Sunday, January 17, 2016

TATIO ACTIVE DX Gets Clients "White Magnified," Promoting "Beauty from Within"

I used to think that Glutathione is only taken when a person wants to have fairer skin. It was only in recent months when I learned that this protein (composed of three amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine) also serves as an anti-oxidant. Yes, glutathione is associated with skin whitening but did you know it can also help improve the immune system and provide many other benefits to the body?

(standing) Danilo Barrios, President, Tatiomax Pharma
(seated from left) Reine Barbie Monteclaro, Regina Soqueño-Barrios, and Jonathan Montes 
In terms of physical appearance, glutathione acts as a dark spot remover; prevents / remove pimples and acne marks; is anti-aging and anti-wrinkle; makes skin smooth, fresh, and radiant; enhances healing of wounds; and nourishes skin. 

TATIO ACTIVE DX product line
Internally, glutathione plays an important role in cancer prevention and treatment; helps the liver detoxify the body; protects the body from free radicals and reactive oxygen molecules; detoxifies nicotine; appears to protect against the dangers of heart diseases, premature aging, and chronic illnesses; and increases sperm count for men.

Glutathione Gold provides skin whitening, increases skin elasticity,
makes complexion radiant and youthful, reduces lines,
a powerful antioxidant, and good detoxifier 
In the Philippines, individuals can get the best results and benefits of glutathione through TATIO ACTIVE DX, a glutathione-based product line with enhanced formulation, according to Regina Soqueño-Barrios, CEO of Tatiomax Pharma Corp., a Philippine-based company founded in 2008. 

Glutathione Injectable is anti-aging, a powerful antioxidant,
strengthens the immune system, moisturizes skin, enhances eye vision,
rejuvenates damaged tissues, and relieves arthritis
Promoting the notion of "beauty from within," TATIO ACTIVE DX products address the discreet needs and demands of the beauty and wellness market. "Our products speak for the company. Competition is good. However, at the end of the day, it is the result that counts," Regina pointed out. "And that's what keeps our customers coming back for more. We never stop innovating our products."

Pearl Whitening protects skin from damages, age spots,
and other harmful effects of sun exposure, anti-aging, anti-oxidant,
and protects skin from UV-A and UV-B rays
In a press conference recently held at Luxent Hotel in Quezon City, Tatiomax Pharma presented one of its ambassadors, Reine Barbie Monteclaro, a gay beauty contest winner, who has been using TATIO ACTIVE DX products for around two years. The results are visible as her skin looks really fair and flawless -- living proof that the products can really get one "white magnified."

Shape Slimming makes losing weight and burning fats easier,
helps body metabolize carbohydrates, not storing them as excess fats,
anti--aging, and detoxifier
Most of TATIO ACTIVE DX products come in 1800mg soft gel capsules, the formulation of which is said to have five times more absorption rate compared to capsules or caplets. The soft gel form only takes five minutes to be absorbed by the body, almost as good as the injectables in terms of absorption.  

Collagen strengthens and improves elasticity of blood vessels,
prevents wrinkles and brown spots, and helps maintain the
healthy condition of cartilage and joints 
Ideally, the soft gels should be taken in the morning, after breakfast. Product specialist Jonathan Montes said initial results can be seen in as early as seven days. The supplements, however, are not advisable to be taken by pregnant women or those on antibiotics. 

Human Placenta detoxifies the body and improves the immune system,
regenerates cells and tissues, delays skin aging,
refines facial pores, and delays menopause
Each soft gel is imprinted with the Tatiomax name individually to safeguard quality and authenticity. Aside from going through rigid study and research, Regina assured us that they further ensure the safety and efficacy of their products through laboratory tests, regulatory compliancy, medical safety data sheet, and case studies.

Glutathione Patch uses transdermal technology to deliver a specific dose
of medication through the skin and into the bloodstream
to whiten, detoxify, and reduce stresss
She likewise advised, "We recommend that clients undergo laboratory process, blood chemistry, etc. to properly and safely determine the right amount or dosage of gluta they should take to get better and more effective results."

Gluta Spray whitens, moisturizes, and tightens skin pores,
prevents facial acne, skin blemishes, and other skin viruses,
and is hypo-allergenic
TATIO ACTIVE DX's product line include Glutathione Gold 1800mg Softgel, Pearl Whitening with Sun Block 1800mg Softgel, Shape Slimming 1800mg Softgel, Collagen 1800mg Softgel, Human Placenta 1800mg Softgel, Glutathione Injectable, Gluta Spray, and Gluta Patch.

For more information, visit and like tatioactivedx on Facebook. You may also call their hotline at 0917.9361795.

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