Wednesday, December 23, 2015

HotelQuickly App: Making It Possible to Score the Best Deals on Last Minute Hotel Bookings

It happens -- finding oneself stranded somewhere without anywhere to sleep and ending up paying for a room offered at an atrocious price. That sucks! But, it's a reality that many regular travelers experience. 

our room at Red Planet Ortigas
This is why I was so excited to find out about HotelQuickly! It is a mobile hotel booking application that allows users to save time and money by booking your last-minute hotel … as the app name says ... quickly! One can choose among the best available 3 to 5 star hotels fast at hassle-free rates that are about 28% cheaper than other online hotel booking options.

countries covered by HQ
Go anywhere in the Asia Pacific region and find more than 11,000 hotels in 250+ destinations in countries like Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and, now, the Philippines.

more countries covered by HQ
Let me share with you my pleasant experience using HotelQuickly. Last Tuesday, I had to attend two events in the Ortigas area and another in Quezon City the next day. I figured it would be more convenient to stay in a hotel overnight instead of going home very late to Alabang and travel far again the next morning.

some hotels in Makati and Ortigas with good deals
I checked the HQ app at 9AM, found that Red Planet Ortigas only costs P713 for an overnight stay on Dec. 15 and 16. I didn't think twice and clicked to pay using my Paypal funds. Everything went smoothly. I believe that particular booking was very serendipitous because, although Typhoon Nona (international name, Typhoon Melor) was battering provinces far from Metro Manila, we still got affected by a lot of rains, which led to flooding and heavy traffic on the streets.

my first HQ booking
The second event I attended that day was in Metrowalk Pasig. Thankfully, my husband was with me because when we failed to find a taxi or jeep due to the heavy rain and traffic, we decided to walk the 1.8km distance going to the hotel. (I was grateful to be wearing my Converse Rubber Chucks because my feet were kept dry the whole time!)

fast confirmation
I was so thankful to be able to check in and sleep comfortably instead of battling traffic for hours just to get home. Many of our friends we were with that night arrived at their houses way past midnight! Some of them even expressed regret of not taking the opportunity to use their HotelQuickly apps.  

free breakfast! :)
So, whether you missed a flight, stayed out too late, suddenly decided to extend a trip or just want to have a spur-of-the-moment staycation within your own city, HotelQuickly has you covered! 

more affordable deals in the Quezon City and Manila areas
How to use HQ? First download the HotelQuickly app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you open it, you'll see which countries and cities are covered as well as an up-to-date list of available hotels and rooms. You'll be able to see high resolution photos of the hotel, check out relevant information on the facilities, read consumer reviews, and even find the hotel's location via a virtual map. There's also a comparison of each room's regular vs. discounted prices.

HQ has an easy-to-use map
Make a reservation with just a few clicks, choose your payment option, and receive an email confirming your booking. Don't forget to use "RFLORES5" as your voucher code because this will take P600 off your first booking!

use this voucher code and get P600 off your first HotelQuickly booking
You can moreover get free stays when you invite your friends to use your own voucher code (which you'll get after you register. Each time a friend downloads the HQ app, they'll get P600 while you receive P40 credit. Once they book a hotel, you get an additional P600 credit. Cool, right? Accumulate your credits then book a room in your favorite hotel for FREE!

What are you waiting for? Download the app now, (as in right now!) key in the voucher code "RFLORES5" and start browsing the many amazing hotel deals wherever you are in the Asia Pacific region! :)

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