Monday, November 30, 2015

BrownrootsPH Offers Fun Opportunities for Filipinos’ Creative Minds

Let your shirt do the talking! We often have thoughts we wish to share with others and yet, these mostly remain unspoken or just posted as statuses on our social media pages. 

let your shirt do the talking
BrownrootsPH encourages Filipinos to turn their shoutouts, ideas, and creative designs into printed shirts and other stuff such as hoodies and canvas bags. Beyond fashion and style, the idea is to spread individualism, positivity, and good vibes to Filipinos worldwide through excellent products and services. 

“BrownrootsPH strives to be a catalyst of pride and positivity through individuals wearing our statement products and letting our shirts and lifestyle talk on their own,” said founder Maria Celia Alamo. “We want to drive a new era of self-worth and growth on behalf of this great country.”

Whether you simply want to have a shirt made
or earn from your idea of a good design, contact BrownrootsPH!

Celia is a former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who experienced trials and successes in the Middle East for eight years. Now that she’s back home, she wants to help fellow Filipinos start their own small businesses as well as empower them to keep going. “Business-wise, I want to guide them in the right direction without forgetting how one’s learning as a person is essential to our growth both personally and professionally.”

When asked why she named her business Brownroots, Celia shared just how proud she is of our race and that her products are "gawang-kayumanggi." Her kids, River and Hailey, have inherited their mothers’ creativity and are helping her run the business by contributing efforts in the creation of modern designs for their products.

Celia and her talented kids who also make great designs!
BrownrootsPH calls on individuals who have a cause they are trying to support; a community they want to create awareness of; a statement they want to shout out; a business they want to advertise; or creative ideas that want to see in print and sell. If you're looking for unique gifts this coming Christmas, create your own statement tees and have BrownrootsPH make them for you!

“Let us simplify things for you!” encourages Celia. “With a very small capital of P1,000, we can help you start your own Online Statement Shirt Business without the hassle of the whole production process. You don’t need big machines or bulk inventories. Just focus on your creative ideas and marketing skills and let BrownrootsPH take care of the production side for you.”

my first BrownrootsPH shirt with personalized Mommywrites bag and notebook
I am not the best person to fully explain how this works so if you’re interested to learn more, do contact them at,, email, or contact 0915.63ROOTS (76687).

Let me just say I love my first BrownrootsPH Blogger shirt and I’m planning on having them print me a personalized one, soon, to further "spread the good vibes" :)

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