Eat Healthier and Guilt-Free with Purefoods Sexy Chix Chicken Chunks & Shredded Chicken

I like eating chicken cooked in a variety of ways. Not surprisingly, this versatile meat that can be incorporated in so many different kinds of dishes, is one of the world's most well-loved food choices. With its many nutritional benefits, chicken is light on the tummy and is a great source of protein due to its lower fat content.

Chicken's uncomplicated taste and juiciness makes it one of the best culinary ingredients because it perfectly blends with and complements almost anything. It is adaptable, widely available, and reasonably affordable.  No wonder there are countless chicken recipes out there!

Sexy Chix Arrabiata is delicious with pasta!
Sometimes though, we get so busy with so many things that cooking can take a backseat. For the health-conscious individuals who are looking for convenient alternatives, there's Purefoods Sexy Chix Chicken Chunks, which has reinvented the tasty and guilt-free meat even more appetizing.

The ready-to-eat chicken dish is made out of skinless and boneless chicken breast and thigh diced into chunks and marinated using the finest ingredients, herbs and spices. It’s a sexier way to eat chicken because it has no added preservatives and it’s a champion source of lean meat and low fat protein – very ideal for those always on-the-go!

which Sexy Chix flavor is your favorite?
At times when I have to get so busy with writing deadlines and can't find time to cook, especially when I'm the only one at home while hubby and the boys are at work or in school, I just open a can of Sexy Chix in Guiltless Broth and eat it with rice for a hunger quick-fix. I also like the Arrabiata variant. It can be poured on top of cooked pasta and eaten as is because the flavor is really good!

Purefoods Sexy Chix Chicken Chunks are available in three variants: Guiltless Broth, steamed and seasoned breast chicken chunks in mouth-watering broth; Hainanese, succulent chicken chunks infused with delicious ginger flavor; and Adobo, chicken chunks with specially seasoned sauce, bringing the savory comfort of Pinoy’s home-cooked favorite. Also available is Purefoods Sexy Chix Arrabiata - juicy chicken shreds, with a tangy, Italian tomato-based flavor. These are best enjoyed with rice, bread, crackers, salads, and even with pasta! 

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