SM Woman Partners with I Can Serve Foundation and Sabina Lingerie to Give Hope, One Cup at a Time

A lot of activities about breast cancer awareness are organized every October to support measures that could improve, or even save the lives of women who have been diagnosed with the now beatable disease. 

Sabina helps women, who have undergone mastectomy,
regain their self-esteem
The Philippines has been reported to have the most cases of breast cancer in Southeast Asia. The disease is so common, 1 in every 13 Filipinas will suffer from it in her lifetime. Unfortunately, most of the cases in the country are detected at the latter stages when the possibility of treatment is slim or the condition is no longer treatable. 

an advocacy that helps fight the threat of breast cancer
In addition, the Philippines has the highest rate of full mastectomy or breast removal and the lowest rate of breast conservation. With this in mind, SM Woman has taken the initiative to fan the flames in battling this disease by finding ways to improve the lives of breast cancer survivors. 

representatives of Sabina, SM Woman, and I Can Serve Foundation

Similarly, the I Can Serve Foundation was created to inform the public that breast cancer, especially when detected early, can be cured. Its members advocate for regular checkups and information dissemination on early detection, risk, factors, diagnosis, treatment, and support, so more lives could be saved. The Foundation assists breast cancer support groups in various cities in the country such as Baguio, Olongapo, Quezon, Pasig, and Muntinlupa.

a Sewing Cup kit includes synthetic sheets, a finished bag, a plastic LLDPE* beads bag,
and a cone of thread and needle
This month, SM Woman partners with I Can Serve Foundation and leading Thai lingerie brand Sabina to empower women who have experienced, or are currently going through the life-changing trial that is breast cancer. Yesterday, they hosted an intimate event in SM Makati where guests got to contribute their time to help out women who have lost a part of themselves to the disease.

Women for Women: my friend Marj Uy and I helping sew some cups
It is a fact that a big part of our self-confidence is lost when we don't feel good about ourselves. An operation such as the removal of one or both breasts can negatively affect a woman's self-esteem. Although there are survivors who are financially able to undergo reconstructive surgery, not many have this option due to budget constraints.

a finished sewn cup
Breast cancer survivors, however, need not feel self-conscious about not having breasts anymore. Sabina offers the first Asian-made sewing bra, an undergarment with a fillable pocket designed for women who have survived the battle scars of breast cancer.

Sabina has been consistently supporting breast cancer awareness since 2007 through the Sewing Cup Sewing Heart activity. It may appear simple but this essential innovation is providing survivors a chance to fill a now empty breast cup with a special padding to help women feel like their former selves as they return to their daily lives.   

a Sabina bra being inserted with a sewn cup
Did you also know that those who have undergone a partial mastectomy lose body balance and that a sewn cup can easily resolve this issue? Sabina wants to be a vehicle wherein customers may participate in willingly doing something for breast cancer survivors, believing that donating money to cancer patients is easy but donating time and effort is another story. 

other women who lent their time and effort for the advocacy
Thus, I feel humbled and privileged to be part of the event yesterday where my other blogger friends and I joined SM Woman in sewing 250 Sabina sewing cups. The hypoallergenic fillers made for women who have undergone mastectomy will be donated to the I Can Serve Foundation so that survivors need not be conscious of going out of the house with an altered appearance.

some of the finished sewing cup kits
This partnership between SM Woman, I Can Serve Foundation, and Sabina is definitely a worthwhile endeavor that would help breast cancer survivors feel more whole, one sewing cup at a time. You may want to donate to I Can Serve by buying a bra and sewing cups. Just drop by The SM Store any time this October and look for The Sewing Cup, Sewing Heart kits at Sabina. 

* LLDPE stands for linear low-density polyethylene, a plastic produced through a lower pressure process. It performs better at low and high temperatures, has higher surface gloss, higher strength at given densities, and greater resistance to environmental stress. LLDPE plastic is generally safe to use especially on the breast area. The LLDPE materials are donated by the PTT Global Chemical PLC, the biggest manufacturer of high-quality plastic beads in Thailand.

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