Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mix Drinks REALLY Well with the Rubbermaid Shaker Bottle!

Those who drink beverages that come in powdered forms know that it can sometimes be a hassle to prepare something to quench one's thirst – sticky stuff gets left behind on the bottom of your glass or you’ll suddenly swallow a whole chunk of solid powder while drinking.

hydrate in style with the Rubbermaid Shaker Bottle
With the Rubbermaid Shaker Bottle, you can enjoy the drink of your choice all day without the frustrations that come with mixing powdered drinks. This product comes with a unique five-sided paddle ball that breaks up stubborn powders to ensure a better blend of ingredients. Essentially, you don’t just mix; you REALLY mix!

the five-sided paddle ball
I have proven this for myself when I tried mixing my special child’s milk formula with powdered cereal for tubefeeding in the Rubbermaid Shaker Bottle. Before, I’d have to measure powder into a pitcher, add water, and stir everything using a very long spoon. There will be times I’ve already poured the mixture into the feeding bag only to put it back into the container to stir again because chunks of formula were still left behind.

preparing my son's tube-feeding formula

Now, I conveniently mix James’ food by just thoroughly shaking the Rubbermaid bottle without worrying about repeating the process again! That slashes a few precious minutes off and gives me more time to attend to my son. I’m definitely bringing this bottle with us the next time we go on out-of-town trips!

with just a few shakes, everything's mixed well
Imagine the convenience of traveling with your favorite juice drink, working out and taking your protein shake, relaxing and sipping a healthy smoothie, or lugging around formula milk for your toddler. You’ll thank the Shaker Bottle for being such a handy companion!

pouring formula in the feeding bag 
This bottle is equipped with a convenient finger loop to make it easy to carry. It does away with the need for disposable bottles so you also get to reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, the slim design makes for a snug fit in car cup holders. Another feature I like is the very secure twist lock lid that prevents spills during mixing and use.  

no solid powder is left inside the bottle
The Rubbermaid Shaker Bottle can hold 828-ml of liquid. Its graduated body will help you monitor your fluid intake to make sure you’re getting enough, every day. This product is manufactured with Food and Drug Association (FDA)-approved materials. It is BPA-free and does not contain the harmful substance found in certain plastics that seep into beverages. 

two available colors
Made from odor-and-stain resistant Tritan, the Shaker Bottle is durable and tough enough to withstand heat of up to 100 degrees Centigrade, making it also dishwasher safe. Check this video for a better appreciation of the product: 

The Rubbermaid Shaker Bottle retails for P1,299.75 and comes in two colors. It is available at Landmark, Makati and at the department store of selected branches of SM, Metro Gaisano, and Robinsons. It can also be ordered online via

Rubbermaid products are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by KLG International, Inc. For more information, log on to, like KLG International Inc. on Facebook, or inquire at and tel. nos. 852.2511 to 17.

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