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#ModernFilipina Rachelle Ann Go Talks About Life in Theater, Beauty Tips, and Her Inspiring Transformation Story

All of us are given opportunities to discover what we can do and how we can do them better. When Rachelle Ann Go was offered to be in a stage production of The Little Mermaid in 2010, she was initially hesitant to take on the role. 

Rachelle Ann will be on the cover of Yes! Magazine's March issue
"I don't have the background and the training," she confessed during our backstage interview at the Cream Silk Transformations event. "[But], I am thankful for doing that [because] I fell in love with [theater]. After that, sunod-sunod na."She described how doing The Little Mermaid and Tarzan in Manila built her confidence, never realizing that someday, she will also be doing theater abroad.

"It’s just an amazing experience doing Miss Saigon and Les Mis. I’m learning a lot, meeting lots of people. It’s a big thing for me," she shared. "When I went to the UK to try something else, to try something that I thought was impossible, going out of the box transformed me!"

It being her first time to live alone in an unknown place without family and friends around, Rachelle Ann admitted finding it difficult to sacrifice a lot. "It’s so different than home eh. I didn’t know how to cook. [Although] I know how to clean the house, I don’t do that often here because I’m working. But there, I don’t have a choice but to do house chores by myself." 

live cover shoot at the Cream Silk Transformations event
"And then when I get sick, I need to take care of myself, go to work, do eight shows a week. So it’s very toxic and so tiring," she illustrated adding that, since she doesn't have any vices nor does she drink, she only goes out for friends' birthdays or when there's a special occasion. "I don’t really go out after the show. Most of my cast mates, they go out every single night to unwind, I guess. But for me, it’s better to go home straight and just rest my voice."

"Now I know how to cook. I feel like I’ve grown," she proudly revealed. "I talk to agents. Dito, I’m used to having my own manager. London, wala. Kumbaga, kausap ko sina Cameron Mackintosh, ako na direkta ang kumakausap sa mga producers which is, in a way, helps me build my confidence. Now, I feel like I can do it by myself." 

When asked about her beauty regimen, Rachelle Ann described how she brought a lot of products abroad not knowing what's available there. "I brought creams and moisturizers because of the extreme weather. Sa hair, to be honest, I’ve been a fan of Cream Silk for years now. I’m using the pink one, yung Stand Out Straight and I have it in London. Kapag may uuwi sa Manila, nagpapadala ako palagi because yung products nila doon, not made for Asian hair so dun ako nasanay using Cream Silk. That’s an honest answer," she pronounced with a smile. 

Rachelle Ann with her fellow Cream Silk ambassadors
Since she wears a wig every show, Rachelle Ann avoids blowdrying and ironing her hair as much as possible. "Para mapahinga ang hair ko. Kasi I dye it sometimes, nakaka-dry yun. On Sundays I treat it."

As for taking care of her skin and body, " I just moisturize a lot and I eat healthy as I can. I don’t go to the gym but I do home workouts 'coz I need to be fit for the role. I do my own makeup. Si Fantine, 'di naman kailangang glam. She needs to look as natural as she can be." However, the singer said she uses makeup and false eyelashes to make her eyes look bigger. "Ang anak ko [sa story], si Cosette, she’s blond and has big eyes. So, in a way, we need to look the same."

"I get my falsies here in the Philippines. Ang dami kong baon sa London. It’s so easy to [wear]. I put liner first then put it on top of my real lashes and then put mascara on. Waterproof dapat kasi at first, I used hindi waterproof. Eh yung character ko, todo iyak and nag-smudge on stage!" she sheepishly grinned at the memory.

For her, being petite doesn't mean one can't look tall on stage. "You know, it’s all about confidence. Chin up, chest out. It’s not just about heels or your height, it’s about how you look, how you carry yourself. It’s [how you are] from within."

thank you Rachelle Ann for being
such a gracious interviewee :)
Rachelle Ann will be in Manila this February for Les Miserables rehearsals and then to do the shows from March to May. After, she's going back to London to finish her contract there until June. "They actually already offered me to extend, which is amazing, but I’m still thinking about it. It’s gonna be a big decision 'coz it’s another year or a few months, we’ll never know." 

I asked her what her theater dream role is and she enthusiastically replied, "I want to do Elphaba, I wanna go green! I love the music and the story [of Wicked], it’s fun. I saw it once. So, maybe one day. If not in West End, maybe in Broadway." 

With her positive outlook and winsome personality, I am sure Rachelle Ann Go will definitely fulfill more of her dreams in the coming days and years. 

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