Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Huawei Watch: a Sophisticated Smartwatch for Both iOS and Android Users

One of the things in my wishlist since I started running again last year is to find a smartwatch with features that could help make realizing my fitness goals easier. I think I may have finally found it … 

Huawei watch with interchangeable straps
The Huawei Watch, which was first revealed during the Mobile World Congress last March, is finally in the Philippines! This beautiful timepiece, powered by Android Wear, represents the next evolutionary step for Huawei in terms of wearable technology.

Aside from the built-in heart rate monitor, which is a fitness enthusiast's coveted feature, the fully circular Huawei Watch boasts of a 1.4-inch touch-sensitive AMOLED display, scratch-proof sapphire crystal lens, cold-forged stainless steel frame, and 6-Axis motion sensors.

Charles Wu with Huawei ambassadors
Charles Wu, country manager of Huawei's consumer business group, shared that aside from being the first smartwatch in the brand's wearable family, the Huawei Watch is also first in the market to truly bridge the gap between fashion and technology.

"As part of our expanding line of premium wearable products, the Huawei Watch was designed and created to enhance and be part of the consumer's everyday lives," he described. "It is our response to consumers' requests who are looking for a smart watch that combines timeless design and truly usable features."

He added that their latest product is a continuation of their commitment to "Make It Possible" as they deliver a premium smartwatch that is technologically innovative, allowing users to coordinate with their smartphones whether it is Android or iOS.

The Huawei Watch was designed by a team of experts who have a rich history in creating fashionable and timeless watches. Their attention to detail is apparent in the eye-catching design and materials. Made with more than 130 components, the Huawei Watch features traditional elements of classic timepieces such as a crown, frame, and hinge built using high-quality and scratch-resistant cold-forged stainless steel to make it 40 percent harder.

This watch's 42mm polished stainless steel body is only 11.3mm thick to make it slim and very comfortable to wear. It is also both corrosion and scratch-resistant. Another difference from regular watches is the intuitive 2'o clock position of the crown's press button, which offers the highest level of control and comfort to users.

The AMOLED display at 400 x 400 resolution in 286ppi at a 10,000:1 high contrast ratio makes the Huawei Watch the most vibrant smartwatch in the world. I am personally amazed that one can choose among 40+ unique watches faces as well as change watch straps depending on his/her mood. This, we were able to appreciate first hand via a fashion show where models strutted the runway wearing different outfits from Zalora paired with Huawei watches in various combinations. 

Now, receiving text messages, email, calendar, app, and Android or iOS phone notifications has become easier and more convent. Powered by a Qualcomm 1.2GHz processor for optimal performance, the Huawei Watch also comes with 4GB of storage, 512MB of RAM, and Bluetooth 4.1 support.

When paired with a smartphone, the watch allows the user to stay connected wherever and whenever. Aside from work productivity and voice command features, its Bluetooth connectivity can moreover be used for listening to music via wireless headphone.  

But, more than a fashion statement, the Huawei Watch, as I wrote above, is perfect for sports enthusiasts like myself and those who want to track our fitness levels. With its 6-Axis motion sensor, gyroscope, and accelerometer, the watch can detect if a user is walking, running, biking, or sleeping thus, you can monitor everything from calories burned to heart rate, climbing heights, steps taken, and distance travelled. This is definitely a runner's dream watch! (*Sigh* I really wish I'll have the budget to buy one!)

It's also nice to find out that Huawei is developing a wearable's health and lifestyle ecosystem to help users set goals and track progress so they can live happier and healthier lives. The Huawei Health Ecosystem is partnering with several app developers, including Jawbone, to create more health and fitness apps.

Huawei has definitely invested a lot of research and development to ensure they combine the best in technology and innovation with premium materials and a classic look and feel. The Huawei Watch Classic retails for P19,990 while Huawei Watch Active is priced at P23,990. Both come with a 2-year warranty and are now available at the Huawei Experience Store and brand shops as well as online via Zalora.

For more information, please visit Huawei's website.

* photos used with permission from trailsunlimited.blogspot.com

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