Rexona Presents 50 Pinoy Movers and New MotionSense Technology

Filipinos are known worldwide to be hardworking people. It isn't surprising why many of our fellowmen keep being recognized in various countries by different award-giving institutions for excellence in many fields.  

Unilever's Gina Lorenzana affirmed positive Filipino traits and successes
Indeed, our country's greatest asset is its people. Day after day, hardworking Pinoys take on multiple challenges while remaining optimistic as we all keep on dreaming and working towards a bright future for our loved ones as well as wishing for a better and more progressive Philippines

The positive qualities in Filipinos allow us to continue smiling and to go above and beyond the call of duty. These traits, along with the much-needed sense of national identity, created the New Pinoy Mover, a Filipino who recognizes that every move makes a difference and strives to inspire and empower others by serving as a good example.

Marc Nelson and Apples Aberin hosted the Rexona MotionSense and Pinoy Movers
launch at the Marriott Grand Ballroom

The work of Pinoy Movers is evident as we see an increased presence of the Philippines globally with our nation being recognized as one of the fastest growing economies today. The consistency of our country's growth was made possible through, and is attributed to, the help of many dedicated Pinoys.    

For all the effort, Filipinos deserve a superior deodorant that allows them to #KeepOnMoving. Known as a brand that consistently supports and gives confidence to Pinoys, Rexona spent years studying people's movement and now launches its latest breakthrough technology in Rexona MotionSense. 

smell fresher as you move with the new Rexona MotionSense
Working as hard as you do, the new Rexona MotionSense is the first and only antiperspirant with patented technology that is activated by movement. It contains microcapsules filled with fragrance that burst with friction. This means that with every move, you smell fresher throughout the day. The more you move, the more it works!

To further inspire Filipinos to #KeepOnMoving, Rexona MotionSense recently introduced 50 of the New Pinoy Movers, selected for exemplifying the Filipino hardworking spirit and creating an impact in their given industry and beyond.

Rachelle Ann Go performed a song from Le Mis
fantastic delivery!
These outstanding Filipinos not only have moved the needle in their sphere of influence, they have also excelled in the multiple aspects of their lives. These movers include DJ Ace Ramos; SALt Inventor Aisa Mijeno; actor and lifestyle blogger AJ Dee; bag designer Amina Aranaz; food blogger Anton Diaz; TV host and youth advocate Bianca Gonzalez; lifestyle blogger Cecile Van Straten; fitness specialist Coach Chappy Callanta; international design Charina Sarte; digital guru Donald Lim; broadcaster Dyan Castillejo; entrepreneur Erik Cua; filmmaker and director Erik Matti; chef, entrepreneur, and blogger Erwan Heussaff; international designer Francis Libiran; race car driver and artist Gaby dela Merced; writer and columnist James Deakin; wedding videographer Jason Magbanua; Gilas Pilipinas' Jimmy Alapag; and culinary advocate Chef JP Anglo

Also in the list are lawyer, professor, and broadcaster Atty. Karen Jimeno; vocalist Kat Agarrado; fashion and lifestyle blogger Kryz Uy; contemporary artist Leeroy New; fashion designer Lesley Mobo; musician, poet, journalist, and broadcaster Lourd de Veyra; Hapinoy president Mark Ruiz; racer Marlon Stöckinger; Got Heart Foundation's Melissa Yeung; milliner Mich Dulce; volleyball champion Mika Reyes; producer Mike Carandang; and host and lifestyle blogger Nicole Andersson

presenting the New Pinoy Movers
Other recognized Pinoy Movers are artist, feminist, and human rights advocate Nikki Luna; triathlete Nikko Huelgas; musician Paolo Valenciano; captain of National Football Team Phil Younghusband; international theater actress Rachelle Ann Go; fashion designer Rajo Laurel; Rags2Riches founder Reese Fernandez-Ruiz; marathon master Coach Rio Dela Cruz; host, writer, and entrepreneur RJ Ledesma; top fashion director Robby Carmona; architect Royal Pineda; radio DJ Sam YG; beauty and fashion photographer Sara Black; singer and actress Sarah Geronimo; choreographer Georcelle Dapat-Sy; TV host, columnist, and eventologist Tim Yap; and pop and rock band Up Dharma Down.

Individually, these Pinoy Movers have pushed the boundaries in their respective industries. Together, they pave the way for their fellow Filipinos to also make a name for themselves and inspire them to #KeepOnMoving.

Up Dharma Down rendered upbeat songs 
How about you? What makes you a New Pinoy Mover? Join the conversation by sharing your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #KeepOnMoving. To see complete profiles of the 50 Pinoy Movers, please click here.

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