Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bianca King Talks About Securing Her Future and Inspires Others to Share Their Own #LifeGoalsInASnapshot

For many years, people think of life insurance as a tedious and uninteresting topic that you only think of in times of illness and untimely deaths. Contrary to that belief, getting an insurance early will actually allow you to enjoy life now while you invest for the future. 

what's your life goal?
Honestly, I deeply regret not knowing how to manage personal finances well while I was younger. That's why as early as now, I teach my kids what I've learned these past few years about saving and investing for the rainy days.

Likewise, I always find it nice to hear local celebrities' stories on being finance-savvy. TV host, lifestyle blogger, and fitness entrepreneur, Bianca King, for instance, shared during a recent press con how she made it a goal to have a house of her own at age 22, almost eight years ago. 

Bianca (center) with PLIA Inc. Board of Directors
"I took all the savings I had and used it as downpayment for a property, a townhouse, that I still live in now. And in order for me to purchase that house, part of the requirement was to get life insurance. But it was really my intention to secure my future so that everything I was earning was not just going to my house," related Bianca.

As an only child who already lived on her own at 22, "It was important that I had to parent myself," admitted Bianca. "This is something that I also try to pass on to my friends, that once you start earning, regardless of what industry you're in, you should really set aside a certain amount of your income [for investments]. The earlier you start, the bigger the yields it will have for your future." 

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This November, the Philippine Life Insurance Association (PLIA) is launching a social media campaign that promises to be fun and engaging. #LifeGoalsInASnapshot encourages everyone to share goals via photo uploads on Instagram and cross-linked to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

"I think this social media campaign is very smart because we're always on our cellphones, checking our  social media accounts so this will definitely engage a lot of people my age. It will give lightness to the topic of life insurance and, hopefully, with all the photos that bloggers and social media personalities will share, it will inspire others to also take into account what their goals really are," said Bianca.

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She also shared that, at first, all she wanted was to have her own house. "Something as simple as that became the driving force at such a young age to continue to work hard and to save more than I spend."

Find your own driving force and join #LifeGoalsInASnapshot! Your photo should be a representation of your life goal and the steps you're taking now to achieve it. A GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition is up for grab every week as well as an Apple watch every month until January 2016! For promo mechanics, please refer to the Life Goals In A Snapshot Facebook page

* Photos without this blog's watermark were borrowed from #LifeGoalsInASnapshot.

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