Sunday, November 15, 2015

Wingstop: A Dining Destination Where East Meets Flavor

It was early this year when I first got introduced to Wingstop last April. Please read my blog post about it, here. Since then, I've visited the Glorietta 2 branch whenever I crave for chicken wings covered in Parmesan Cheese and Lemon Pepper, two of my top favorite flavors.

dining at Wingstop always gets a thumbs up!
Just last month, Wingstop officially opened its branch at the Alabang Town Center and also formally launched its 10th flavor called Mango Habanero. Know more about that one, here. Suffice to say, I am really glad Wingstop now has a store nearer our house!

flavorful Honey Garlic
This November, Wingstop once more delivers on its promise to keep its customers wanting more by keeping things new, fresh, and exciting. Having made its way into the hearts and tummies of a lot of people living in Asia, the dining establishment is now THE place where East Meets Flavor.

sweetly delicious Honey BBQ

I love Wingstop's Teriyaki and Hickory Barbecue flavors and discovered a couple more to add to my growing list of favorites. Giving a nod at Asian cuisine, diners can now also enjoy four new flavors called Korean Soy, Spicy Soy, Honey Garlic, and Honey Barbecue. All these infuse the bold flavors of soy and garlic into the comforting tastes of honey and barbecue.

drool-inducing Korean Soy
Satisfy your soy cravings by choosing these wings seasoned with heated garlic and sesame, or the ones with a lot of spice. For those of us who prefer something sweet, go for the honey flavor combinations mixed with garlic or the smokey barbecue. Both are lip-smackingly good! 

hot, hot, hot Spicy Soy!
Snack on any of the East Meets Flavor group or order them as a meal over a warm bowl of Chipotle rice plus a refreshing drink. It will surely satisfy those cravings and keep you coming back for more. Let Wingstop's newest fresh cooked-to-order wings charm their way into your palate!  

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