Friday, December 18, 2015

Greenwich's New Very Cheesy Macaroni Gives More Cheese, More Taste, and More Fun!

Our family loves pasta dishes. We can eat lunch or dinner with just pasta as our main dish. For many Filipinos, the classic baked mac is no longer considered a side dish. It can be enjoyed as a meal on its own because it already combines carbs with meat and sauce. 

perfect for sharing!
Greenwich has always delighted its customers' taste buds with its supremely savory pasta menu that includes the Lasagna Supreme, Creamy Carbonara, and Spaghetti Supreme. Now, a new name has been added to this delicious roster of pasta variants!

Greenwich's Very Cheesy Macaroni has noodles smothered in a delicious sauce made of delectable cheeses mixed with bacon and topped with pepperoni bits. I love how creamy it tastes without being too rich to draw out that "umay" feeling.

so cheesy!

Enjoy each forkful of the new Very Cheesy Macaroni as it gives you more cheese, more taste, and more fun. Get cheesy with your own Greenwich Barkada and troop together to your nearest Greenwich branch for that tummy-satisfying cheesiness!

The Very Cheesy Macaroni can be ordered as a solo meal (starting at P80) but it is also available in pans perfect for sharing with loved ones during get-togethers and potlucks this Christmas season. 

order a pan and share away!
Happy eating! :)

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