how it has innovated lingerie that provides comfortable pieces that are fashionable and sensual. It adapts and caters to women's needs at every stage of her life without compromising fit and style. 

Triumphs' Low Impact Sports Bras
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