Monday, January 04, 2016

Reasons Why My Family Loves the Cherry Action Cam

I've always wanted a camera that can be genuinely submerged in water and still be able to take clear photos. Years ago, we bought a film-based one and used it during a trip to the beach. When the photos were developed, the pictures were mostly blurred with lines that must have been made by water that damaged the negatives. That was such a bummer!

hubby testing the Cherry Action Cam in the swimming pool 
Fast forward to the 21st century where digital action cams are now all the rage. Unfortunately, the high-end ones (think GoPro) sell for quite a fortune while the cheaper units, according to friends who bought some, were not as good.

before unboxing
Last month, my family and I finally discovered an affordable waterproof camera during Cherry Mobile Philippines' Mardi Gras Soiree that I can honestly say is great value for money! The Cherry Action Cam's 12MP camera takes really clear photos and videos, even while underwater. My husband and son used it in the pool after sunset and they were still able to get good shots.

figuring out what goes where :)
This gadget further comes with a lot of accessories. My son, Gab, happily figured out what parts go where and assembled what was needed when they went swimming the next day. We were definitely impressed with how effective the waterproof case is in protecting the camera from moisture.

first test shot
Aside from a 170 degrees HD Wide Angle Lens, the Cherry Action Cam has 1080p and 720p Video Rendering plus a microphone to capture sounds. Its built-in monitor and loudspeaker likewise make it very easy to instantly view takes. 

WiFi connectivity to phone
This camera can be connected via WiFi to an iOS or Android device if you prefer to control the shutter from your mobile phone or tablet and view what you're shooting on a larger screen. Of course, to be able to take lots of photos and videos in one go, the cam has an expandable storage of up to 32GB and will last for 1.5 hours of continued use while charging takes around 2 hours.

The Cherry Action Cam not only can be mounted on a selfie stick, there are also accessories that you can use when biking or doing other sports. It's quite a versatile little gadget with powerful features. In case you're bored of the camera's black color, it's also easy to switch to yellow or pink!

And the best feature of all? You can have one of your own for only P3,999! 

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