Ju.D's Celebrates 40th Fruitcake Season

I love eating fruitcakes although it's hard to find variants that really taste good -- moist, packed with tiny bits of nuts and fruits, and not too sweet. So I found myself sticking to brand names that I've proven to really produce delicious baked goodies. I am so happy to discover a new name to add to my list of favorites!

Ju.D's classic fruitcake P950/pc.
Ju.D Lao started selling fruitcakes back in 1975 when a two-pound loaf of fruitcake at the time was only P50.00 and the Philippine population was at 35 million with the average salary at about more than a hundred pesos a day. Over the years, Ju.D's business endured despite the times when imported ingredients became scarce, rotating brownouts were the norm, devaluation of the peso was inevitable, plus other series of uncontrollable events.

Ju.D Lao
Personally, I am very happy that Ju.D's is still here and is celebrating its 40th Fruitcake Season this 2015. She makes really yummy baked goodies! Her classic recipe, which took six months to develop, was inspired by a trip to Switzerland where she "met" the kind of fruitcake she enjoyed. 

my favorite fruitcake partner? coffee!

"I never attended cooking classes but I love to read cook books. I do a lot of experimentations on recipes that catch my fancy," she confided. "And since I'm from a big family, we're never short of guinea pigs or, should I say, brave and curious souls." Ju.D, by the way, authored two vegetarian cookbooks for the Tzu Chi Foundation, which are available in the different Tzu Chi chapters all over the world.

Ju.D Chewy Fruitcake Chewkies - P300/box of 12
For parents who are apprehensive of having their kids eat fruitcake because of the brandy included in the ingredients, there's the Chewy Chewkies that the kids of Ju.D's customers love because they still taste like fruitcake without the alcohol content. These come individually wrapped and would be great to distribute to kids during Christmas parties.

my second son enjoying a fruitcake bar
Aside from her original fruitcake, Ju.D played with other flavors, which gave birth to Ju.D Gold, a honey-based fruitcake; Ju.D Blue, infused with Blue Mountain Coffee; Ginger Cranberries and Ginger Apricot fruitcakes, and even a coffee-flavored Prune Fruitcake

individually wrapped mini fruitcakes - P850 per box of 8 
New customers (as I'm sure even loyal ones) would be glad to know that a box of mini fruitcakes is available for those who'd like to sample the different flavors. I love this option of getting to try small pieces first to find out one's top choices before buying the big loaves. I also appreciate how the scrumptious fruitcake bars are individually wrapped to preserve freshness.

Ju.D's Premium Nougat - P280 per 180g box (mixed selection) 
Another treat that you may want to enjoy are the assorted premium nougat in flavors such as cookies and cream, espresso, cranberry-almond, and cheese. Like the other products, these also come in pretty packaging.

Ju.D's baked goodies are packed in elegant gift boxes
This Yuletide season, share the sweetness and warmth that baked Christmas goodies always bring to the table. All baked creations come in very attractive boxes so they're also ideal to given as gifts! Call Ju.D's hotlines (02) 633.1188 or (02) 633.0260 for orders and inquiries.     

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